A/N: Well...I am going to be finishing up "Free Lex" next week...which made me sad that I wouldn't have a JasLexis story...and then this story popped in my head begging me to write it...I hope you enjoy. Lex fans...the first chapter has no Alexis, but sets up the story...the second chapter is all Alexis..and then Alexis and Jason.

Background info: Alexis' cancer went in remission early April. I think everything else is explained in the first chapter.

The plane touched down shortly after midnight...he could have called the jet, but instead he jumped on the first plane when he read the e-mail from Emily. His son was to be born that day...and he knew it was time to come home.

Things had changed drastically for Jason Morgan... starting that day in March when Sam announced she was leaving...for good this time. He could remember the conversation.


"I don't want to hold on anymore because neither one of us wants to be the one to end it..." she said tears pooling in her eyes.

He made a move to stop her, "Sam"

She just shook her head, "don't...don't ask me to stay...because I will...and we will be right back to where we started"


"Jason...don't...just follow your heart" she said before the door slammed shut.

A part of him had wanted to fight her, but he saw the fight had left her eyes...and if he admitted to himself it had been over for awhile...both of them going through the motions...him keeping his child a secret had weighed heavily on his soul...so he watched her go...one last kiss on the cheek and she was on the next plane to New York to pursue the life in the light.

The next day Liz couriered an ultrasound photo. After he asked Spinelli to hack into the hospital's mainframe. This was where he found out that he was having a son...and so he decided to follow his heart...and his heart led him to Greystone mansion...


"Jason, I didn't know you were stopping by" Sonny said looking up from some papers.

He hung his head low not being able to look at him.

"Everything okay?" the older man said taking notice.

As he shook his head he finally spoke, "No...there is something I am going to tell you...that you are not going to like, but I have to"

Sonny's brow furrowed deeply as he motioned for Jason to continue, "I need out Sonny...out of the mob..."

"Why, did Sam? Is it this TV show?"

"No Sonny...Sam is gone...it's just...I can't do this...I can't keep putting everyone I love in danger" he said his mind specifically on ten little tiny toes that he loved already more than life itself.

Sonny looked stunned, "Jason, you...I mean this is sort of a surprise"

"Things have changed..." he said not knowing how much to reveal to the man.

When he looked at him even more confused Jason decided to reveal his secret; knowing he could turst him, "what I am about to tell you...no one can know..."

He shook his head in the affirmative and Jason continued, "Elizabeth's baby is mine"

All the color drained from Sonny's face, "what" he questioned.

Jason pulled the tattered paper out of his pocket and thrust it towards Sonny, "During the hostage thing; she told me...and then asked me to let her and Lucky raise it...that my baby would be safe and have a real family...I said okay...but I can't...I love this child...and I can't just let him go"


"I had Spinelli hack into the hospital's records...that's where I got that...I don't even think Liz and Lucky know it is a boy...and that is why I need out...I need to be able to tell Elizabeth our child will be safe...and I need to know that it is true"

Sonny let the words sink in, and he nodded, "you know something like this will take time"

Jason nodded, "I am prepared to leave town...for as long as it takes"

They discussed formalities and as Jason went to leave Sonny stopped him, "know...that you will always be my brother"

He patted him on the back, "thank you Sonny" he said before leaving.

Exactly three days ago he had received the call from Port Charles saying that it was finished. He had come to Paris and wound up on Brenda's doorstep. He couldn't explain it, but having her there to spill his secrets to made sense...someone close enough to Port Charles to understand, but far enough for anonymity. He would have stayed longer, but Emily had insisted they email each other while he was gone...and when he received hers informing him that they were on transit to the hospital where Liz was in labor he was on the first flight back. He hailed down the first cab in sight and rushed to General Hospital. As he came through the doors he saw Emily in tears.

"Em, what's the matter" he said feeling in his gut that something was wrong.

She threw herself in her brother's arms, "oh Jase"

As soon as she calmed they sat down, "Elizabeth gave birth...but there were complications and she hemorrhaged...she is in a coma right now...Lucky is falling apart"

Jason felt like he was going to throw up, "and the baby" he asked his voice above a mere whisper.

