A pair of cerulean orbs lightly fluttered open as a stream of sunlight poured into through his open bedroom window. The teen let out a small groan at the pressure on his chest, legs, and numerous other parts of his lithe body. Slowly lifting his golden head the newly promoted chuunin surveyed his room, looking down and spots four sets of legs, only one of which was his own.

Wrenching his arm out from underneath the body of his silver haired sensei, the teen massaged his temple, letting out a squeak of protest when he felt an ache streaming from his bottom, to his lower back, spreading out to his thighs, shoulders, and well… the rest of his body.

"Oh god, why in the world did I think it would be better to stay with all four at the same time?" The teen murmured under his breathe.

Bits and pieces of the hot steamy night fluttered back to the chuunin in a flash, a low tingle beginning in his groin as he remembered the events that led up to that night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It had taken Kakashi a few minutes after leaving the spa to go and free Sakura from her perch. It was quite a difficult feat considering his legs kept on giving out every three meters from the sheer amount of killing intent the pink haired kunoichi was giving off. Things weren't pretty after Sakura was finally free, but the jounin took it like a man… meaning he ran away like a three year old girl screaming for his life while the psychopathic kunoichi threatened to tear him limb from limb. He made it through fairly unscathed, only spending a month in the hospital's intensive care unit before Tsunade took pity on the poor man and healed him. Everything went back to normal for team seven, except for the fact that Kakashi was never once late to a meeting for the team ever again.

The four had continued on with their lives, but their affections grew, and they wanted to be together more often. However fearing that rumors would start if all four were seen involved together the group chose to use the so dubbed, 'Uzumaki Stealth Plan'. Which involved the four shinobi taking turns at one another's respective houses, apartments, and hotels in Jiraya's case. They continuously switched where they met, changed where they would go out, and constantly switched partners, avoiding to all be seen together in public. In turn each would go shopping and prepare meals so that the four could hang out together out of the way of prying eyes. So far the plan had been working perfectly, no one was suspicious that Naruto was hanging out with his sensei teacher Kakashi, especially since he was receiving training from both him and Jiraya for his upcoming jounin exam, nor did they suspect anything when the blonde would go to Ichiraku's to have a bowl of ramen with his favorite school teacher. No they never suspected Naruto, but rather when the silver haired jounin and the perky brunette chuunin would walk down the street in conversation, that was when the rumors started. Especially since it appeared that Kakashi was going to Jiraya for advice, also taking into consideration the orange book the jounin carried around, there was no doubt in the minds of Konoha's ninja and general population that the silver haired man was a pervert, with his one eye on a certain chuunin.

So when a certain kunoichi with pale violet eyes happened upon the crush of her childhood playing tongue hockey with one of her favorite teachers of her long forgotten youth… needless to say she was stunned beyond belief, so much so that her frail form lightly billowed as she gracefully fainted to the ground. It was by not by any means because she was turned on by the sight, no not in the least. --;

The thump alerted Naruto and Iruka to the teen's presence, and luckily they had escaped before Hinata woke up, leaving the girl to imagine that the entire event was merely a dream, albeit a very, very hot dream. However it brought up questions that the four would eventually have to deal with… which leads us back to Naruto's apartment where the blond shinobi was currently cooking up a storm in his rather small kitchen while his three teachers conversed in the living room.

"There's no way we can come out with the relationship, I doubt anyone will understand."

"Tsunade will skin me alive!"

"My colleges will shun me."

"Its not being involved with Naruto that's the problem though, it's the fact that we're all involved, chances are people will think either we're taking advantage or that he is."

"Plus think of what it will do to his reputation, he'll be considered a slut."

"A whore."

"Is that really worse then what they already call me?"

