Here it is, Chapter 9 of Reality of Time where Link is captured by Lizalfos

Here it is, Chapter 9 of Reality of Time where Link is captured by Lizalfos.

Oh and incase I forgot to mention, from what I remember Orian (his young self or adult self) doesn't have back legs. He just has his forepaws and the rest of his body flowing to his tail. Now for now this is true but this is subject to change throughout the story at my discretion.


Chapter 9: The Lizalfos Plight

Ivan stared in horror at the bulging, reptilian eyes of the lizalfo who stood over him. He yelped and sprang up reaching for his sword and shield but grabbed nothing but air. Instantly two lizalfos held him down, one restraining his upper body and the other restraining his lower body. Ivan continued to struggle and the lizalfo who had spoken said

"Your struggle is uselessssss boy. Now ssstop struggling or we might be inclined to…forccccefully restrain you." Said the lizalfo. Reluctantly Ivan stopped and he glared at the lizalfo speaking to him.

"Where are my friends?!" he shouted. The lizalfo didn't flinch at his smoldering gaze and merely lifted a clawed, scaly hand to point to the left. Ivan looked and saw Nik lying on a slab of stone, covered with a blanket and he had a towel over his forehead. Orian was chained by his forepaws and tail to a stone pillar near where Nik lay. Ivan then gave the place they were in a once over.

They were in some sort of damp cave if the humidity was to be believed. The walls were stone grey and stalactites hung from a ceiling about twenty feet above them. Torches hung in hollows in the wall lighting the cave with their flickering orange light. He and Nik were on stone slabs appearing to be imitations of beds. The slab was raised about a foot off the ground and, off to the side, there was a table with several bottles of what looked like medicine. They were in varying shades but each originated from red, blue or green. There was an open doorway near the table.

There were half a dozen lizalfos in the room. They were about 5 feet tall and stood with a small hunch to their backs, like their spines were curved. Most of their skin was composed of dark green scales but their stomachs and the underside of their necks were a pale, creamy color. They had large reptilian eyes but they were able to blink. They looked like regular lizards albeit they stood on two legs, were 5 feet tall and, to Ivan's surprise, they wore clothes. Two had dark red scarfs on their necks and the regular armor of the lizalfo. They had short swords sheathed at their waists and shields strapped to their left wrists. The two armored lizalfos were the ones holding him down. Three of the lizalfo had dark red tunics on and the accompanying hat was used as a scarf. The last lizalfo, the one who had spoken to Link, wore a dark red robe and held a staff made of wood with a gnarled, contorted root topping it. His eyes, despite their reptilian nature, held a deep powerful wisdom.

"Where are we?" asked Ivan, looking at the lizalfo in front of him. He said

"You are in Lizard's Cove, human." At Ivan's clueless face he said "A cavern branching from the Goron Nature Mines." Ivan still didn't know where he was and the lizalfo said "The Goron Nature Mines are near Goron City, boy. Surely you must know where that is." Ivan nodded and then said

"Do you mean Dodongo's Cavern?" he asked. The lizalfo raised a nonexistent eyebrow.

"I believe it could be called that now that the dodongosssss are appearing in it with ever growing numbersss."

"So why have you kidnapped me and my friends?" asked Ivan angrily. The robed lizalfo gave a half smile and said

"I have not kidnapped you. We found you near the entrance to Goron city. You had collapsed, apparently, and your friend was ssssuffering from heatsssstroke. The dragon attacked us to defend you so we were forced to restrain it. We then brought you here and treated your woundsss. You are free to go whenever you like, as long as you swear not to attack usssss." Ivan hesitated but he nodded and placed his hand on his heart.

"I swear to not attack you or any other lizalfos within Lizard's Cove." Said Ivan. The robed lizalfo nodded at the two armed lizalfos and they got up off of him.

"Bring the boy his weaponssss." Said the robed lizalfo to one of the tunic wearing ones. The lizard nodded and scampered off, soon returning with the kokiri sword and the forest axe. The deku shields were strapped to his arms and he placed them all down in front of Ivan, who had stood up off of the "bed". He strapped the shield and sword to his back and walked over to Orian. He petted him on the head and Orian cooed in pleasure. Ivan turned to the robed lizalfo.

