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Chapter 1: Last chance

"I'm going to take great pleasure in seeing you pay for this, You Bastard FUCK!

You fucking freak!

I'll kill you!"

Yes, believe it or not, these words were pouring out of the mouth of Robin the boy wonder. Leader of the all mighty Teen Titans. Strong and proud. The Poster boy of justice.

Now he was stripped of all of that. Quite literally. For he lay in his prison, wearing nothing but his boxers. Even his masked had been stripped.

The room was hot as hell. And he was soaked in sweat, tired of dehydration. And tired from his last rampage of kicking and screaming, swearing at the man who held him captive and at the moment was controlling the temperature of the room.

He'd been there for at least a week now. And it had been anything other than pleasant.

The first couple of days were the worst. Slade had locked him up and left him there unconscious. When he'd woken up, he'd gotten no greeting, no explanation…nothing. His leg was chained to the floor and he could not go very far.

He'd tried screaming, kicking the walls, and tried to squirm out of the chain. But, who ever decided to put him there, made sure that he was not about to escape.

The second day, he'd thought he was losing his mind, and wondered if perhaps he was just going to die in that room. He'd pace madly, back and forth, as much as the chain on his leg would allow. He'd talk to himself, making dangerous threats to whomever was responsible.

However, once Slade did make his presence known, it was not much better.

Robin awoke to the sound of heavy metal creaking, as the old warehouse door slid open. Slade approached and stood at a distance.

Robin jumped up instantly and in blind fury, ran at the man. However Slade had known exactly how long the chain was, and stood still, knowing that Robin couldn't touch him.

With a painful jerk, Robin fell to the ground in agony, as the chain reached its limit and his bone was ripped painfully out of its socket. "Ahh!" He cringed, but managed to block out the pain and still give Slade a dangerous glare.

"Hmph", Slade smirked. "Nice move."

Robin swallowed his pain and got back up, leaning all his weight on his good foot. "What the fuck is this", he cursed. "What the fuck is going on? Where am I", he bellowed, dangerously.

Slade smirked once more behind his mask. He did not know Robin to have such a potty mouth. Apparently, he'd angered his little bird.

"First of all, you will watch that tongue of yours, or I will cut it off. Secondly, I'm in no mood for a speech. You know why you're here. So I'll just tell you how it's going to go."

"This is your room. Get used to it. Because you will not be leaving it until you've earned your ticket out. You will be punished for any intolerable behavior. Or for any other reason I see fit.

"Go to hell!" Robin spat. "I'll never work for you. Get it through your thick metal head!"

Slade took a few steps forward, and gripped Robins face in his massive hand, pushing him down easily.

Robin let out a painful and frustrated growl as his injured foot, unconsciously stepped back, but faltered.

As he was down, Slade kicked him hard in the ribcage.

"Awgh!" Robin choked out. He curled in on himself, protectively. He looked up, to glare at the madman, but only saw the bottom of his boot, as it collided with his skull.

Though the pain of the metal ramming into his temple was astronomical, it was not enough to knock him out.

He crawled on the floor…blood dripping both from his skull and his mouth. He reached a hand out to his abuser, but was about an inch to far away. "Errrr", his frustration built up, as he almost pulled his shoulder out of the socket, trying to reach him.

Slade simply lifted his foot up, and brought it back down on to Robin's hand, grinding the bones, painfully.

Robin winced, gritting his teeth, to keep from screaming.

"I had selected you for the honor of carrying on my life's work…" Slade spoke coldly, still applying pressure to Robin's hand. "…but you didn't", he continued.

"However, in my desperation, I decided to give you one last chance."

He removed his foot, and left Robin on the floor, bloody and shaking.

"Don't disappoint me again."

That had been 5 days ago. Though Robin, at the moment, had no concept of time. To him, it had seemed like a month. Time dragged on, and was only silenced by the few moments he'd pass out from exhaustion. He never slept willingly, due to his own childish pride, and fear of Slade sneaking up on him. Yes fear. He was starting to develop a fear of the villain, though he would not admit it…yet.

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