-1It was a typical day at the Host Club at Ouran. The third music room was just shutting down for the day. Haruhi had said something to Tamaki, and he was off growing mushrooms in a corner, Kyouya was typing away on his laptop, The Hitachiin were sleeping, Hani was eating cake, and Mori was watching Hani eat cake.

Just then the door opened, and the prestigious and dignified Superintendent of Ouran Academy, Suoh-san, entered, guiding a small girl. Tamaki leapt up. "Otou-san! What are you doing here?"

"We have a new student, Tamaki. This is Munashii Ichigo, a senior student." Suoh-san informed his son, and the rest of the Host Club. They studied the young girl. She stood about four foot seven, and had brown hair that she wore in twin braids down her back. Her eyes were a deep brown behind large glasses. She gave them an inquiring glance and then returned her attention to the superintendent, who looked around the room. "I am actually looking for Haninozuka Mitsukuni."

"I'm right here!" A cute voice shouted. Suoh-san looked down. "Ah, there you are, Mitsukuni-kun." Ichigo looked over.

Standing there grinning happily was a blonde boy only a few inches taller than herself. Honey -brown eyes twinkled at her over a smile as bright as the sun. She could see that he was a loli-shota. A cute boy. He played the role well, with his pink bunny and happy smile. She gave him a curt bow. "Mitsukuni-kun."

The entire host Club nearly fainted, with the exception of Kyouya, who was much too dignified to faint. He did, however, look up and make a note on his file. Tamaki gasped.

" Munashii-san, how do you resist Hani-Sempai's cuteness?" Tamaki blurted, after he woke himself from his stupor.

"Suoh-san, Mitsukuni-kun is very cute. I simply don't see the need to swoon over it." She explained patiently. Hani frowned. "Ichi-chan doesn't like Hani-chan?" The little shota looked like he was about to cry. Ichigo reached out and touched his hand.

"I like you very much, Mitsukuni-kun. I merely do not swoon." she consoled him. The blonde cheered immediately.

"Okay! Suoh-san, What did you need from me?" He requested, completely turning his mood around.

"I need one of your spare uniforms, Mitsukuni. There are no dresses of the right size for Munashii-san." He replied.

"Oh, okay. Ichi-chan, will you hold Bun-bun for me?" He deposited the small pink rabbit in her arms and scurried over to some cupboards where he jumped for a few minutes, trying to reach a cupboard that was just out of his reach. Suddenly he was rising up in the air. Mori stood behind him, lifting him up. Hani opened the cupboard and pulled out his spare uniform. Mori put him down. He smiled up at his taller cousin. "Arigatou, Takashi!"

"Dou itashimashite, Mitsukuni." Mori replied in a monotone. Hani turned and ran back, giving the uniform to Ichigo and taking back his bunny. "Arigatou, Mitsukuni-kun." The boy was gone, however, eating cake again.

He's so carefree.Ichigo thought. It's like he doesn't care what anyone thinks. And he is cute, but also handsome. To be that confident in oneself . . . . .

"Munashii-san? Munashii-san, we need to go." Suoh-san's voice cut into her thoughts. She blinked. "Ano . . . Gomen, Suoh-san. I suppose I'm a little tired."

"Of course you are, Ichigo-Hime. Perhaps you would like to take a seat?" Tamaki asked, gesturing grandly toward a red velvet loveseat. Ichigo looked at the seat, and then looked at him.

What is up with this guy? He seems completely convinced that I'm in love with him already.

"Ah, no, thank you, Tamaki-san. I believe I would rather go back home and rest, If Suoh-san is done with me." She looked up at the Superintendent. He nodded, dismissing her. She left. When she got home she took a long bath, thinking.

Ouran Academy is going to be an experience. Good or Bad, I'm not sure yet.