"So when is my friend going to wake up?" he asked.

"He sssssshall be up within a few moments." Said the lizalfo. "Oh and by the way, my name issssss Odaner, head of the lizalfossssss tribe." Ivan nodded and he smiled.

"I thought all lizalfos were evil creatures but I guess I was wrong." The lizalfo nodded.

"Indeed you were. The lizalfossssss people are quite peacccceful but recently more and more of our tribe have been taken and controlled by the dark one. We have had to defend ourselves against countless attacks by our former lizalfosssss brethren. It breaks our hearts when we are forcccced to kill them." Said Odaner. Ivan nodded sadly. Suddenly Nik started stirring and mumbling. Orian perked his head up and cooed at Ivan. Ivan rubbed his head affectionately and for once Orian didn't bite him.

"N...Ni..." Ivan's eyes widened as he heard the sounds coming from Orian's mouth. "Nik...I...Iv...Ivan..." said Orian with a happy innocent expression. Ivan gave him a wide grin and rubbed his head more.

"Your first words huh Orian? Now we just gotta get you forming them into sentences and you'll be as intelligent as a human." said Ivan. Then Ivan got up and checked Nik over. It appeared that the lizalfos had done a good job taking care of him. His heatstroke was gone and he appeared to just be resting. Ivan shook him gently and soon Nik's eyes slowly opened. Then his eyes widened when he took in the lizards around him and the dank cave he was in. He sprang up with a yelp and spun around to face the lizalfos and he too reached for his weapons but found them missing. Ivan grabbed Nik's arm and Nik looked at Ivan with a questioning raised eyebrow.

Ivan explained to his friend what had happened and Nik relaxed. Then he said

"'s strange but I believe you Ivan. And now, Odaner, can you release our dragon friend?" asked Nik. Odaner nodded and he waved his hand in front of him. The manacles on the prolixoriens dragon's paws and tail snapped in half and the two not-quite-kokiri boys looked in awe at the snapped chains and cuffs.

"How did you do that?" asked Ivan.

"It issssss a gift from the goddessssssssessss that I was born with. I am a mage." Said Odaner.

"Cool." Said Nik with a whistle. He picked up his axe and shield and strapped them to his back. He whistled and Orian sprang up and clung onto his back. "Now how do we get out of here?" he asked Odaner.

"I will let one of my people show you the way." The lizalfo snapped his claws and an armored lizalfo came to the door. "Please escort these young humansssss to the exit." The lizalfo nodded and he gestured for the boys to follow him. The lizardman led them through several winding stone passages through which the heroes glimpsed the life of the lizalfos. They saw combat training, potion brewing, cloth weaving and even, school. Soon though the lizalfo lead them to a giant stone wheel set in as a door. Two more armed lizalfos stood at attention.

Their escort let out a series of high pitched chirping sounds that Ivan and Nik were familiar with. The two guards nodded and together, they rolled back the wheel, showing that Lizard's Cove was concealed in a wall below the skull of the Giant Dodongo. Their escort took them as far as the entrance and then he gave a small bow.

"Here isssss the exit, humanssss. There isss a large boulder blocking the way out but there are gaps wide enough for you two to get through. Now go and never reveal what happened here except with the goronssssss. If you betray ussssss, we will hunt you down to the ends of the earth and eviscerate you." Hissed out the lizard. He then left without another word and as soon as he had entered the door to Lizard's Cove, the wheel rolled back revealing the outside had been painted to an almost exact replica of the stone walls surrounding it. Nik looked at Ivan and grinned.

"Well, now that that's over with. Let's go meet the gorons." Said Nik. Ivan nodded and the three friends walked in the long tunnel encompassing the entrance to the cavern. They saw the gap the lizalfo had talked about and with some careful maneuvering the three of them were able to fit out of it. Then they walked the last few hundred meters to the Goron's City. They looked at each other and nodded and they entered. Orian, this time, wrapped upon Ivan's torso.


There we go, chapter 9 done! Sorry it was so short but I thought the goron city and the lizalfo stuff deserved separate chapters. Anyway R & R (and for the non fanfiction-savvy that means read and review)