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Naruto let out a yawn as he stretched his arms above his head. Pushing his unruly blonde locks from his face he rubbed his cerulean eyes, allowing him to focus a little better. He let out a whimper as a cold breeze wrapped around his lithe form. Shaking himself awake Naruto found he was still out in the forest, in a tiny sleeping bag, much too small for his grown form. Reaching a height comparable to his sensei Iruka, Naruto had managed to reach 5'8. Not too tall, but considering his dismal height of yore Naruto was feeling fairly proud in his appearance. In fact he was drop dead gorgeous.

A luscious tan covered Naruto's entire body… his ENTIRE body. Some assumed that Naruto was a beach bunny, laying out in the sun and lazing about. The opposite was true, Naruto took most of his spare time to train, working out almost naked, much to the village men and women's delight. Over his years of training with Jiraya Naruto had developed come gossip and fandom's in the villages he visited. Who wouldn't love a cute spunky blonde, with the body worthy of a sex god? Not to mention the fact that he was a very skilled ninja. His personality was no longer the hyperactive abrasiveness it used to be. He had grown not only in height and looks, but also in maturity.

Naruto now took his time, allowing himself to come up with intelligent plans of action. Thinking each moment out, and planning to exact details. Not quite at the level of Shikamaru, but Naruto could come up with moments of absolute brilliance, something that Jiraya had not failed to notice. His little blonde was growing up, but not in all arenas. For all the worshipers that Naruto had gained, none had the privilege to visit the temple. In fact, if anything Naruto had become even more ignorant to the lust filled stares he received, and the constant trail of blood that would lead even the most unskilled shinobi to where Naruto was staying. Nosebleeds were a given, pants were tightened, panties were thrown, and one delicious yet naive blonde remained clueless.

Jiraya shook his head and gave a little smile. Sure the kid was a brat, and he said the stupidest things, and he made things very difficult, he was disrespectful, naive, foolish, but he was one of the most trustworthy, brave, skilled, and beautiful ninjas Jiraya ever had the pleasure of training, including the fourth Hokage.

"You ready yet brat?" Jiraya bellowed, a familiar tone in his voice.

"Yeah, I'll be ready in a few seconds Ero-sennin." Naruto said, pulling his blanket off his body.

Jiraya swallowed deeply, taking in the half clothed form of his student. 'God he really is breathtaking'. Quickly shaking himself off Jiraya managed his usual response. "Hey! I thought I told you not to call me that!" He had a low rumble in his tone.

Naruto gave a sweet laugh and quickly moved to pull on his shirt, and his shoes as well as his headband. Jiraya helped to put away the camp supplies, packing up the sleeping bags, and removing all traces of their presence from the camp site. Once the two were completely ready they headed off, jumping gracefully from tree to tree. Naruto had built up an natural rhythm of movement since he had begun training under Jiraya, he moved with the absolute grace of a cat. His smooth muscles barely rippled as he stretched out to leap to the next tree. His movements were fluid like a waterfall, and his speed as quick as a gazelle. It was a truly awe inspiring sight to watch Naruto, and watch Jiraya did.

'Damn, for a brat he has nice legs and a scrumptious ass. No wait! Stop that. You may be a pervert, but you draw the line at your very own students, despite how delicious, and tempting his smooth tanned, muscled skin, and plump pouty pink lips may be, with those lean arms stretched out before him crossed in a manner. And those long legs that you just want to wrap around your waist as you fuck him into a tree, despite how distracting that tapping foot may be…wait. Fuck.' Jiraya stepped out of his daze to realize there was a very pissed off blonde glaring daggers at him.

"What are you looking at Ero-Pervert?" Naruto said, his tone obviously not pleased, "and why have we stopped?"

Jiraya took a moment to regain his composure and come up with a lie worthy of Kakashi himself. "I thought I saw some movement, so I stopped to see if I could hear or sense anything more. Simple brat. I'm surprised you didn't see it yourself."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock and horror that his now very advanced shinobi sensory skills may have failed him. The absolute look of despair that crossed his face almost sent the older Sannin into tears of laughter. But he held it inside, lest his lie be discovered.

"Don't worry though. It was a false alarm. It was just an animal perhaps that set off my warning signs."

Naruto let out a sigh of relief, happy that his skills had yet to fail him. Jiraya turned around to cover the smile that slowly inched across his face. It was all he had in him to stop from letting out a booming laugh.

"Since we've stopped, may I ask where we are heading next sensei?" Naruto asked, cutely tipping his head to the side.

