Meg lay in her bunk trying to recount the things that had happened in her cell not to long ago, her body was feeling differently then normally and it was all because of him that much she knew. What exactly had he done, he'd bitten her that she knew, but why was her body reacting this way to the pain that it caused and the pleasure. In that moment she wished her parents were there, they always knew what to do or say to her whenever she had questions.

Her mother, Max had been captured and killed by Manticore after finding out she had a daughter. They had not intended to kill her, they had been torturing her so she would reveal where her daughter was and whom the father was, but things went to far and Max died. Once her father found out that his mate, lover, best friend, wife was dead he had lost all sense of what Meg thought was normal. He had started leaving on missions and leaving her with her uncle Logan. When he'd come back he'd be all bruised up and hurting for a few days, and once uncle Logan fixed him up they'd go home where he'd do nothing but drink.

This continued until Meg was 16 years old and the resemblance between her and her mother was unmistakable, the only thing that told anyone that she was not Max was that she had her fathers blond hair. Zack started becoming more of a CO to her than a father, trying to teach her how to hide and fight and sense things, he had been sorry now that Max and he never raised her to feel her instincts. "One day Meg you'll need to become one with who you really are." Zack had said, without knowing those would be his last words to her.

That night he had been ambushed with Meg and they had been taken captive, he had tried to fight and during the battle he had heard the gunshot and when he turned it was too late all he could do was watch her fall to the ground. They had taken them back to Manticore and were in the infirmary, when he had heard the doctors talking to the new director. "It's too late ma'am we can't to anything for her." a medic was saying.

"I can't lose this one; you've got to find her a heart." Director Renfro yelled to the medics.

"She's an X5 ma'am and we don't have any X5 organs in supply." The medic stopped when Zack stormed into the room with a guard as a shield and a gun on his head. Seeing the director, he pushed the guard away and stood by his daughter.

"Finish what we've started baby-girl." Zack stood tall beside her and pointed the gun to the medics, "X5-599 has a heart for you." Quickly he turned the gun onto himself and the shot was heard.

Hearing her cell open she sat up quickly, "Time for training X5-949." a guard stood waiting for her to exit her cell. Since she had been better from her operation, they had started training her like all the others but still she was kept away from any contact with the rest of the soldiers. The only contact she had since she had been here almost three months now was with X5-494 or Alec as he wanted to be called.

When she arrived to the training ground, she was not surprised to see that there was not anyone else around except for her instructor. "We'll be doing weapons today." was all he had said walking with her to the shooting range.

At first, Meg had to admit she was surprised at how well she could do all the things they were making her do. It scared her to death but somehow she knew that this was what her father had been trying to tell her, who she really was. She had decided that while she was here trying to find a way to escape she might as well do well with her training and learn everything she could. "Finish what we started baby-girl." Her father's voice sounded in her head.

An hour later her shoulder was killing her, without looking at it she knew that she was probably black and blue from all the shooting she had done and could not wait until it was over. Hearing someone walk up near her and the instructor, she turned to see the Director. "X5-949 today you'll be joining the others in the mess hall and starting tomorrow you can start training with them since you're now up to the same level as the unit I'm putting you in." The director replied before turning and walking away barking orders into her comm. set. Another thirty minutes and she was being escorted to the mess hall.

He had been talking about their plans with the rest of his unit when he had stopped dead in his track.

You need to make X5-949 your friend so she will confide in you, you will be paired off with her for the breeding program, you will complete your mission by whatever means necessary. Do you understand? Do you understand how important it is?

Ma'am yes ma'am. He then remembered while walking to her cell he had wanted nothing to do with her. Sure, she was not exactly one of the 09ers but she was a product of two of them. Arriving and walking into her cell, the site before him could almost have astounded him. He was suddenly silently thanking the director for giving him this mission instead of someone else. He'd remembered telling her he was her breeding partner. He'd remembered she'd been yapping away about something that this was crazy... she'd never had sex before... she'd never do that with him... laughed when he'd mention her heat... slapped him in the face, kicked him in the stomach, and then everything was silent as he'd cornered her between his arms against a wall and was nibbling on her neck. Without realizing it he had bitten her harder then he had intended to and sucked the blood that was leaking out, feeling her falling he grabbed her quickly by her hips and held her against the wall. "You won't be able to fight me forever, baby-girl." Alec had groaned into her ear and heard her try to hide her moan. "We'll continue this later." he lightly bites her skin under her ear as he carried her to her bed and put her down. He knew that when he would let her go she would have fallen to the ground and found himself not wanting that. Pulling away he smirked seeing the expression on her face, he would have her before the week was over he had thought.

