Exiled(?) in the North

Written by: Synzunea

Summary: Riza's on a mandatory vacation. To make sure she takes it, Roy Mustang will be sent with her.

Disclaimer: I do not own FMA. Nobody here does. If we did, we wouldn't be writing fan fiction now would we?

Chapter One

Auburn leaves drifted through the bitter late-November air; it was autumn. To be honest, autumn, rather than winter, is probably the opposite of spring. Spring is a time when new life sprouts and blossoms. Autumn is a time when life fades, slowly dissipating into nothing, although the opposite could be said for the air in the Fuhrer's office.

"I will not stand for this… this… insane idea!" Riza glared at the amused Colonel Roy Mustang, who stood right beside her. "Fuhrer, please say something!"

The Fuhrer then scanned through the papers in front of him and then he raised a finger as if he were going to say something.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye," He cleared his throat. "I believe you know the gravity of this situation."

"Of course I don't, sir! It's absolutely absurd!"

"Then, I approve of this insane idea." The Fuhrer grinned and signed the documents. "You have to do this, Miss Hawkeye."

"Sir-- He—I— … I can't do that!" Riza was practically hysterical.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye, I order you to go on a vacation. To make sure you do, I will send your superior officer, Roy Mustang, along with you."

"He's exiling me." Riza groaned as she looked out the train car's window.

The train they rode on wasn't exactly first class. It wasn't comfortable either and it shook constantly. Anyone who was prone to motion sickness shouldn't be riding a train such as this one at all.

"It's called vacation." Roy replied. "Thanks to you, he exiled—sent me with you and I have something important to do tonight."

"It's another date, isn't it?" The blonde's eyes turned into slits at this point.

The raven haired man remained in silence. He drew a book from his luggage and ignored his subordinate. Riza didn't mind, she knew that he was always like that.

Roy noticed the lieutenant's curious stares at the book. Roy smirked and closed his book.

"It's called 'Winds of Autumn'," He said, pointing at the book's spine. "The author's Ardelvine di'Larali"

"I've never heard of her." She replied with absolutely no interest.

Roy was taken aback by her retort and put the book away. Riza looked out the window again and realized that the scenery no longer had a picture of a peaceful countryside. There was snow everywhere. It was quite evident that they were in the Northern region by now.

Still, Riza hoped it was all just a delusion and she screamed.

"What…! Where the hell are we?!"

Without warning she stood up and was thrown off balance by the constant movement of the train. Fate is such a playful force and unfortunately for Riza, fate literally dropped her on Roy.

"First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye," Roy yelped. "Have you been putting on some weight lately?"

Riza frowned at the raven haired man and returned to her seat. Roy was laughing. She disliked his sense of humor and she disliked snowy regions. There's no actual reason but she wasn't very fond of them both.

"Why are we going to the North?" Riza sulked. The train shook again.

"That's where you're being 'exiled'." The colonel laughed again, he always found his own jokes funny. "We're staying there until Christmas!"

"…Why?" She repeated and it was obvious that she wasn't happy to stay with that insane psycho for a month.

"Well," Roy's tone became rather serious. "The Fuhrer said that you were overworking too much. And he said that you're getting the papers done wrong because you're tired."

"I told him and I told you: I am not--"

The flame alchemist showed her one of the papers she allegedly signed wrong. On the blank where her signature was supposed to be was a squiggly 'Riza'. Although some signatures are squiggles, this one was definitely not a signature.

"Oh," was all Riza could say in reply… at first. "That's just one measly little paper! It doesn't really prove anything…"

Roy could probably tell she was going to say that. In response, he held up eight other papers with squiggly 'Rizas' and unfinished scribbles on the paper.

The blonde sharpshooter didn't bother to say anything anymore.

'This isn't going to be a pleasant vacation.' Riza grimaced at that thought.

She was absolutely annoyed and embarrassed, and for the entire trip, she held back the urge to throw Roy Mustang out the train's window.

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