A word to the wise (and not so wise): This fiction is made out of various rumors that I have heard, and other things purely invented by me. Do not blame me for any "inaccuracies" that you may find. This is, after all, a fiction. Also, this a disclaimer. I won zip of the Mega Man series. So there.

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Ten years have passed since the last real crisis of Earth occurred. Ten years since X and Zero had once again defeated Sigma.

In those ten years, Humanity has once again risen from the ashes. The atmosphere recovered, they have returned to the surface world, and in a surprisingly short amount of time, what was left of the human species were able to rebuild their existing cities and even some new ones. This rapid reconstruction was aided by none other than the reploids, the eternal servants of humanity.

Those ten years were the golden age of Human and Reploid kind; full of peace and rising prosperity. However, with every golden age must come a dark one, and Humanity is falling once again.

Various reploids have once again rebelled against humanity, and it is up to the Maverick Hunters to be the vanguard against the insurgencies.

Commanded by the likes of Commander Signas, aided with the amazing navigating skills of Alia, and spearheaded by veterans like Zero and X and the promising new hunter Axl, Humanity stands a good chance of survival against this new wave of insurgents.

There is one major difference in these new Mavericks, however: In the past, it was always blamed on the mysterious Sigma virus, a virus believed to alter the functions of Reploids and make them turn against their human masters. This time, however, no virus has been detected. Nothing wrong has been found on any of the reploids that were recovered, which leaves the disturbing thought that perhaps they joined of their own accord.

The new rebel forces are called the Reploid Liberation Front, or R.L.F. for short. It is led by the charismatic reploid leader Marduk, whose origins remain unknown.

The R.L.F. claim to have no intention of fighting humans over dominance; they only wish to live freely, but say that the current human government will never allow for it, fearing that they may become too powerful. These accusations are proving less fake and more factual as the human government sends the Maverick hunters against the rebel forces, who up to now have done nothing more violent than a peace march (a very careful peace march). This has caused tensions between the current government and the general populace. This has also caused tension within the R.L.F., who call out to Marduk to strike back. However, he still refuses, and his motives remain unclear as to why.

To top it all off, X himself is proving to be going through some dangerous changes. Mission after mission, he finds himself more in doubt of the cause for which he fights for. Our story begins in one such mission, one which will a cause a devastating chain of events, for humanity and for Reploid kind.