The party had really taken off by the time everyone got back to the living area. The temperature was almost stifling, so much that someone had opened windows. People were standing on balconies smoking. Many were dancing. There was a group in the corner playing various truth or dare/kissing games. That is where the girls expected to see Gambit, though no he was in a dark corner sulking. Rogue and Marie traded glances. "Watch a master." Marie said, popping her knuckles.

Meanwhile, Fayte was over dancing with Kurt like tomorrow would never come. About halfway through Nickleback's "Rockstar" they were already molded to each other. Hazily Fayte wondered what Marie and Rogue were up to.

Marie towered above the Cajun as he was sitting on the floor. His eyes widened as he saw the smile that formed Marie's lips. His eyes widened further as he saw Rogue behind her. "So Remy..." Marie said looking at him coyishly. "Rogue-y and I decided that since we both lay claim to you, we should... share." she looked over her shoulder, her eyes shining at Rogue. "Unless you don't want to..." she added, pouting.

Fayte smiled and pressed closer to Kurt, she was going to leave with his taste tomorrow. The song changed to Sugar by System of a Down and the crowed around them started to mosh.

Marie heard the change in song, recognizing it instantly as Fayte would on occasion play System of a Down C.D.'s over and over and over and over... well, you get the drift. Gambit's voice brought her back to reality "I woul' be a fool not ta take yo' offer." he said.

Marie smiled and offered her hand do him. "I think it would be best if we retired in... your room?" she said, bringing him up so fast he almost fell against her. Now that he towered over her she looked up at him and smiled.

Fayte glanced over at Marie and grinned, it was about time she got laid. Smiling up at Kurt she began to gently push him towards the door.

Marie guided them to Gambit's room and closed the door behind them. She stalked over to Gambit who was standing. She pushed him down to the bed, pulling Rogue closer. She seemed to get a thoughtful look on her face. "You know..." She paused "Since it's two of us girls with you." she batted her eyes and looked down. "Maybe... you see... you're so strong and... Don't you think it would be fun if..." everyone was leaning forward, paying close attention to her. "Wouldn't it be fun if you were tied to the bed?"

Meanwhile Fayte and Kurt where in the process of studying the human anatomy at a slightly faster pace. An odd feeling came over Fayte just as Kurt was about to pull in. "What is wrong?" He whispered in a slightly husky voice.

"I don't know if I should do this now?"

Kurt frowned as he thought, "It is your femme problem?"

Fayte stuck her tongue out and smiled, "I'm over, but I don't know. I have a feeling about this." She sighed and shook her head, "I don't care. It's probably nothing." She began to kiss him fiercely and wondered if maybe she had made the wrong decision.

"Wha?" Gambit asked openmouthed. Rogue blinked rapidly and was about to say something before Marie hushed her with a look.

"Would you?" she asked again.

Gambit swallowed "Um.. sure..."

Marie grinned and would have said "exxxxcelent" creepily if she didn't think it would scare them away. Marie moved faster than they thought she could. She strapped energy down on his limbs then moved back from the bed smiling. "Now you have no choice but to talk or else I'll leave you there for an indefinite amount of time. Talk to Rougey, I'll be outside." She closed the door to the room behind her, seeing a glimpse of bewildered faces.

Back in the other bedroom Fayte shook her head and smiled up at Kurt. "It's probably nothing, just the rush from leaving this place I guess." Kurt smiled and kissed her hotly on the mouth, quickly making up for lost time. Fayte let her fingers trail down his body and pulled him closer to her. Kurt responded by pulling into her.

Marie sniffed the air, feeling the energy around her. She put a wind tunnel on the door, so if the occupants called for her she would hear, then went off to go see if Fayte needed her. Though she would be wary. The last time she walked in on Fayte and Kurt she was scarred for life.