When he had bitten her, he had sucked the blood that spilled out of her and tasted her, that ended up making him able to feel her whenever she was near. Her scent alone was able to make him sense her but now the connection was even stronger. Turning away from his conversation he saw her being led to a table, she sat down and started eating while talking with the members of her new unit. Why had they not put her in his unit? He knew the answer to that, she was not good enough, and she did not even know who she truly was. "Guys I'll be back." Getting up he headed over to her table. While approaching he eyed the other male soldiers that were there and was very clear with his expressions that he would kill them if they attempted to try anything. He somehow had to get his scent on her so all males would know. "Hey baby-girl can we talk?" Alec leaned close behind her; she shivered feeling his warm breath on her skin.

Slowly getting up Meg grabbed her bottle of water and turned to face him, "Don't call me that." She threw her water bottle at him and shoved him back away from her, "No we can't talk." Everyone from her table stood up but no one made a move to defend her, as they would normally do within their units. She was messing with the wrong soldier everyone thought.

When his eyes opened fear sneaked its way into her and settled there, she could have sworn when she had first seen him his eyes were hazel green, but now they were almost completely black. In two steps, he was in front of her towering over her and grabbed her arms, as he opened his mouth to say something the guards finally arrived and he backed away. "Don't worry guy's nothings wrong." He said still not deferring his gaze from her; she however was trying to look everywhere but towards him.

The guards had been instructed to put Meg in solitaire if she would cause trouble. "Come with us 949, return to your unit 494." Rick the head guard ordered. Meg followed two guards without looking at Alec but felt his eyes were still locked onto hers. Alec backed off and headed back to his table.

"Well, looks like our fearless leaders' got his work cut out for him." Biggs laughed tapping Alec on the shoulder.

"I bet I could get her." Taylor joked not thinking twice. Alec snapped his head up and glared at the younger male.

"She's mine." Alec warned, staring Taylor down. Taylor knew that Alec was being serious and bowed his head to show he understood. Biggs could not help but wonder what Alec's sudden interest in the new arrival was. He had made himself a mental note to find out when they would be alone.

Suppertime was over and they had all been sent to their rec. rooms to unwind. Sitting by the window Alec felt Biggs approach him and removed his feet from the chair allowing his second in command to sit. They sat in silence just staring out the window for almost an hour, until Biggs could decide how to approach the subject of Meg.

Meg was sitting in the cold dark cell trying not to cry. She was tired, cold, hungry and extremely pissed off. She hated that stupid ass of a prick; she would make him pay for this. She could not help but wonder why she was the only one being punished, she knew he was not around because she could not smell him and she had also heard the guards dismissing him back to his table. "Until next time you prick." she swore under her breath.

"Can I ask you what's up exactly?" Biggs questioned turning to face Alec who had done the same.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Alec tried to play stupid; he knew what his best friend was referring to. He had hoped to get away from talking about it, truth was he could not understand it himself as to why he had reacted the way he did. He did not know the girl and he sure as hell did not like her, but there was nothing more that he wanted then to possess her.

"The girl, you were different ever since you went to her cell. But then today in mess hall you completely went postal on Taylor when he'd said he'd have her and you almost went after her if the guards hadn't shown up." Biggs stated, he could not remember the last time he had seen his friend react like that to one girl. Sure, there had been girls that Alec wanted to screw but it never went further than that.

"In all honesty, I don't have a clue. She drives me nuts, and I'd like nothing better than to ring her neck." Alec angrily replied just thinking about it. "Then there's also the fact that I can't get her out of my head, possessing her is all I can think about, being with her, in her." Biggs smiled at Alec's confession, never had he been so open before about his feelings.

"Alright, well then we'll just have to work on that." Biggs simply replied, and both men just smiled at each other as if thanking each other. Alec was thanking Biggs for listening and wanting to help his CO and Biggs was thanking Alec for confiding in someone.