A note about continuity: The Zelda in this story is not from any particular Zelda game. Since each one is different somehow, I made her how I wanted and her world how I wanted. It loosely resembles OOT but doesn't really follow it. With Samus and the Metroid-verse I was a lot stricter, adhering to many details of the games and even the official metroid e-Manga. Though I may have bent things here and there. This story is intended to take place sometime after the events in Super Metroid, yet before Metroid Fusion.

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Chapter One: Amazing

Amazing. Just amazing.

It was the only word she could think of to describe Samus. She was simply amazing. The way she moved was forceful yet somehow graceful at the same time. Back flipping twenty feet through the air as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and then landing softly as if she were light as a feather. Her attacks were precise in both aim and timing. And she was smart too; she seamed to dictate the flow of battle to her advantage, though how she accomplished this was beyond her grasp.

The crowd erupted in cheer, pulling Zelda from her thoughts. Samus had just managed to takeout two of her opponents while simultaneously avoiding her own defeat. The crowd started chanting her name, and Zelda found herself chanting along with them. Though she cursed herself for having missed the entirety of what Samus had just done.

"So you're a Samus fan, eh princess?" her friend Link said, who was sitting next to her, to which she just nodded. Also sitting with them was Fox; a person she had only recently met. He wasn't from her world, though Link and he, who had both been coming to this place for a while now, were good friends. She focused her attention back on the arena.

What made Samus even more amazing was the fact that she was a woman, something that Zelda had only recently learned. She admired that. Samus was respected, revered, and even feared, not only here in this coliseum between dimensions, but also back in her own world. At least according to the other competitors Zelda had talked to. It's not as if there weren't strong women who were looked up to in her own world, but none to the degree that Samus was, and not for the same reasons. She herself was respected widely by the people of Hyrule, but then only because she was royalty. Samus' respect and admiration were earned through her deeds and abilities. She was a fighter, she was a warrior, she was ...a hero. At least that's what Zelda had concluded. She decided she would very much like to meet Samus.

The crowd was cheering again. Huh? The match had ended. Damn, she was daydreaming again. As the stadium emptied she got up to leave from the private box reserved for competitors, but was interrupted by an announcement.

"Attention all competitors: Trans-dimensional travel is not functioning at this time. It may be several days until the problem is repaired. Please be patient. Sleeping quarters will be made available to you, as well, all food in the cafeteria will be free of charge. We apologize for the inconvenience," squawked the loud speaker.

"Does this mean we will be unable to leave?" Zelda asked her two companions.

"Yeah, looks like we're stuck here for now, princess," replied Fox

"Don't worry your highness, I'm sure it wont be for too long," Link added.

"Oh, Link... I said before that you needn't address me as such. Fox you don't have to either"

"Ok, sorry your highness. uh... sorry," Link said.

"Well I'm off. I need to get some sleep, I've got a match early tomorrow," Fox said. "Link you'd better come along and find yourself a room too before you get stuck in a room with Bowser like that last time."

"Yeah, I'll be along in a minute," Link replied "Pri... err, Zelda, you've never stayed here overnight before, you need me to show you where the women's bunks are."

"Thank you, but I believe I can find my own way around."

"Alright then, I guess I'll see you tomorrow... How about lunch in the cafeteria?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Bye," he said and waved.

"Goodbye, Link," She said with a slight bow.

With that she set off in search of the women's sleeping quarters, which wasn't too difficult considering all the corridors were well marked and had maps posted at the intersections. She arrived and opened the door. The room was dark and her first instinct was to retrieve a torch from the hall. However she quickly remembered they didn't use such things here. They had lights that came on at the flick of a switch. Usually these were placed right inside the door. Feeling around the door frame she found it and switched the light on.

The room looked as if it were designed to accommodate four. There were four beds, two on each side of the room, each with a small table and chair beside them. There was a sofa and a couple of sofa chairs at the near end of the room, set around the box that was like a moving painting, though she forgot what to call it. At the far end of the room was a larger table and a door leading to the bathroom.

After washing up in the bathroom Zelda stood in the center of the room and looked around, wondering if anyone else would be staying here with her. She chose the bed nearest the door and sat down. The few times Zelda had been here she had seen only a few other girls. One of them was a princess as well. They had spoken only once and she seemed nice, though a bit ditsy. Another was a young Eskimo girl whom she had never met, but had seen fight along side her male partner. She hadn't seen either girls around this time so she figured they weren't here right now. Then of course there was Samus who in fact was here.

It then occurred to her that she would likely get to meet Samus since she was almost certainly staying in this room. After all this was the only room she knew of reserved for the female competitors. She then resolved not to act like an over excited fan when she finally met Samus. She was sure Samus, or anyone really, wouldn't appreciate being treated that way. Additionally such behavior would not be becoming of a princess. She waited a while longer but no one came, and her eyelids kept dropping so she decided she should just go to sleep, It was apparent to her that no one else was going to be staying here. She changed into a nightgown, shut the lights and went to sleep.

End Part One