The three shinobi turned to observe the lithe blonde leaning in the corner of the door, precariously perched on his hip was a rather large tray of food, stacked with a variety of mouth watering goodies, including lip smacking sticky rice, tempura cooked to perfection, and a steaming bowl of wonton soup, among others. The small blonde had created a feast, in a very short time. Little does the population of Konoha know, the teen is considered by his friends to be one of the best cooks of the group, only second to Chouji. Learning to cook on a very limited budget created a sense of creativity in the blonde, and he was able to create masterpieces out of almost nothing. Most of the improper assumptions were spurned by the teen's adoration for ramen, it wasn't that he couldn't cook, it was due more to the fact that the teen worshipped ramen like an almighty noodle god. His culinary talents weren't inhibited by his love for ramen, in fact his taste buds were almost heightened by the savory dish. A fact that wasn't lost on his three teachers, who almost insisted on staying at Naruto's more often, despite him having a smaller bed, just to be able to enjoy his meals. They soon compromised and in order to stay at Naruto's more often without resorting to some sleeping on the floor, they bought the teen a new bed… one large enough for several more people if they saw fit.

Iruka stood up helping to take the tray from the teen and place it on the table in the room. All four meeting each other's eyes as an awkward silence filled the air. Quietly all four ate their meal in silence, the tension in the room looming, until it finally broke when Iruka was doing the dishes.

"Dammit!" Naruto cursed, causing Iruka to drop a plate to the ground, as Jiraya and Kakashi watched it break into a hundred pieces.

The teen turned to glare at his teachers, his eyes brimming with mixed emotions, and repressed feelings. "I don't understand, not at all. You think you're protecting me by considering calling the whole thing off, by saying things like 'he has his reputation to think of'. Do you think I really care? The population already hates me for other reasons, but don't take away the only thing in my life that makes me happy, thinking that your helping me, because you aren't, you're simply making it worse!" The teen cried out as brilliant sparking tears formed in the corner of his cerulean orbs.

Iruka wrapped his arms around Naruto pulling him into his chest, as Kakashi embraced the teen from behind. "Naruto, we all love you, and we aren't trying to hurt you, we just worry. Your dream could very well be crushed by this scandal." Jiraya began softly, his hand smoothing the blonde's golden locks.

"If I can get the citizens of Konoha to overlook the fact that I have the nine tails demon inhabiting my body, then I think I'll be able to get the uptight bastards to deal with the fact I have three male lovers fairly easily. After all they know what its like to have a stick up their ass, they've been living that way for years." The blond muttered.

A low rumble filled the room as Jiraya, and Kakashi proceeded to laugh whole-heartedly at the blonde's description of the villagers. The vibrations lulled Naruto into a sense of security. Iruka softly kissed the junction of the tan neck, allowing his lips to smooth away the tension in the teen's shoulders. Naruto let out a small sigh as he felt a tongue glide along the sensitive nape of his neck, while a pair of hands strayed to unbuckle his pants.

"So, you want to reveal that we do this all together to Konoha?" Kakashi asked, his heady breath tickling the teen's ear.

"Well, not to all of Konoha, I was just thinking close friends, and how it progresses from there we'll deal as we go along." Naruto responded a blush beginning to grow on his cheeks.

"Ma, ma… are you blushing Naruto kun? How about we give you something to blush about." Iruka whispered breathily as he slowly sank to his knees.

The brunette removed the teen's pants, pulling them past tan knees down to the chuunin's feet, allowing Kakashi to lift the lithe blonde in his arms, before Iruka, pulled the pants, as well as a pair of orange boxers off, flinging them to the corner of the room. The teen was lifted into his bedroom, where his once small bed was now replaced with a giant one, so large that it was quite literally the floor of the room. Pulling out three bottles of lube, Kakashi tossed one bottle to Iruka and the other to Jiraya, while all three worked on removing the rest of their bothersome clothing, while Naruto removed what was left of his shirt. 'Damn savages…note to self, wear velcro' the teen thought as he surveyed what was once one of his favorite shirts, that was until it was put into a tug-o-war between two impatient semes. 'Bastard Kakashi, and Jiraya, I'll get them back, just you wait.'

His malevolent thoughts were wrenched from his mind as he felt one hand ghosting over his ass, while hot breath teased the hairs at the back of his neck. A shiver echoed though the lithe blonde as he felt a pair of lips attach themselves to his shoulder. He barely even felt his body being lifted into the air. A pair of strong, corded arms wound around his waist, while the other clenched his tan arm. His right leg was lifted and placed on a muscled shoulder, as wandering callous fingers prodded the guardian ring of his entrance. Peering to his right holding his one arm while his thigh rested on his shoulder was Jiraya, his finger's exploring the teen while gazing lecherously into half lidded cerulean eyes. On his left was Kakashi, the man holding the blonde by the waist and making soothing circles along the arch of the chuunin's back.