It took all of Jiraya might not to slam his cute little student into the tree to 'teach' him a lesson. He gritted his teeth, and clenched his fists, and gave a small smile. "We're heading back now. To Konoha."

Naruto gave Jiraya a brilliant shining smile that lit up not only his own face, but the entire section of the forest. Jiraya wouldn't be surprised if the birds took off fleeing, as well as other forest dwelling animals for fear of the happy gleaming rays.

Jiraya wasn't prepared for what happened next, when his little Kitsune jumped on him, knocking him off the tree and onto the ground straddling the older ninja and giving him a almost bone crushing hug. It took all of Jiraya's years of experience and might to hold down "little" Jiraya (totally not little) and keep him from letting his presence be known.

"Thank you Ero-sennin!" Naruto said, giving a small bounce on the older mans lap.

Little Jiraya could no longer withhold his display of happiness. Freeing himself from his masters bond the brain of the older gentleman took it upon himself to thank the blonde personally for his little display, by jumping to attention.

"Uhhh… Jiraya-sensei… What are you? I mean…" A cute blush flushed across the cheeks of the blonde, adorning the smooth whisker lines with a red tinge, worthy of a tomato. The blonde wiggled his ass in an attempt to move from his perch on his sensei's… 'lap'. Only earning him a delightful and heartfelt groan. Naruto froze, his entire face taking on the color of a beet, and his heart beat accelerating to an intense rate.

"I-I- I'm sorry sensei."Naruto stuttered.

Never once had Naruto been left completely and utterly speechless, but then again he was a horny teenager, with needs, whose's only past sexual experiences included an accidental kiss from Sasuke followed by a beating, a rather disturbing leg hump by one said pet of Kiba, followed by a rather voracious bite upon the bottom by said animal, and finally, the crowning achievement of being licked by Orochimaru. Well, it wasn't a lick exactly so much as it was the tongue grabbing his entire body, and lifting it off the ground and into the air to gently lift his shirt, again this was followed by the immense pain of having a seal smashed into his stomach. Needless to say Naruto was a sexually deprived, as well as terrified young man. You would be too if every experience you had left you feeling disturbed confused and in pain.

Naruto felt a hand snake up his back, pushing his body closer to the Sannin's. Naruto took a deep gulp of air when he realized that he had been holding his breathe. Naruto felt a soft finger tug gently on his chin to bring his face closer. The blonde shuddered when he felt the hot breath of the man on his neck as he felt a pair of rough, yet smooth and experienced lips massage the skin there. Naruto let out a moan that surprised not only himself but also the man under him. All the blood in his body immediately rushed to two places, one was his face. You can guess the other.

"Hm. You don't seem to opposed. But I shouldn't force you." Jiraya commented under Naruto. Enjoying the sight of his little student red a flushed, with his neck red with the marks he had made. "So, do you want this?" Jiraya asked.

Naruto's eyes went a little wide. He immediately stood up off of the Toad Sannin, and took a step back. Bowing in apology. Jiraya raised an eyebrow.

"Whats with all the bowing kid? Your never this quite, or quite this subdued, or rather 'submissive'," he drew out the last word, allowing for a few minutes to let the words sink in for the blonde he received his expected reaction.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SUBMISSIVE!?" The blonde boomed, his voice effectively scaring off what was left of the forest animals.

"There's the brat I know and love, I thought I had lost you there for a moment." Jiraya said with a smirk, getting to his feet.

"I was just a little shocked. That's all." Naruto replied, his voice a little quite.

Jiraya smiled. "About what?"

Naruto incredulously stared back "You had, you were… well. You know! And then you…"

"Nibbled on your neck?"

A flash of red flew across Naruto's cheeks, again, making him look like he had applied too much blush. He murmured a yes.

"Well there's quite a few other parts of you that I would like to nibble on… If you'd let me." Jiraya said. His eyes greedily taking in the ruffled form of his student before him.

Naruto let out a tiny gasp before coming back to his rightful mind and letting out a yell of, "PERVERT!"

"I'm not a pervert." The Sannin let out in a huff.

"You are so a pervert! Are you kidding me? You have to be the most perverte-"

Naruto was cut off from his rant, by a hand cupping his bottom and giving it a little squeeze, and a husky breath drawling out in his ear, "I'm a super pervert." Jiraya said, slowing grinding his hips into the blonde before him. Naruto let out a small whimper, which only succeeded to make him even more desirable.

Naruto murmured something under his breathe. Jiraya had caught it as a wicked smile passed his lips, he wanted to tease the blonde a little more before his gave into his request.

"I'm sorry I didn't hear you. Could you please repeat it again?"

