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Chapter 5

The trees and plants began to disperse the closer they got to the town. Now only a five minute walk away and in the cover of darkness they explored the outer buildings and huts. Shadows danced over the three hidden forms while quiet sounds of insects and small animals hid the rare sounds of them moving through the flora. Pakkun began to hear the shallow hum of life from the partying citizens and smelt a distinct mixture of alcohol, drugs and sex. Even after Jiraiya had forewarned him of the dangers the town placed upon the ninjas, they trekked on. Sakura's movements became faster and more erratic the closer she got, obviously anxious to cool her angered blood. Kakashi apologised over and over again after she announced their plans, he even picked up stray wildflowers and handed them to her, as sweet as the gesture was, Sakura was still mad at him.

Kakashi sniffed the air, noticing on overpowering scent. Everything coming from that town smelt like a brothel or the alleyway in the bad part of town and judging by the noise coming from that place, he'd rather grab Sakura and run very far away but that would just result in her hating him even more. She was a very aggressive woman when she wanted to be but all the same she had a gentle playfulness about her, he sighed and stepped over a hidden tree root. He glanced at Sakura's back. She was strangely private with personal matters so he was unsure of how she'd react in that sort of place. She never talked about her love life, not that she had one with her male team mates attacking them, she never talked about things she dreamed of doing, what she wanted in life or what she didn't want. She laughed with everyone when K.C told his ridiculous stories, she listened when her friend Ino had another one of her problems. Idiot woman can't close her bloody legs. But most importantly, no one knew if she'd even kissed a man –or woman, truth be told he may be barking up the wrong tree yet from the information he attained he was pretty sure she was straight.

What was Sakura into? If she was asked to dress up for the purposes of sexual foreplay and enhanced arousal, would she? He pondered. Did she like certain body parts over others? Did she have a feet fetish…no, Sakura was quite normal that way. Then again, if she didn't have some body fetish, she might have some other weird sex fantasy. Himself? He was a leg man but he also like women in uniform, like the song goes he supposed. Coincidentally, Sakura had three separate uniforms, her ninja garb, her medic uniform which was the basic white hospital dress and hat with flat comfy shoes and her lab research uniform. That was the one he liked the most. It consisted a lab coat and protective boots, but it was what could be underneath that gave it the first prize. It hid the most amount of skin leaving everything to the imagination. He could almost feel himself ripping it off of her revealing her dressed in black lacy lingerie. She was like a naughty schoolgirl, nurse, teacher and officer all wrapped in one neat fiery yet angelic package.

He sniffed the air again, a bombardment of smells from every orifice of the body and every dingy club corner assaulted his senses. He paused and gagged. Sakura turned and gave him a questioning look, Pakkun seemed to be burying his nose in the ground as he walked so Kakashi covered his nose and told her he'd be fine.

The trees parted, they could see the town. The three of them stopped, not quite but partly expecting what they were seeing. The town itself was quite nice, not overly large with a few buildings taller than two storeys, traditional style and colouring and pretty well kept. The large road that led into town was beaten but sturdy and the archway to the town was maroon with delicate black lettering 'Kuri-mu ichigo'. The rest of the town was far from normal. The road that led to town was sturdy and beaten but was surrounded by scantly clad women, what did cover their bodies was either leather, lace or chain mail and they all wore fishnet somewhere on their purchased bodies. Most wore stilettos or knee high go-go boots in black, fire engine red and patterned animal fur. Some appeared to be so keen to earn their money that they let their clients reap the benefits of their purchases on the spot. Pakkun was trying to stop himself from laughing at Sakura's doe eyed expression, her mouth was gaping as she tried to look away only to find something else just as disgracefully sinful to capture her attention.

Kakashi decided that it was probably best to leave his book in his pocket lest he be cornered by women thinking he was there for sex, being a pervert who reads Icha Icha and all. He slipped his arm over Sakura's stunned shoulder, bent his head down to her ear and whispered "Let's get going Sakura-chan, don't want to miss happy hour, now do you?"

She shook her head slowly, her jaw dropping at the male workers that also aligned the road. Some were dressed like women, some like men some like ninja -that disturbed him more than he'd like to admit it. He huddled closer to Sakura as they made their way towards the town, Pakkun was silently laughing like a madman. This town was probably the baseline of ideas for Jiraiya's books, everything was so dirty.

