A little story I wrote because I think there is too much Kikyou bashing out there. It's sorta semi-inspired by some of Kelly Clarkson's song.

I own what is mine, which is the plot… I think.

Kikyou unleashed the arrow that had been fitted in her bow. She had shot the last arrow in her quiver at a swamp-demon, far away from any other humans. But was she truly human now? Now that she had been resurrected by an ogress? She didn't know. In reality, she didn't care. Are she cared about now was fulfilling her final duty in life and defeating Naraku.

The miko gasped and feel to the ground. A ripping sensation filled her chest, telling her that she needed more souls. And she needed them now.

One of her concerned shinidamachu flew to her side.

"I am fine," she told the being. "But I need more souls. Go."

They flew off. With the last of her strength, Kikyou lifted herself up and walked towards a small tree with low-lying limbs not far from the road she had been on.

I wonder if there are more like me. Ones who were resurrected through Urasue's magic, without purpose? Am I truly without purpose? Kikyou thought.

She was exhausted and fell asleep quickly.

As she slept, she dreamed of someone from a distant time

Kikyou was in front of a small shrine she didn't recognize. Just before she could ask alloud, even knowing there would be no one to answer, a figure stepped out of the shrine.

"Greetings, Priestess Kikyou," the woman greeted. "I am Midoriko, the creator of what you call the Shikon no Tama."

Kikyou bowed her head respectfully. "Greetings, Lady Midoriko," she murmured in reply.

"I am here to tell you something very important. The shards of the shattered jewel must be purified as one and you must defeat Naraku. No matter how many lives will be lost. If not a great catastrophe will befall this land, and all of you involved with the jewel shall die. Make sure Inuyasha defeats Naraku!"

"Inuyasha?" Kikyou murmured questioningly.

"Yes," Midoriko replied. "Fear not. He will be fine. It is his destiny."

"I will tell the others with shards when I meet them," Kikyou answered.

"There is something else. But this is only a warning for you. There is more heartbreak in your future, but you may be rescued by an unlikely saviour."

Kikyou looked up, surprised. But the warmth in Midoriko's eyes made all doubt fly away.

"Go. This is not a place for you to be," the older priestess said. "Perhaps we will meet again some day."

"Perhaps," Kikyou agreed.

Midoriko smiled, and disappeared into the mist.

Kikyou awoke, full of souls and ready to go on. She remembered the dream.

"I promise I will tell them," Kikyou murmured as she went to face the man who had killed her. Then she realised something. The greater priestess had given her something more than a message to give to the others, Midoriko had given her a purpose, even if it was just this.

Good? Bad? Should I do something drastic? Give me your opinion on this short story. Oh, and I know the ending sucked. I was running out of time… somehow.