Naruto's blue eyes flashed up, and gave his sensei a pleading look. Jiraya wasn't going to budge, if the blonde wanted it, then he had better be able to ask for it like a man.

Naruto sighed, and murmured again.

"I still can't hear you…"

"FINE! I want more! More, more, more, more, MORE!" Naruto yelled, the blush deepening to the shade of ones blood, still deep within the veins. "Did you hear that?" He asked, almost sarcastically.

"Loud and clear." Jiraya said, with a Chester cat grin slipping onto his face, like the cat that is going to eat the canary. Jiraya moved his head down to gently kiss the pouty plump and pink lips of the young man before him. Taking him time to devour the smooth texture of those almost virgin lips. Naruto pushed up experimentally putting a little of his own pressure. The Sannin smiled into the kiss, gently licking the blonde's bottom lip, causing the smaller to own his mouth in a small gasp.

Jiraya pushed his tongue into the teens, revealing in the unique taste of cinnamon, chocolate, and ramen. A very unusual, yet utterly delightful treat. The hot cavern of the blondes mouth was delicious, and his small moans and whimpers were driving the older man crazy. He hadn't had sex in almost two years, since he had started training Naruto, sure he had gone into places, and enjoyed the company of certain loose women, and he enjoyed his peeps here and there, but he hadn't actually gotten any action since well, forever for him.

Jiraya pulled back to allow the blonde to regain his breathe. "How about we consider this another one of our training exercises. I like to call it, anything you can do, I can do better. Now the purpose of this exercise to for you to learn by what I do, and try to do it better."

Naruto, although slightly flushed nodded his head in agreement.

"Now we start with the clothing, I'm going to take mine off in a seductive way, then you are going to do the same… you follow, brat?" He added on, to spur the younger man into the competitive spirit.

Naruto smirked and nodded. Watching carefully as the older man stripped off his clothing… for coming up on 50… Jiraya was fucking smoking hot. It isn't everyday that you see a man of his age sporting a delicious set of abs, and rock hard thighs, drifting down Naruto realized that either all of Jiraya's hair aged, or that he was a natural white. His hair although spiked was smooth and shiny, and draped in parts down his back. Jiraya was the epitome of masculine appeal. He was completely a man, down to his square hips, his masculine and muscled build, and his dry confident smile.

Naruto, never one to back down to a challenge rose to the occasion. Allowing his nimble fingers to slowly unzip his now black and orange jacket, slipping it off his shoulders, slowly and seductively, angering and yet turning Jiraya on immensely. 'Damn. He's a fast learner… I could se this to my advantage.' Jiraya thought.

Naruto removed his jacket fully, allowing it to drop to the soft leafy forest floor. Working his fingers over the black material of his muscle shirt underneath, Naruto slowly pulled it off, to display a smooth stomach. Jiraya smiled, knowing that his training had worked, Naruto in outwards appearances would seem weak, because unlike other who proudly displayed their muscles, he could at times hide his under a smooth layer, making his opponents underestimate him immensely.

Naruto then hooked his fingers into the material of his new black shinobi pants. He slowly began to lower the offending material, pushing it past his wonderful hips with the slightest curve. Taking his time to take them off each foot was driving Jiraya to the brink of sanity. Perhaps Naruto was too good a learner, because at this rate the young man would have Jiraya attacking him before he was even fully undressed.

Finally taking off the pants, there was only one obstacle in Jiraya's way of completion. A small and surpassingly tight pair of spandex shorts. Jiraya raised an eyebrow at the choice.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "They are snug so I can move easily in them, they breathe, they are as flexible as I am, and if someone happens to rip my pants off then I still have a pair of shorts on under them, plus if we are attacked in the night and I don't have time to change into my pants then at least I am still wearing something I can comfortably fight – Are you even listening to me?" Naruto asked frowning at the drip of drool coming from Jiraya's open mouth.

"Sorry, you lost me at flexible." Jiraya said, his perverted grin remaining on his face.

Naruto shook his head, and swiftly moved to remove the spandex shorts. Looking back up he was a trickle of blood coming from Jiraya's nose.

"Mmm. You really are a super pervert aren't you… well at least I got your attention."

Jiraya moved forward, grabbing Naruto by the hips, and pressing his small lithe body against his own, and grinding hard into the figure. A small distorted version of his name came though Naruto's soft lips like a prayer.

"Now back to our lesson." The Sannin said, lower his hands, one to cup Naruto's ass, giving it a squeeze, while the other moved towards the young mans throbbing erection. Naruto whimpered against the touch, and let out an array of colorful language when Jiraya began to stroke the member at a slow leisurely pace.