They made their way slowly through the gates of the town, Sakura noticed that the name on the gate was a subtle way of telling people what the town was all about. 'Kuri-mu ichigo' or Strawberry Cream, one of the first and most influential forms of innuendo and like whips and leather play a great part in broadening ones horizons on sexual intercourse. The whole town was a bunch of nympho's. The working ladies and gentlemen who greeted them at the road were strangely polite and the few who were on break gave them a friendly smile and wave, it was all an average night for them in the town of Kuri-mu apparently.

Kakashi still kept his arm around her shoulder, his eye taking in every depraved and degenerate detail that the main street had to offer. A few of the stores were dark and enclosed showing nothing of what they hid inside while other buildings were packed and overcrowded with anything and everything that washed in from the more respectable towns. There were small pairs of people sitting and laying on the patios with everything out. There was an old woman in her mid-sixties paying a younger more attractive woman a wad of cash. The young woman smiled and laid a hand on the smiling wrinkled face and leaned in for a small brush of lips.

Pakkun was walking closer to Sakura and Kakashi, trying to avoid the hoard of mostly women that were occupied with a group of animals. He suddenly felt the need to run away, very far away. The copy ninja was beyond shocked with the display of bestiality, it was just so wrong. One woman was petting a small brown dog that lay comfortably on her abdomen, while her other hand crawled slowly up her thigh and in between her legs. He steered Sakura to a relatively normal looking pub and away from things that she should not have seen. The bar was pretty clean with only a few people having it out on the tables, all in all it was good. Kakashi found a table near the dark corner of the bar and sat down, Sakura and Pakkun following his lead. After a few minutes of pure silence Kakashi spoke.

"I suppose we better find a place to stay soon" Sakura nodded dumbly. A male waiter came up to the table his eyes firmly set on the female medic, he grinned at her and asked for their order. Sakura found her mouth and replied with just "Lots, lots of sake" The man nodded and walked away still keeping his eye on the pink haired woman as he got their drinks.

Sakura's emerald eyes scanned the crowd, stopping at a pair a table away from them. She sat stunned as the young woman with sandy hair straddled the older man with similar coloured locks. They were engaged in a heated battle of the tongues, or to put it truthfully they were eating each other inside out through the mouth. His lips and tongue were on her jaw and neck in seconds leaving a thin coating of saliva as she lent back letting out a hearty moan, her small hands reached for the top of his pants in a rushed manner. She dipped her hand in rubbing at the skin underneath and rocking her hips on his lap. Her dark brown eyes made contact with his, their noses inches from each other as he smoothed his hands over the curve of her backside under her thin skirt. If Sakura didn't know any better she'd have guessed they were related.

"Otou-san" The young woman moaned again digging her pelvis into his further. Sakura jerked back, her face white and shaking she shuddered and turned to Kakashi to see what he thought. Inwardly he was disgusted, if not the slightest bit turned on when he saw Sakura looking to him.

"Doesn't it feel just…so right?" He asked her covering his amusement with a wistful smile, not that she could see it.

…she stared in shock

… …

… … …

"NO! No it doesn't!" Her head was shaking. She turned away from the scene of darling father and daughter trying hard to hold in the acidic contents of her stomach. The town, the streets, the bar, it was all so wrong. She crossed her arms and cradled her head on the table. She learnt so many things in just a few minutes, more than she would've in years in Konoha, it was like a town straight out of a porno where nothing was sacred.

The waiter came back wit the drinks in hand "I haven't seen you two around here, are you new"

"Apparently" Sakura's single word meant two things, one she was new to the town and two she was new to everything in the town. A sly smile spread across his face "Well my name's Fuka, if you need any help" He eyed Sakura up and down as she reached for her drink "Any help at all, just call" He left with one last glance at her, a suggestive hint in his gaze which she passed off as a trick of the light.

"He seems to live up to his name" Pakkun commented.

"How so?"

"Are you truly that oblivious?" She turned to the pup urging him to continue "I may be a canine Sakura but your scent alone is desirable, That man Fuka was interested in you"

"He was?!" It was an unusual situation for Sakura, usually they all went to Ino and she was left to chit chat with her team mates. Part of the reason se was so shocked by the discovery that the waiter aptly named 'wrong' was interested in her, was because she hardly got asked out and he probably lived in that town, and you don't go living in a town like Kuri-mu ichigo without picking up a few habits. A boyfriend like that, well who knows what he'd want from you. On the subject of the town she seemed to remember the fact that they were currently on a mission and had a job to do like finding a missing man who might've been dead by the time they found him. Sakura tapped her fingers on the wooden table trying to ignore the woman moaning 'otou-san' several ideas came to mind but none that could be executed during the night.

