-1Hani arrived at the hospital to find Kyoya out in the waiting room. He looked grim. When he saw Hani he looked relieved.

"Hani-sempai, thank goodness. She wants to talk to you." Something was wrong. Hani could tell. Kyoya was very upset and fighting not to show it.

"Kyo-chan, what's wrong?" He wanted to know, worried himself now.

"Just go in and see her, okay, Hani-sempai?" He asked tiredly. Hani realized Kyoya must have been there ever since he'd brought Ichigo in. He nodded and went in.

She was awake and sitting up. He noticed that she looked deathly pale. She coughed, and there was blood on her hand when she pulled it away from her mouth. Hani passed her a tissue, which she wiped off her hand and mouth with. She reached out and took his hand, drawing him to sit on the bed with her. When she spoke, her voice was raw and barely there.

"Mitsukuni . . . . Do you know what fatal means?" She asked, knowing he probably did. Tears filled the boy's eyes as he nodded.

"My . . . injuries are . . . . too severe . . ." She coughed into the tissue again. "Basically . . . I'm going to . . . die, Mitsukuni. And I wanted to tell you . . . . to tell you . . . . . ." She burst into a coughing fit and couldn't speak any longer. A nurse hurried him out of the room.

He rushed over to Takashi and collapsed into his arms, sobbing.

"Takashi, she says she's going to die!" He burst into fresh tears. Takashi silently hugged his cousin. Kyoya frowned and went to speak to the doctors. What he found out was both surprising and unsurprising. He called together the Host Club.

An hour later, Haruhi, the Hitachiin, Hani, Mori, Tamaki, and Kyoya met in the Third Music Room at Ouran. Since Tamaki's father was the Superintendent, he could use the room on weekends. He settled them all around one of the larger tables. He called them to attention just as the twins were ready to declare WW3 on Tamaki.

"I have some information that Ichigo didn't give us. Her injuries are extreme and they could be fatal. But there is an operation that could save her. I suspect the reason she didn't mention it is because it's fairly expensive and her family has little money. More than Haruhi but less than normal." He informed them.

"Rich bastards." Haruhi muttered. Kyoya continued.

"I cannot pay for it entirely without my father suspecting. So, I will ask that all of us, except Haruhi, put in a little for the operation. To make up for his blunder, Tamaki will pay Haruhi's portion, and she will make it up by getting another hundred designations."

Everyone nodded and pulled out their checkbooks. Each wrote a check for ten thousand dollars, except for Tamaki, who wrote one for twenty thousand. Kyoya collected them.

"Kyo-chan, what about Munashii-san? We have to do something, right?" Hani asked, clutching the younger but taller student's jacket sleeve.

"Don't worry, Hani-sempai. The Ootori Secret Police . . ." He was interrupted by his cell phone ringing. He answered it.

"Yes? Excellent. Yes. Yes. No, he doesn't. I'll be there soon." He hung up. "The Ootori Secret Police have him in custody. Everything's going to be fine."

"Yay!" Hani cheered. The meeting broke up and Kyoya went to the hospital and the others went home. Hani, however,. Couldn't help wondering what it was she wanted to tell him.

A week later, Ichigo stumbled into the Host Club. Hani immediately abandoned his clients to help her to a sofa. She sat down with relief.

"Thank you, Mitsukuni-kun. Now, go finish with your clients. I'll still be here at closing." She touched his hand gently, pushing him away. He returned to his customers, but didn't look happy about it.

After Hani had politely escorted his last customer out, he ran over and sat next to Ichigo, who smiled. She leaned forward and hugged him. He sat stock still for a moment, then got an idea. He had to do it now though, before he lost his nerve.

He pulled back a bit and tilted her face up, like he'd seen Tamaki do with his clients. Then he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to hers, slipping his arms around her waist. After a moment he felt Ichigo kiss him back, and her arms slid around his neck.

Even though the Hitachiin were there, watching, there was no hooting and hollering, no snide comments. Just respectful silence. Everyone realized that this was a great moment. Hani had found a girlfriend. After a moment she pulled away regretfully. Hani's honey colored eyes shone brightly with a love so fierce that it frightened her as it warmed her.

"I love you, Ichi-chan. I love you more than cake." He told her, making her laugh.

"I love you too, Mitsu-kun." She'd been calling him that in her head for weeks now. He giggled at the new nickname.

"I like being Mitsu-kun. It's kawaii, like me." He smiled and hugged her. They suddenly realize there was applause throughout the room. The twins grinned at them.

"Good Job Strawberry-Sempai!" They gave twin thumbs up signs. She grinned. Then she leaned back, snuggling up to Hani.

"I just have one problem now." She informed her friends.

"Hmmm?" Hani asked, unsure what it could be.

"Since the OSP arrested my Dad, they seized his house. I don't have anywhere to live now I'm out of the hospital."

Kyoya sighed. Just when they solved one problem, another cropped up. Oh, well. Host Club was about making people happy, as Tamaki said.

Several hours later they had her set up in an apartment, happy and safe. Takashi waited as Hani kissed her goodnight. He was very happy for his cousin. No one could have foreseen this. It seemed like only yesterday she'd come into the Third Music Room with Superintendent Suoh. He smiled. There was nothing like Unexpected Love.