"Now your turn, lets see if you can concentrate on doing a good job on me, while getting your own."

Naruto managed a groan in acknowledgement, as his hands lowered to work on his Sensei. Slowly grabbing hold of the member, Naruto began to caress the sides, allowing his thumb to press forward and massage the slit of the opening, before moving his fingers back to pump the member. Jiraya let out an appreciative moan, and began to pump the blonde kitsune faster in thanks.

Naruto felt his knees get weak at the increase in pressure and felt a coiling of heat spread through his belly, uncurling slowing, and sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through his body. Naruto knew he was coming close, so he decided to warn his teacher.

"Jiraya-Sama… I- I'm so close." Naruto warned in a breathless manner.

"Not quite yet little kitsune, I've still got one more lesson for you today." Jiraya said releasing his hold on the blondes member, much to his dismay.

Moving onto his knees, Jiraya took the member slowly into his mouth, licking the slit, and causing Naruto to let out a squeal and fall to his knees. Jiraya pushed him to lay on the ground, with his arms propping the top of his body up. Naruto did so, when a pair of white hands spread his legs wide, and moved his head inbetween.

Jiraya moved his head down to once again engulf the member in his mouth, Swirling his tongue around the tip in an experienced manner. Sure Jiraya was interested in women, but men can be just as appealing, and sex is what it is, sex, and it can be enjoyable despite gender. Let's just say Jiraya was an equal opportunist, and he had experience in both realms.

Naruto was quite literally shaking with pleasure. His cheeks were flushed a healthy pink, his eyes drooped lower in appreciation, and he moaned out his thanks, with loud shouts of 'Jiraya-Sama', 'Faster' and ' Harder'. Jiraya continued until he knew the young man was on the very brink, then he deep throated the member, the feeling of the tight hot cavern surrounding his heated member sent Naruto right over the edge, making him come willingly into his teachers awaiting mouth.

Naruto lay for a few moments gasping, in an attempt to catch his breathe. When Jiraya hovered above him and gave him a deep kiss, his tongue swirling circles around Naruto's mouth, caressing and exploring the hot cavern. The Sannin broke the kiss, and licked the sides of Naruto's mouth.

"You taste mouthwatering," Jiraya commented, licking his lips.

Naruto blushed, and sat up. Jiraya stood before him, his member standing proudly erect. It was menacing, it was large, and Naruto couldn't wait to prove to Jiraya that he was an excellent learner.


"Yes Naruto," he replied looking down into sweet innocent Blue eyes.

"Could you teach me a new technique on our way back to the village?" Naruto asked, turning on level one of his innocent looks.

"Well I don't know… I mean I have so man chapters of that new book to write, and research to put together and –"

Jiraya's words were cut off, as Naruto tongue swiped forward to lick the tip of his member.

"Pretty Please?" Naruto asked as level two was activated.

Jiraya groaned as he stared down into the sweetest, most innocent and captivating cerulean eyes, peering up at him, as he did something so totally not innocent.

"Oh, I'm not sure- Oh fuck… yes!" Jiraya yelled as Naruto took the whole member into his mouth and gave a hard suck, before letting the member out with a slight 'pop'.

"Thanks Ero-sennin!" Naruto remarked happily before going back to happily suck and lick the member before him.

Jiraya grabbed Naruto blonde hair, and gently fisted and caressed the bobbing head as it went to work.

"Naruto, look at me." Jiraya commanded.

Naruto looked up, and continued to suck. Th sight of the blonde's cerulean orbs looking up at him while licking his member was too much for the master to take. He came in a large stream into Naruto open mouth. Causing excess to drip out the sides and some splatter to mark the whiskered cheeks of the teen. Who lapped it up with his tongue. The scene was so erotic that Jiraya almost immediately became hard again. Naruto looking back up from his work was greet with a still aroused Jiraya with a wicked grin on his face.

"Nani! I thought I took care of that!" Naruto said, looking on in disbelief.

"You did, and I have to say you're a quick study. You really were paying attention. Now about that new technique you wanted to learn…"

"Yes! Your going to teach me a cool new jutsu!"

Jiraya smirked, "Not quite. I call it the 'Ultimate Uke Technique' and I think you'll do just fine. With some practice of course." He finished with a wicked grin.

Naruto sweatdropped but kept his morally up high, after all a technique is a technique, and if it felt only half as good as the other things that happened today then he was all for it.

"Ok Naruto," Jiraya said striding up to the flushed naked teen. "Class is in session."

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