The mission scroll specifically stated that nothing was to alert the enemy that Konoha was involved, that was always the case though nothing out of the ordinary, just standard mission rules. It also stated that he was to be brought back within a month, if possible a week, because he had to attend a ceremony. The subtle scent of sake leaked into her nasal passages and she felt the urge to gulp down her drink. But an annoying blonde woman in tight clothing grabbed it before she had the chance and gulped it down, being that Sakura was recently remembering lost things like the fact that she was still angry with Kakashi, causing Sakura's jaw to tighten and her eye to twitch. She was not in the mood…Urgh! And that damn pervert keeps grinning at me, BASTARD!!

There were many tings Sakura could tolerate but, like Tsunade, someone stealing her drink was unacceptable. Pakkun heard a deep growl come from his pink haired Team mate, he glared at the woman who'd soiled his vision with her presence. He recognised the idiot woman, of course she had been one of Kakashi's more IDIOT mistakes. He made the stupid decision of sleeping with the woman more than once, and she was a ninja, a chunin if he recalled correctly. She was into some nasty shit, that one.

"KAKA-AMAI!!" The blonde woman squealed and slid in the seat beside Kakashi. She looked his age, if not a few years older while her body retained its youthful splendour. Her eyes were a dark brown with flecks of black but her outfit made her stand out, fishnet and leather. That seems to be the theme of this place Sakura was still sulking and glaring over her missing sake. If only she could bring her fist into that woman's jaw, or at least order another drink. He's still staring at me, I really don't wanna talk to him.

Damn Bitch took my bloody drink!

Pakkun's ears flattened to his head, her sultry voice raising several octaves to call out Kakashi's pet name. He crawled over to Sakura and nudged her leg giving her a pleading look. She gave her deathly scowl in return "She stole my drink" He nodded forlornly "I really needed it too" She whimpered.

"Maybe you could-"

"Bitch" She seethed.

"Sakura-chan this is um…" Kakashi was still wondering why the woman he thought he requested to stay ten feet away from him at all times, was sitting right next to him but he was a polite man and could handle whatever great kami-sama threw at him. Especially now that he had to remember her name and not just address her as Tou-chan, what was he on when he met her? If he recalled correctly it was around about the same time he was experimenting with fabulous mind altering herbs used frequently in the Hokage's famous brownies. Now that he thought more along the lines of those times, everything seemed so much more whoa then.

"Hayashi Mokuzai" The blonde woman spoke for him, leaning herself further into his side "Konoha chunin, my expertise is deadly medical jutsu" Sakura glared at her, still pining after her lost alcohol "Your way out of your league little girl, especially against the ninja of sweet death"

Pakkun stifled a laugh behind Sakura's form, the pink haired ninja let go of her anger for humour. The chunin who was apparently 'out of her league' just revealed secret information about her name, village, and any jutsu that could give her the upper hand in a fight. Tactical conversational techniques did not appear to be her strengths, for all Mokuzai knew, the pink haired woman could have been an enemy nin recovering information on the copy nin and used her as bait. And as for the ninja of sweet death, sifting through her memory banks Sakura couldn't find such a title in her memory logs. It sounded like a pretty pathetic name, maybe it was self proclaimed like Gai's Beautiful green beast of Konoha. Ninja of sweet death?


The showy blonde woman huffed "Like you'd know anything kid" Her attention diverted from Sakura back to Kakashi "Do we have to stay here with this kid Kaka-amai, or do you want to go somewhere more private" She leant over further practically laying in his lap as she stroked his chest through the material. If Sakura wasn't already giggling her ass of at Kakashi's pet name and devising a way to retrieve a new drink without having to talk to the leering waiter, then she would have felt a little jealous of the woman touching the man she was enamoured with. Alas her drink took top priority along with gathering information about the missing man, and of course Kakashi's fluffy sweet pet name.

Pakkun crawled onto Sakura's lap so he could talk freely with her without the golden harlot listening in. Sakura pet his head as he spoke "Maybe you should order a drink from the flashy fella anyway, he might know a thing or two about what's been going through-"

"OTOU-SAN!!!" The sandy haired girl let out a screeching moan as her head tossed back in heated ecstasy. Her features twisted, eyes clinched shut as another lower moan ripped from her throat through her parted mouth. The man underneath her grunted against her sweaty chest, his own heaving after his intense orgasm and unprotected release. Their matching sandy hair clung to their sweaty skin. Another lovely moment between father and daughter.

