Here we go! My first crack at a fanficton (that I'm going to constantly update)! I decided to put this in to make my fanfiction look more...I don't know...proffessional? Also Adding the chapter titiles inside the chater. Anyway enjoy my first serious fanfiction, Reality of Time


Chapter 1: New Beginnings

'Ugh my head.' I thought as I strained to open my eyes. 'What happened?' I wondered. 'All I remember was playing Zelda and then some flash of light and then...a massive headache.' I got up and shook my head. I rubbed my eyes and then blinked. Since when were my hands such a light color. I stood up and felt my feet encased in some type of leather boot halfway up my shin. "Wasn't I wearing sneakers?" I said aloud. My eyes widened. That...did not sound like my voice. "Hello...I'm Ivan...what the...?"

Each word that came out of his mouth was different. At a slightly higher pitch than normal. I looked down and saw I was in some type of short-sleeved green suit. I felt some thing on my head, keeping it warm. I assumed it was some type of cap. I looked around at my surroundings.

It seemed I was in some type of primitive hut. There was a large water bowl for washing up, a sawed-in-half log for some type of seat and some curtains for a door. A wooden dresser had a mirror atop it. I opened the drawers and saw the same thing: green suits, green suits and more green suits. I was really confused. "I must be getting set up like one of those public prank shows with hidden cameras."

I looked around and said in a loud voice "Okay, whatever you are, Hi jinx or America's-Funnies-Setups, I figured it out you can come out now." Silence met my speech. "Well...they couldn't have changed my voice without a microphone or something but I don't-" As I was looking in the mirror to check for some type of microphone I froze.

I looked at my image. I touched the mirror, feeling glass and I touched my face. It was white with a slight tan on it. All of my skin was like that. I was supposed to have chestnut brown skin not pale, tanned skin. More than that my eyes were blue, deep blue. I have dark brown-black eyes. I also had a mop of blonde hair with a few tufts sticking out from under my cap. 'It must be fake.' I thought. I yanked at some hanging strands and gave a small yelp when I felt the pain. It was my real hair! I looked just it couldn't be...but...maybe...

Suddenly something bright blue crashed right into his face, surprising me and causing me to step back and trip so I fell right on my butt. I grabbed whatever it was that had hit my face and saw it was a formless little ball of light with two large wings and two smaller wings.

"Hello." said the light ball. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just play the Zelda games but now...I'm in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The light ball floated around in front of my face and tapped my cheek. "Hello. I'm Navi. The Great Deku Tree has summoned you, Link."

I shook my head and said

"Um...okay let's go." I went out and looked around at the Kokiri village. It was so different than it was on the N64. Everything looked so alive and...and... real not the blocky graphics I saw on the screen.

'So at this point, Saria should be running to my house right on cue.' I thought. I looked down but no one was there. I looked up and around but saw no Saria. 'Weird...well this is now I guess it can't go EXACTLY to gaming schedule.' I climbed down the ladder and then when I was down the first few rungs I let go and fell to the ground, just like I would do in the game. Good ol' earth rushed up to meet me at an alarming rate and I let out a shout. I hit the ground feet first and the force shoved me onto my back. "Ow..." I said.

I sat up and rubbed my head. That had hurt! It seems just because it was a game world didn't mean it was pain-free. Navi flew in front of my face, startling me.

"Why did you do that?! You could have really hurt yourself!" she shouted.

"Sorry Navi. I didn't mean to drop" I said. Navi gave him what he assumed was a fairy glare and then she huffed.

"Fine but be more careful next time." said Navi. I got up and started to head to the back of the village. "Hey, where're you going, Link? The great Deku Tree needs to see you...remember!" I kept going and hoped Navi would just follow me. She did follow me but when she got close to me she said "Link...Link...LINK!!!" I started and said

"Don't worry Navi I know what I'm doing. Trust me." Navi crashed into the side of my head.

"Ow. What was that for?" I said.

"Don't act like a pompous know-it-all Link. You are just a simple kokiri boy who has never left the forest while I'm the personal fairy to one of the oldest and wisest spirits in the land. So get over yourself and listen to me!" she shouted. I grumbled but complied. "Now, come with me." she said. Navi flew in the general direction of the Deku Tree hollow and I followed. I looked around the village and saw that all was not as it was in the game. That guy, outside Saria's house, was actually pulling the grass from the ground (albeit at a slow pace) and I saw kokiri doing other stuff like playing around and going into buildings and stuff.

I got so distracted by the drastic difference I almost lost sight of Navi but I noticed in time and ran to catch up with her. We came to the path to the Deku Tree. And in our way was a familiar, unwelcome face. "Mido." I said with contempt.