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Gift of a Grim

Chapter Four: Something Grim This Way Comes

By Ebona Nite

Summary: What if Harry's third year at Hogwarts goes a bit differently? AU starting with Trelawney's prediction… which is a tad different than last time.

Two weeks had gone by. The Daily Prophet had indeed had the story running the next day. Professor Lupin had choked on his pumpkin juice that morning and spit it all over Professor Snape whom he'd been stuck sitting next to. Three quarters of the Great Hall had cheered.

Harry had sent a letter to his godfather that morning, along with a clipping. They'd been exchanging letters for a while. Unfortunately four days after Pettigrew's capture, the rat had escaped the Ministry holding cell. Suposedly it had been warded against animagi. Harry had sent his godfather a clipping of that too. Sirius suspected an inside job.

Sirius had also offered Harry a home with him, or if not then the offer of staying with Harry and his relatives. Harry had been absolutely ecstatic about that. Just imagine what the Dursley's would think, a full-grown wizard living in their house! It was the best gift anyone had ever offered him: a true family. It didn't matter to Harry whether or not he had to stay the Dursley's, as long as Sirius could come live with him. They'd met a few times during weekends, talked, sometimes with Professor Lupin, and Harry felt he was finally getting to know his parents listening to their stories.

It was a Hogsmeade Saturday, the last of the year, and for once Harry was glad he wasn't going. He waved Ron and Hermione off.

"Watch out mate," Ron warned as he left, "That batty Trelawney is waffling around the Great Hall again spouting off about knowing that Sirius was innocent."

Harry rolled his eyes and grinned. Perfect. The stage was set.

"Hey, Potty!"

Well not quite. Malfoy had been surprisingly quiet these last couple weeks. Perhaps sulking. But it seemed it wasn't going to last.

"What do you want, Malfoy?"

"Stuck here again without your friends the weasel and the Mudblood? Awww is little Potty sad? Bet you –" just then the blonde boy went white as a sheet. "Th-the grim! Aaaaaaahhhhh!" He ran back inside screaming.

Harry grinned. "There you are, Padfoot! I was wondering when you were going to get here!"

The large, shaggy black dog – which indeed looked like a Grim – reared up and transformed into a man. "Sorry, I was making sure I was presentable. Shall we get started Pup?" He grinned, grey eyes glinting mischieviously.

The green eyed boy grinned back. "Alright, Professor Trelawney is inside. Remember the plan!"

'Padfoot' chuckled, "If I wasn't in on it, I'd be scared. You have your father's I'm-planning-a-prank smirk." Transforming back into a large dog, he followed the boy inside.

A few minutes later, Harry peeked into the Great hall. It was lunchtime, and students were free to come and go for food, lazying about (it was Saturday after all) in the castle and (those with permission) down at Hogsmeade. Just as Ron said. Trelawney was swooping about the teacher's table. Dumbledore, Lupin, Mcgonnagall, Sprout, and a few others he didn't know were there, but Snape wasn't (probably left when Trelawney entered; several other teachers looked ready to run as well). Oh well, you can't have everything.

"Okay, ready… set… go!"

Harry ran into the Great Hall, waving his arms in the air, with Padfoot bounding along at his heels.

"Professor Trelawney! Help! You were right – it's the Grim!"

Trelawney shrieked and fainted. Several students (and a couple teachers) screamed and ran. Lupin burst out laughing. Harry stopped in front of Dumbledore and grinned, "Hey Professor, this dog followed me home. Can I keep him?"

Now Lupin was laughing so hard tears streamed down his face. Dumbledore just sat there and twinkled as Sprout hyperventilated and Mcgonnagall tried to calm her down.

"I believe, my dear boy, that is up to your relatives. However I have heard they have a guest room. Perhaps they can be persuaded." (twinkle twinkle)

"Mr. Potter what is the idea – Remus are you alright? – Albus just WHAT is going on here?" Mcgonnagall finally managed.

Sirius transformed back into his human self. Now free, he had taken the time to wash (which took a couple hours) get a shave and haircut, and buy some nice clean robes. So he cut quite a dashing figure as he grinned saucily at the gaping transfiguration professor.

"Minnie! How nice to see you my dear! Moony, do shut up before you burst."

Remus just howled with laughter, tipped too far back in his chair, and fell over backwards.


Author End Notes: Just to clear one thing up, yes I was implying that Sirius would go live with Harry at the Dursley's, which would make sure Harry was treated well for the next few years. I don't see them throwing him out while he has his wand in their faces, do you?

This chapter was the original oneshot I developed the story out of.

Hope you liked! Sorry if I misspelled any names or anything. Please review!