Soldiers of God



Dean knows why the yellow eyed Demon wants Sam!

A one-shot - Dean's take on why the Demon wants Sam

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In the hills outside Denver the dawn was just now rising over the mountains. It was quiet and peaceful with only the chirping of the birds to keep him company.

He sat on the edge of the cliff his knees draw up to his chest protectively. A shotgun loaded with rock salt lay beside him. The Glock tucked into the waist of his pants at the small of his back held a magazine filled with silver bullets.

Turning his head to the side his eyes softened as he looked at the sleeping form of his brother tucked into his sleeping bag.

His father had charged him with protecting his brother and he would do it even if it meant giving up his own life. Sammy didn't deserve what this life had dealt him. His soul once pure and innocent was now marred by death and destruction. Memories and visions haunted him, and all Dean could do was be there for him, help him if he needed it, support him and protect him.

Weeks after their dad had died their whole world had gone off kilter. Sam and Dean had become the hunted, not just by the demon but by other hunters as well. They didn't understand but they desperately needed to know what was happening to them.

It had taken him weeks to unlock the Demons' secret.

The Demon wanted, no needed the psychics to wage his war. So far he had managed to turn a few of the more weak minded of them to his side. They had given themselves over to the dark side and now they were dead. Unlike Sam they had no one to protect them, support them or care for them.

Twenty plus years ago the gauntlet had been thrown down. John and Dean Winchester had picked it up and run with it. Dean knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sam was the key to the Demon's destruction.

The Yellow eyed Demon had tried messing with their minds, filling them full of doubts and fears but Dean had seen through it all. Pierced the darkness and seen the truth that lay hidden.

The Demon wanted Sam, wanted the power that lay hidden inside. He had sent an army looking for the prize, but the prize had yet to be won. Dean knew that Sam would never give in to the Demon. Never give himself over to the darkness that was closing in. He was too strong for that.

The revelation had stunned him. The Demon needed his brother – but had decided if he couldn't have him, no one would. Demon's lied. The rumors leaked to the hunters were all a ruse, to turn allies into enemies. Enemies that now dogged their every footstep. If they only knew the truth

Sam would fight with everything in his arsenal and Dean would be standing beside him. It was a fight the Demon had no hope of winning because they were soldiers. Sam had been chosen to stop the Demon and put an end to the dark war that was raging.

No Sam was not a Soldier of the Demon, but a Soldier of God.