Title: Purely Physical

Author: Elli Cole

Rating: M—no squealing now.

Pairings: Sai x Sakura, Kakashi x Sakura

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. It all belongs to that person over there... -points at person sitting over there- I forgot who that is.

Summary: Sakura wanted an emotional relationship out of Sai but he just doesn't think he can handle it. So he thinks for an alternative: Purely physical. And what if Kakashi-sensei had other interests for Sakura as well? This isn't going to bode well.

Sequel to: Fragments of Ink

Chapter One

Ramen is Kinky

It had been a fortnight since they have last seen each other. He had been avoiding her purposely and had every bit of conscience not to get her hopes up. He had taken his time attending the trainings Kakashi-sensei had scheduled—since he came late every time—and hid from her in the darkest parts of the forest until Kakashi called him.

He would watch her from afar as she stood at the bridge alone, contemplating and thinking whilst Naruto sparred with an unsuspecting tree, its trunk oozed with thick red essence. He shook his head and rested himself on a strong branch, one of his legs dangled on the side. 'Pathetic,' he thought as he closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of musk and wood.

The sun's rays stung his skin as he moved to a more comfortable position. His eyes twitched as the heat penetrated his eye range of the training grounds. He grunted and sat up, obscenities escaping his lips as he jumped from the tree to the ground. He walked towards the pair, hands in his pant pockets and lips in his fake smile once again.

"Sai!" Naruto beamed at him as he neared. "Want to spar with me?"

At the mention of his name, he saw Sakura's head perk up and look at him with surprise in her eyes. He looked at her blankly with the curl of his lips and nodded at Naruto's direction.

"I think I shall," he murmured as he took his fighting stance. His shirt, as small and revealing it may seem, billowed across his body. Sakura hadn't seen him more delectable than before, she mused. She shook her head of the thought and frowned at herself.

Naruto smirked at him and got ready to pounce. Sai anticipated the move and dodged before Naruto could land a punch on his stomach. He let out a hollow chuckle and raised a brow at Naruto.

"Is that the best you can do, idiot?"

Naruto growled and jumped his hands in fists and continuously threw punches at Sai. He can only give out a yawn as he evaded them all. Naruto, his eyes ablaze with anger, had gritted his teeth and screamed. "Fall, why don't you?" He hissed.

Sai only gave him a small smile as he pulled out his brush and painted over Naruto's face. He chuckled as he finished his work. "You look pretty in pink, Naruto."

Naruto reddened and screeched ready to pounce once again when he was held back by a deep voice. "That's enough, you two."

Sakura in tow, Kakashi appeared in front of them, his one eye shifting to the two of them in the moment of silence. With book in hand, he walked past them and relaxed against the body of the tree, his eyes surveying the group. Particularly, his eyes lingered more on Sakura's form and he shook his head.

"Let's begin with your training."


"Did you see that, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked in hushed tones as they walked toward their favorite place. Sakura looked at him weirdly, her brows furrowed. "Kakashi-sensei!" He said, exasperated.

"What about him?" She questioned, walking side by side with her two teammates. Sai was listening to them as he played with his brush, twirling it between his nimble fingers.

"He was checking you out!" Naruto exclaimed, his mouth wide agape. "Didn't you see?"

Sai, annoyed, grunted and turned the brush to its end, stabbing it inside his pocket. Sakura was shocked but quickly laughed it off. She shook her hands in front of her face, her cheeks flushed. "Don't joke about stuff like that, Naruto. You must have seen it wrong."

Naruto shook his head. "No! You can even ask Sai! I think he saw it too!"

Sakura looked at him coyly but expected a reply as she looked at him. "Sai?"

"I haven't noticed," he said lowly. His heart was beating rather fast as he said this. Was he… wait, was he feeling something?

Sakura let out a strangled laugh and pointed at Naruto. "See? You were imagining things!"

Naruto grumbled under his breath and glared at Sai. "I know I wasn't. Sai is just too much of a wimp to admit it."

Sai stayed silent all the way to the restaurant.


Kakashi take a swift stroll in town, eyeing the three as they entered the restaurant nearby. His gaze took a more subtle stare towards the pink-haired woman squeezed beside his two other pupils. Yes, he had noticed her grow up into such a luscious and beautiful woman. He had also noticed that whenever he saw her, he fought the urge to ignore everything else around them and just please her in every way he can.

He closed his eyes as he pondered whether to appear in the restaurant and dine with them—resisting the urge to pounce on the woman of his ecchi dreams or wank himself off, alone while thinking of the woman of his ecchi dreams. He sighed, the latter seemed pretty tempting but as he looked at them laughing and her head thrown over her head, pink locks flying around, he knew what to do.

He ran across the street and entered a building, his eyes pointed at one direction. He neared them and smiled. "Yo!"

All three heads looked at him, their mouths full with noodles. Sakura looked quite lovely with that food in her mouth. If he could just dip down and capture that luscious mouth and suck the noodles out of her—

"What is it, Kakashi-sensei?" He heard Naruto ask.

He could only shake his head and asked, "May I join you this lovely evening?"

Sai raised a brow at him but scooted over—closer to Sakura and gave him the seat next to him. He sighed and plopped himself beside the dark-haired boy. This wasn't his plan. He was supposed to be beside her and not him! He ordered himself a bowl of ramen and watched across from his seat as she devoured the food in the bowl. A smile graced his lips.

Not bad.

She looked at him, her eyes wide as her mouth widened, taking in more of the noodles. Her cheeks reddened when she saw him staring at her, the last bit of the noodle slipping inside her puckered lips creating a plop sound. The soup stayed at her lips making it look shiny and wet and red

He smirked at her as she took a nervous gulp.

Not bad at all.


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