That was the only thing that made Emily smile through her tears, "Little Lucas Lorenzo Spencer the third...he is perfect Jason...he has dark hair and the clearest blue eyes...like Laura's"

He felt the blood in his body drain as he heard the babies name...and the fact that there eyes were like Laura's...that is what Lulu had said about his eyes...that they were just like Laura's.

"I gotta go, keep me updated" he said before rushing into the elevator; struggling to breathe. Instead of going down; he pushed the button to the maternity floor...he walked to the nursery window and looked in. Sure enough in the front row Baby Boy Spencer lay...he watched as his child slept. He hated to tear himself away but he had someplace to go...and he wound up in the ICU...he walked towards Liz's room where Robin was checking her vitals.

"Hey" she whispered coming towards him.

Jason felt the tears in his eyes as Robin came to him, "you can see her for a couple minutes if you like...she is stable" she said before walking towards the door.

Before she could Jason's hand was on her arm and when she turned to him he spoke, "I'm sorry" he said looking into the eyes of his first love.

"For what?" she asked confused.

In a moment he was back on the bridge saying the worst things, "for everything..." he whispered.

She felt the water pool in her eyes and she hugged him before pulling back to look into his eyes, "all is forgiven...and I'm sorry too" she said before wiping the lone tear that rested on his cheek.

As he watched her go he slowly turned to the woman who lied in the bed. She looked so tiny her dark hair pasted upon the white of the sheets...her normally glowing skin a pasty white with sickness.

He came to her bed and took her hand, "I came once I heard that you were giving birth to our son...I'm sorry I didn't make it in time...and I'm sorry that I have to do this...but I love our child, I love him so much...and I hope you can forgive me" he said before turning around and walking out.

For a while he simply wandered around Port Charles...sitting on the docks for a long time listening the wind blow around. He needed guidance...he needed to know what the right thing to do was. Was he supposed to go tell Lucky now...or wait for Liz to awaken...and what if she didn't...he sat and let Sam's words play in his head...and he went down to the Penthouse.

Spinelli and Lulu were sitting on his couch...he could tell Lulu had been crying.

"Stone Cold, you're back" Spin said as he walked through the door.

Lulu's bloodshot eyes came upon him, and in one moment she realized, "No Jason...please, not right now" she begged.

He just stared at her almost willing his eyes to give her the apology she needed. She felt it and she ran with Spinelli's mouth hung open.

"Dude, what did you just do to the blond one?" he asked in disbelief.

Jason hung his head, "I came back for my son"

"Oh" Spinelli said covering his mouth no goofy response.

A moment of silence lingered, "Stone Cold sir...not to sound negatory...but how do you plan on getting little Stone cold back...you had me destroy all the evidence"

Jason sat down and ran his fingers through his hair...there was no way he was giving up now. Spinelli walked out in hopes to find his fair blond one.

Lulu Spencer ran, ran to the first place she thought of. Sure enough Dillon was watching an old black and white movie in the screening room at the Quartermaine mansion.

"Do you trust me" she asked out of breath, tear tracks still staining her face.

He looked at her, "Lu, what's wrong?"

"Do you trust me?" she asked again more intensity in her voice than before.

"Yeah of course I trust you now tell me-"

She cut him off, "run away with me"

In an instant he made a decision, "okay"

Five minutes later they were on the road; headed somewhere warm. They hadn't talked much, but from the look on Lulu's face Dillon had a feeling that after this day nothing would be the same.

Spinelli had come back in an hour later looking defeated, "Dude, Stone Cold...the blond one...she has flown the coop" he said handing him a note that simply said sorry and her name.

Jason felt defeated...Lulu was the only person who knew the truth besides him and Spinelli...who as much as he was willing to help wasn't exactly a reliable witness.

After he went to the memory box in the closet...he pulled out the ultrasound picture...and he looked at it. And he thought...thought of what was best for his son. It was then he made the decision. There was one person he knew could help him...he didn't know if she would...but he wouldn't give up without a fight...and in a fight like this she was the best person to have on his side. So he grabbed his trademark leather jacket, hopped on his bike and headed to the other side of town.