"That is just fucked up" Pakkun nodded in agreement.

"As I was saying, that dirty fella might know something about our target" Sakura nodded "But first you might want to help Kakashi"

They turned their abandoned companion, watching in amusement as he tried to escape the clutches of the almighty ninja of sweet death. Her almost claw like nails latching onto his olive green flack vest, she whispered past indiscretions in his ear loud enough for the other two to hear.

"…then you slipped your hand down…" Sakura and Pakkun gave him one of those 'care-to-explain' looks. The copy nin had never felt so dirty in his life. In the eyes of the woman he loved, he was a dirty filthy perverted womanizer with no conscience and no taste in women. The idiot blonde kept insulting Sakura and digging her nails in his arm so he couldn't throw her off, he didn't want her. And from the look his partner was giving him he'd be surprised if he ever got Sakura anyway.

"I think he's doing just fine on his own Pakkun" Sakura stood up and marched up to the bar with an extra oomph in her step, that suggested a severe pounding when they got their hotel room. She traipsed straight to the grinning waiter and grabbed the collar of his shirt bringing his face close enough to hers to look intimate. Her eyes narrowed on him, she whispered harshly in his face.

"Before I leave here I want a nice tall frothy beer or your finest strongest sake, but before then I need to know. Has anyone come through here mentioning the name Harikawa from Suna or a group of rebels that may have mentioned kidnapping a powerful or important man?"

He whimpered in the back of his throat, strange unrecognisable sounds came from his chest. Yet a very clear "No" told her all she needed to know. She sighed and dropped him on his feet, letting him scurry around the bar for her requested drink. He stopped halfway through "But I know of a man who might know about it" The drink was before her in seconds.

"Thank you" She grabbed the porcelain cup and let the warm liquid flow down her throat "And thank kami-sama for alcohol"

Kakashi's brief encounter with an old lover through him for a loop and was the last thing he wanted when in the company of Sakura, one of the most sought after women in the village. He'd hazard a guess that she didn't entirely appreciate the insults made by the devil of a woman that felt the need to present herself on a platter, in his lap. The greatest possible relief was when Sakura dragged him by the ear out of the pub, telling the woman who was following that they were on a mission, had a job to do and she was so sober she could kick anyone with an ass at that present time.

The scantly clad chunin made several attempts at grabbing him back but Sakura who was beyond pissed at the time, gathered an incredible amount of chakra in her fist and punched the table nearest to her, shattering it into a thousand pieces and leaving a crater in the grey slate floor. The ninja of sweet death backed away with what was left of her dignity and the copy nin couldn't have been happier. Except now he was receiving a lecture from Sakura about his choices in sexual partners and the dangers of exceptionally clingy women. The stout wrinkled dog had a good laugh about it too.

But his mission partner had mentioned a man that could give them information on the missing Harikawa man and suggested immediate interrogation. It also meant they had to take another lovely stroll through the exotic town with their heads held high as if they visited all the time. Kakashi had almost halted their stroll to stop at a store that specialized in Icha Icha books, costumes, character blow up dolls and much much more, as the slogan promoted. Sakura pulled him out of his thoughts by pinching the rim of his ear extra hard and dragging him further away from the store with promises of an early morning visit to the adult literature paradise.

Sakura had told him the name of the place before they left the other bar but now that he stared up at the neon sign, for the first time in a long time old one eye felt uneasy, worried and a tad scared. Never in his entire life as a man and self-respecting shinobi had he ever felt the need to visit a male strip club.

"It can't be too bad Kakashi, just keep your eyes on the floor or the ceiling" She giggled "And if they try and hit on you, just go with it"

Kakashi Hatake was standing in front of a male strip club that was four stories high, possibly the tallest building in the small village with a flock of men and women standing outside its doors. A burly man with a hairy chest and bleached smile dressed in a sparkly pink sequenced jockstrap, twirled around a shiny brass pole as an advertisement of sorts for the club. According to Sakura the man who owned the club knew everything that came in and out of the town, he also knew about every backend business transaction that went through kuri-mu ichigo's walls.

"Can't I just stay out here Sakura-chan" He clung to her hand like a lost child. She squeezed his hand and gave him a quick reassuring hug. She left her arms wrapped around his neck as he cuddled her closer to his chest.

"I need you to back me up Kakashi-kun, Pakkun will get lost in there with all the different smells" He reluctantly let go and nodded to her. He braced himself, about to walk into the throng of aroused gay men and old female swingers.

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