"Ah…ahhh….AH!" The teen's hips attempted to surge forward when he felt the hot press of a mouth on his weeping member. "Mmmm… Ruki." The blonde's moan was devoured by Kakashi's mouth pressing against the teen's.

His body surged in desperate quest for fulfillment. "Please Iruka sensei… more…" the blond moaned. A mewl of delight emanated from the lithe figure as a skilled finger tweaked a hardened nipple, as a hot mouth devoured the other. "Nnnn… Kakashi Sensei… JIRAYA!" The teen screamed as a third finger was inserted into his entrance, deft fingers gliding into his willing body, teasing and stretching him to his fullest. The blond soon became a writhing mass of limbs, as his sensei's pushed him to his limit. Finally he came in a stream into the hot awaiting mouth of the brunette.

Naruto was carefully passed in Jiraya's arm's, where the older nin cradled the teen, his fingers moving to molest the blond, cupping his ass, and taking the teen's plump lips in a consuming kiss. Iruka swiftly shifted to devour Kakashi's hot mouth. Allowing the bittersweet liquid to pass between them. The pair grinded their erections together, moaning deeply.

Kakashi let out a small growl of excitement and appreciation. "Mmmm… the sweetest nectar is that which is shared… thanks for the treat Ruki."

"No problem, it was my pleasure." The brunette replied with a smirk growing on the corner of his lips.

Kakashi shifted his position on the bed until he was right beside the blonde chunnin, who was writhing underneath the experienced fingers of the toad Sannin. No supple piece of tan skin as left untouched, no nipple left untweaked, and no entrance left unexplored. Kakashi watched absolutely enthralled by the winding tongue snaking its way down the teen's tan chest, lapping at darkened nipples, trailing down a taunt abdomen to dip into a willing belly button.

A hand reached down to stroke the jounin's heated member, peering over his shoulder Kakashi observed Iruka watching the display with unbridled lust dancing within his chocolate orbs. The man nearly shivered from the amount of suppressed emotion's filling the room. There was a love that was all encompassing passing through all four nin, a overwhelming feeling of safety and connection reached out to the men on a primal level. They finally had the relationship they would have killed to have earlier in their lives, not only did it provide safety, assurances, trust, and unsurpassed satisfaction, but there was also a sense of love and belonging that continued to linger long after the four separated.

Blonde lashes fluttered as brilliant cerulean orbs gazed lovingly at the three men watching him. Never once in his entire sad existence did Naruto truly feel at home. Sure he grew up and lived in Konoha his entire life, but a residence doesn't make it a home, its who you have waiting for you when you get back, it's the friends you know you can count on, it's the memories that keep you going when you feel like everything in your life has been lost. But his life was changing, he had people in his life who loved and supported him, he had friends, and he had three lovers who he would gladly give his body, heart, and very soul to, simply because he could trust them with his entire being.

Reaching up the teen grasped Jiraya's wandering hands with his own, pulling the older nin down to press their lips together in a sweet kiss. He quickly pulled away, and crawled over to Kakashi, teasing the jounin with the swipe of a pink tongue flicking across darkened lips. The man had no time to respond before the teen pushed him aside, and leaped onto the tan body of his former sensei. Iruka let out a squeak of surprise as he was knocked to the soft bed of the teen. Two hot mouths clashed as the intermingling of sweet mouth's began. Iruka pushed away his shock, and chose instead to delve into the heated cavern of the blond.

Once upon a time Naruto was a terrible kisser, he was all tongue and saliva. Considering his first kiss occurred with Iruka (Not counting that bastard Sasuke of course…. Accidents don't count + there was no tongue) the brunette knew that things would have to change in order for him to take the teen on as a lover. There was no way he could date someone who couldn't keep up with him, and kissing was one of the chunnin's favorites past times, that along with cuddling. Luckily for the brunette and for the blond, the teen progressed… in fact he was considered to be an even better kisser then his teacher. I guess you could say that Naruto's learning ability applied to everything in his life, and that the student in yet another regard had surpassed the teacher.

