Chapter 27

That night when Alec got home and didn't hear from Meg he headed to her place. Not finding her there he went looking at her work. Being a regular customer there he asked one of the bouncers where she was. Getting the address to the hotel Alec raced over there to find the place empty with only Meg's bag on the floor of the bedroom. There was no evidence of blood anywhere but he felt a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. Meg was gone, she was gone and he didn't feel any hope in finding her.

Meg slowly woke up to find herself naked in bed under silk sheets. Just when she thought she'd dreamed the whole thing she felt a body beside her and turned to see who it was. 'Shit.' Her mind screamed. It wasn't a dream, that freak was there and he was naked as well indicating they'd had sex. The soreness between her legs was clearly a sign of it as well.

Getting up quietly and slowly as to not wake him she wrapped a sheet around her body since there was no indication as to where he clothes were. She started for the door to stop dead in her track.

"It's locked electronically. Don't waste your energy on it you'll need it for me." Ames replied never moving from his position on the bed. "Just come back to bed."

"Fuck you!" Meg replied and tried to open the door.

Ames got up and walked up behind her, grabbing her by the waist he turned her to face him. "You aren't going anywhere but in that bed." Meg spat in his face. "I can make this as painless as possible or not that's up to you. But know this sweetheart, you are mine now and you're never going anywhere but six feet under."

Meg stared at him not knowing what to say. She wanted to cry as well but refused to let him see how terrified she was. She decided there and then to bid her time and eventually she'd find a way out.

Carrying her back to bed Ames put her down in the middle and climbed up as well. Meg watched him as he seemed to play with a thought in his mind.

"What's it going to be Meg?" Ames questioned watching her carefully.

Without saying anything she pushed herself completely onto her back and spread her legs for him. Smirking Ames climbed onto her and positioned himself comfortably between her legs.

He'd won he thought as he pushed into her watching her face. Meg kept her eyes shut tightly and bit her lips closed trying to imagine herself anywhere but here. "Open your eyes." He thrust hard and deep into her. "I want to hear you too." He spread her legs wider and pushed further into her. "Moan for me sweetheart." He bit down on her breast.

Even if she was letting him fuck her she refused to do what he asked. As punishment Ames quickened everything to find his release without giving her one. Climbing off her he forced her to spoon with him. He didn't want her finding her release by herself, so he held her throughout the night.

As much as she didn't like having sex with him he knew that at some point she'd need to find her release and he'd use that to his advantage in getting her to do what he wanted. Although he didn't know why he cared so much that she touched, moaned and watched him, he just knew that that's what he wanted.

Little by little Meg's spirit died every day and every night when he climbed into bed with her. She tried to fight it, tried to keep some sort of faith but in the end lost the battle and gave in to him completely. She moaned for him, clung to him and felt every inch of him as he thrust over and over into her. When this happened he devoted all his attention to her body and made her climax three times before finding his own release spilling himself into her.

Every night the same thing would happen with the hope that this time she'd get pregnant with his child.

The end.