Title: A spring's tale

Author: Gil Feir (formerly known as MellonNinEstel)

Rating: R

Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas

Summary: Aragorn and Legolas fell in love. But how will Estel's family take it? And what will happen when jealously enters the stage?

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Series: Yes. This is the second story in the series and the sequel to A Winter's Tale.

Beta: Firith-Tindome (Many, many thanks, especially for finding all the weirdo typos)

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And so, peace and silence descended upon the valley of Imladris once more. Spring took a hold of the land and with it the tentative love between Aragorn and Legolas grew steadily stronger. Friendship and brotherhood was replaced with deeper emotions, and when spring slowly came to an end and summer send its first warm messengers into the valley, their love burned hot and brightly.

While family and friends accommodated to the situation and slowly felt their first tentative feelings vanish, only to be replaced by utter happiness for the two lovers, not all was as golden as it seemed. For there was one who could find no gladness in his heart that the two had found each other. One, who slowly turned from a trusted guard into a jealous enemy.

While he stayed in hiding, outside the valley, Lithdal tried to understand what had happened, what had made him raise his hand against the Prince, and the more he thought about it, the more he came to the conclusion that there was only one possible answer.

He was in love!

Dark hair as unruly as a summer storm, soft skin, not yet darkened by sun and weather, deep, grey eyes so sensual that he lost himself in them, lips as sweet as morning dew and a body, oh, a body as perfect as it could be. Strong and supple at the same time, young and tight. Yes, Lithdal came to the conclusion that he had fallen in love…with Estel. And in his mind, Estel was in love with him as well. The only thing that kept the young human from coming after him, from being with him, was Legolas.

And so, with time, the seed of jealousy and anger in Lithdal's heart grew and grew, and his love and desire for Estel swelled to unimaginable proportions. But, Lithdal knew, he could not act now, for he was not yet forgotten in Imladris. No, he would have to wait, until he was forgotten, before he would free Estel from the Prince, so that they could be together, for all eternity.

But, that is another story and shall be told another time.

First, follow our two star-crossed lovers into a new, hot adventure in "A Summer's Tale".


The End.

Yes, this story has found its end. But as you can see, there is a sequel in the planning. It will consist of 10 chapters and the first 2 are actually finished. My beta is looking them over right now. I will try to post the next story as soon as I can.

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