By ErikaHK

Summary: The team finds themselves on the hands of dangerous arm dealers. Whumping, team fic, angst, rated T for torture. Spoilers for up to season three Common Ground.

Disclaimer: Stargate and all its related characters are property of MGM Television Entertainment. No infringement of rights is meant or implied.

Chapter 1

Him and his damn self-sacrificing tendencies. Dr. Rodney McKay ran back to the stargate thinking why everything was always like this. How could he think that it would be a good idea? To trust those people? They are arm dealers! He had yelled at Sheppard, but the pilot decided to simply ignore his remark and surrender. Guess what happened? They didn't keep their word. Surprise, surprise. Now he was the only member of the team that was not on the hands of the bad guys.

He had too many scratches on his arms and face to count and hurried on the heavily wooded area gaining more of them every second. His breathing was heavy and his mind raced to keep up with his legs. Rodney never looked back and forced himself into continuing forward.

He hated these wooded planets. They never allowed the use of a jumper that could make the job a lot easier. He didn't even know why they had to go so far away from the stargate in the first place. This planet had every sign of being uninhabited, starting with the fact that there wasn't one single recent trail going to any direction from the 'gate. It's only some stupid planet. He just hoped he was going into the right direction.

As he moved trough the dim forest, branches snapped and dry leaves on the ground jumped. He looked ahead trying to remember the vegetation of the place they passed earlier. It was all so alike. The same bushes and trees everywhere. He grimaced in frustration. Ronon's skill could come in handy right now. He stopped and looked around in a full circle. He was running for several minutes already and yet no sign of the 'gate. His face registered the confusion, frustration and horror as he realized he had no idea where he was or even the direction he was following. He was lost.

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard spat the blood on the ground where he stood on his hands and knees staring at the dirt, his fingers carving it angrily. He looked up at his captor as two other men held him up holding his arms.

Another blow came. This time to his stomach, making him breathless for several seconds. Just as he recovered, another one came stronger. He fell to his knees and found himself gasping for air, feeling the twist on his guts.

He raised his head and stared the tormentor with a feral look on his eyes as he got a glimpse of Ronon and Teyla laying unconscious nearby. The tall man stared right back at him with a cold expression on his face. He had a big build, lots of scars, blond hair to his shoulders and strong features.

"You will tell me where you got these." He jolted his head to the weapons lying on the ground beside him.

Sheppard remained silent eyeing the blond man fiercely. The man smirked and moved to kick his gut. John's attempt to evade failed and the two men were still holding him tight. It struck him again on the same spot as before and he could sense the bruise that was formed making the blow more painful. He bit his lips struggling not to grunt.

"This is your last chance to do this on the friendly way." He cocked the whip tied to his belt, eyeing Sheppard menacingly.

"Go to hell." Sheppard answered returning the gaze.

The man laughed. He approached John's face and his nose was only an inch away from his.

"You will get there first." He jerked at the two men holding him. "Take him."

John was practically dragged away by the pairs of strong arms then tossed inside a small wooden cabin. He hit the opposite wall and turned in time to see them scowling at him and close the door. After they left, he held a hand against the bruise on his abdomen wincing at the bad decision.

He looked around the cabin searching for weaknesses. He patted the walls and realized they were built of strong wood that came from the forest around them. He sat down at the floor also made of the logs indigenous to that planet and leaned his head behind him.

He was right after all. There were people there hiding from them. Maybe he should have just gone back after two hours of search without results, but Ronon was adamant he knew this place. He had decided to trust the runner and follow him. He just wanted to know why the Satedan lied to him about these people. He was hiding something. It looked like he had a grudge against these dealers. Ronon with a grudge was always dangerous.

He got up and began pacing. He was worried about Ronon's and Teyla's condition. He didn't have a good look at them, but they looked simply knocked out. He peaked outside using a small gap between the edge of the door and the wall, but all he saw was the back of a guard standing. He paced again. The room was so small that it only took three steps to reach the opposite side. He was growing impatient as the time passed slower then ever. Did Rodney make it back to the 'gate? The scientist could get lost easily in these woods. He stopped with hands on his hips and looked up sighing.

John decided to sit down again. These guys were really good. There was no sign of any kind of trail coming from the stargate to the camp and if they were arm dealers, they should make visits off world frequently. The situation wasn't promising for them. The leader was a cold bastard as he was able to ascertain during their short encounter. There were a lot of guards everywhere; at least thirty. He was sure that lots of torture would come soon and they wouldn't be pleasant.

A rescue mission would have to be conducted on foot, because there was no way a jumper could be used and the Daedalus was two weeks away. And there was a lot of ground to cover. If Rodney made it back it would still take time to organize a rescue operation against the camp, if the scientist would even be able to remember his way back.

Teyla heard a murmur close to her ear. She was almost sure it was directed at her. She started to feel her body again and realized that her head was dropping to her chest. She tried to move her body but couldn't. She slowly opened her eyes and raised her head focusing her vision on the blurry figure standing before her. The man smiled coldly and measured her body. Her expression changed from confusion to irritation as she absorbed her surroundings and the blond man.

She looked down at herself. She was tied to a chair with her arms and legs wrapped tightly into its frame by ropes that burned her skin. The Athosian observed around her two more armed men and a table containing all of their equipment. The room as big, made of wooden logs without any windows and only a small door on the opposite side.

Her gaze returned to the man in front of her. He seemed to enjoy the control he had over her and touched her face with his fingers and slid them down her cheeks to her neck, lifting her face. She took her face away from him with fury on her eyes.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Where are there more of these?" The man asked in return glancing at the table.

"I demand to know what you have done with the others." Teyla kept a commanding voice.

The man looked down at her and started circling the chair. His hands were close to her body but didn't touch her. He got past her back slowly and suddenly placed a knife on her neck, pulling her hair violently. She was startled and her breathing increased. She rapidly managed to control it again; she was not going to amuse her captor.

"I know that you came from the city if the Ancestors." He spoke into her ear in a loud whisper. "I know that you have advanced technology. You will tell me now how to get it." He pulled her hair harder and forced the knife stronger into her neck making a small cut.

"I will not tell you. You will have to kill me." Teyla spoke keeping her same stance.

He released her hair and placed the knife on her shoulder forcing it down her arm, making a long cut all the way down to her wrists visible as a long and thin line of blood. She forced herself to keep still and not wince, not even close her eyes as the blade slashed her skin, burning her arm.

He looked back at her face coldly cleaning the knife on his trousers. He stared at her and she kept the eye contact. They read through each other for a few seconds then he approached her face and narrowed his eyes.

"You really want to keep this up?"

She remained serious and quiet, without ever breaking eye contact.

"This is your choice then." The man turned and left.

Ronon came back awake slowly feeling sluggish. He hated wraith stunners. He forced himself upwards and leaned against a wall looking around. He was on a small wooden cabin made of logs on the walls, roof and floor, alone. He wasn't bound and that gave him a sense of concern. That meant that the captors were confident that he wouldn't be able to escape. He got up and walked to the door. He slammed it with his hands and felt the strong resistance of the wood. He couldn't look outside, but was sure that there was someone standing guard. He grunted in frustration and sat down again.

He should have been more careful, but he really didn't expect them to still be here. The team was captured because of him, because he was reckless. He betrayed Sheppard's trust when he said there could be a way to make a deal. After all he owned the colonel he decided to lie just to get his revenge. But he had to solve this. He had to kill Freyr.