Exiled(?) in the North

Written by: Synzunea

Summary: Riza's on a mandatory vacation. To make sure she takes it, Roy Mustang will be sent with her.

Disclaimer: I do not own FMA. Nobody here does. If we did, we wouldn't be writing fan fiction now would we?

Feritte wasn't a very popular tourist spot in Amestris. In fact, the town was named after a lonely nymph from a myth told in the same region. However, those who have been to Feritte know that the inn, wherein Roy and Riza had stayed, captures the one of most beautiful sunrise scenes in the North.

A sparkling ray of sunlight entered the pair's room, shining upon Roy's face, and as he turned to his side, he sees a sleeping blonde woman, resting upon his shoulder. This resting angelic figure was so… so… Oh how could he describe this celestial being? Yet, something is strangely familiar with this goddess…

"Good morning, colonel," she greeted as her eyes opened, stretching her arms and yawning.

"…Riza?" He was so surprised that he hadn't noticed that he used her first name.

"Eh?" She blinked innocently and wrapped herself with the blanket.

"… Hawkeye, did we--"

"NO." Riza had cut him off before he had said anything more. "Relax colonel, nothing happened."

"That's what they always say," Roy pointed at the calm lieutenant. "I bet you secretly liked me all this time and you used this opportunity to take advantage of me!"

"Unbelievable, you actually think that I would sink that low!" she gasped incredulously.

"But that means that you do like me," Roy grinned teasingly.

At this point Riza threw the blanket at her superior. She exits the room and just before she closes the door she glares at him.

"I'm going for a bath," She announced. "Call me when you're sane."

With this she slams the door. Roy merely stared at the poor door and listened to Riza's footsteps fade as she went down the hall. Then he heard them getting louder again and she swung the door open. She entered the room and claimed some of her belongings.

"I forgot my clothes," the sharpshooter said embarrassingly before she shut the door once again.

"…Yeah, she's got the hots for me." He said to himself with an arrogant smirk.

There's nothing like a nice hot shower, it cleanses your mind and your body. Riza Hawkeye sighed as Roy's face flashed in her mind. 'I bet you secretly liked me all this time and you used this opportunity to take advantage of me!'

The blonde lifted up her head as the water gently patted against her skin. "…The colonel is such an idiot…he thinks every woman on the face of the planet swoons at the sight of him!"

Then there came a knock on the bathroom door.

"Darling, don't take all day, we still have to explore Feritte!" said the colonel in a singsong voice.

"Oh 'Darling' my ass, colonel," Riza growled as she threw the bar of soap at the door.

"What was that she said, Roy dear?" Asked the innkeeper from the previous night

"She said that she wanted some bass for breakfast and don't burn it. My sweetheart likes it just right, Mrs. Corham."

The blonde cringed as she heard that pet name. Still, she listened to their conversation with intent.

"No problem, bass is my specialty. Oh, are you two on your honeymoon?"

"Why yes, we are. In fact, could I ask something from you…? It's…."

Riza could only gasp. Of all the lies Roy Mustang could make up, he always to picked the ones wherein they were a couple. What was he about to say, though? Ah, the door's too thick… Riza tried to listen but to no avail. In the end, she only heard…

"Thanks, ma'am. I appreciate it." The flame alchemist replied cheerfully.

The 'couple' trudged happily on the pure white snow… well Roy anyway. Roy wasn't a fan of rain, but he liked snow. He held his map against the sunlight and showed Riza something he found interesting.

"Feritte Park," She read blankly, and then eyed her superior curiously. "Where'd you get this map? This isn't even a major tourist spot."

"The Fuhrer gave it to me," Roy stuck his tongue out at Riza. "Along with those files you signed wrong."

Riza glared at the mere mention of the files that forced her to go on this... this... exile.

"I heard that the park was a great place to spend the day in." He replied in a friendly manner, rather than in a silly tone.


"It's 'sweetheart' not 'colonel'," The raven-haired man corrected.

"Sweetheart," Riza managed to utter this word. "Are you asking me on a date?"

"Of course," He smirked. "I'm your husband, am I not?"

Of course, Roy was thrilled by her reaction as he teased her. Riza flushed red and kept silent as they walked past the quaint little houses of Feritte Town.

"Quite empty, this town is." Roy murmured to himself suspiciously.

"Eh? What?"

Before the blonde could be answered, they found themselves standing before what could only be described as magnificent.

Riza's eyes widened in astonishment; it was Feritte Park, the park itself was indescribable and there were children running around with glee and adults in the midst of celebration. Yet this wasn't a very loud celebration, it was almost as if the citizens of the town were a close-knit family having a nice conversation.

"Roy dear, Riza dear!" Mrs. Corham came running towards the two, laughing and giggling as she grabbed the pair's hands. "Ohh, how silly of me! I forgot to tell you both that today is a special day!"

The confused couple followed the elderly superintendent as she pulled the both of them to one of the benches in the park and made them sit down. Then she offered them all sorts of confectionery sweets and then excitedly giggles some more.

"Today," she began eagerly, "is The Special Day."

"…Err… Feritte was founded?" Riza squeaked.

"Heavens, no, that's a boring occasion. This day is called The Special Day… well because this is the day people get to be happy for no reason! Everyone in town looks forward to this day!"

"Well that sounds dumb," Roy whispered to Riza.

The lieutenant elbowed her superior in the ribs for that cruel comment and smiled to give him the satisfaction of knowing that she was rather amused.

"Raine," Mrs. Corham shouted all of the sudden.

"…Rain?" The couple said in unison.

"No, no, no. Raine is my daughter." The lady smiled. "Raine, come here!"

From the crowd stepped forth a lovely girl in her mid-twenties. Her silver hair flowed gracefully and her eyes shimmered with the shade of aquamarine. She was very attractive and it is often thought that she shared the beauty of the nymph Feritte.

Unfortunately, Roy's obvious reaction to her elegance would have endangered the duo's status as a married couple if Riza hadn't stuffed his wide-open mouth with a brownie.

The flame alchemist, nearly choking with his mouth full, gave a puzzled look to his "wife" and inched away from her.

"Want another brownie, darling?" The sharpshooter asked as she flashed him a gun hidden in her coat.

Roy merely shook his head as he returned to his original spot, Riza smiled and nodded at his obedience.

"I've heard a lot about the both of you," Raine said in a soft melodic voice "especially about Mr. Mustang. I've been told that he's quite the alchemist."

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