"Allow me to repay the favor, sen…sei." The blond drawled out, his lips playing across the surface of the chuunin's chest, slowly lowering down to swipe across dark nipples, playing with the nubs until they reached a hardened state.

"Mmmmm…more…" Iruka groaned, his hands moving to lightly grasp the head of blonde hair.

Naruto quickly took the hint and began kissing his way down his sensei's taunt abdomen, slowly moving towards the brunette's throbbing member. Teasingly the teen's flicked the top with his tongue, slowly moving to place a small kiss on the head. His long fingers wrapped around the length, while his hot mouth moved to engulf as much of the member as he could muster… which turned out to be the entire thing.

The teen hummed a tune while stroking the velvety sacks of his sensei, his tongue encircling the member, again, and again, while his head pulled back to swipe the tip, his devilish organ slipping into the slit at the top before swallowing the member whole again. Kakashi and Jiraya watched the ecstasy on Iruka's face as he spread his legs farther apart, and gripped the blonde's hair tighter, and urging the teen to take in more. Their already tortuously hard erections were throbbing with every bob of the chuunin's blond head.

"Fuck…So close…." Iruka groaned, his breath's coming in short gasps.

"Such a potty mouth Iruka," Jiraya teased, sidling up to the brunette, and stroking his sides.

"Allow me to clean it out." Kakashi said, his finger's tilting the chuunin's chin upwards as he pressed his mouth to the brunette's forcefully.

His tongue swiped out to lick the lower lip of the man. Iruka allowed Kakashi entrance as the jounin took full advantage, his tongue mapping out the chuunin's mouth, exploring every crevice, and fully tasting the intriguing nin.

Naruto took advantage of his new help, taking the chuunin into his mouth, pulling him deeper then ever before… and swallowing. The effect on the brunette was immediate, a moan only lightly muffled by Kakashi's mouth tore through the room, reverberating in the groins of a sannin, a jounin, and a chuunin respectively. Iruka came, while Naruto milked him for all he was worth. The chuunin let out a sigh and shudder of contentment as Naruto allowed the member to pop out of his mouth.

Kakashi watched as Naruto pulled away from the brunette, placing a small kiss on his lips, that turned into an all out snog session. Watching the slow grind and bump of the two, as their swollen lips met again and again drove the jounin to insanity. He had enough. He grabbed the blond by the waist, lifting him off the chuunin in one swift movement. Naruto let out a small 'epp' of surprise.

The jounin sat on a chair just outside the edge of the bed, which was reserved as 'Jiraya's watching chair'. He pulled the blonde onto his lap, making eye contact with the teen as he slowly impaled him onto his shaft. The blonde's eyes rolled to the back of his head as his back arched delightfully. Kakashi nearly came after seeing the delightful look on Naruto's face. He placed his hands on the teen's hips, helping him to lift himself up and fall back down onto the throbbing member. He couldn't hold himself back any longer, he began to increase the pace of their rutting, slamming into the entrance of the chuunin with force.

The teen was moaning in time with Kakashi's wild thrust's creating an intense rhythm. "Mmmmore… so good, your soooo good…" the blond mewled, his hips bounding and down while the jounin gave shallow thrusts into the teen's tight hot cavern.

"Got room for one more?"2 Jiraya asked slowly moving behind the teen.

The Sannin shifted to press his erection carefully into Naruto's entrance, slowly pressing against Kakashi's already sheathed member.

Cerulean eyes rolled to the back of his head with a gasp, and a slight hitch in his breath as he felt the pressure of two members filling his body. The only way to describe his feelings was full. He felt safe, connected, and fulfilled. The two nin began a rhythm, continuous pounding into his willing body, the teen's lithe figure nearly convulsing as waves of pleasure that threatened to overwhelm him.

"There. Is. A. Special. Place. Inside. Me. That. You. Have. Found! MY GOD!"1 The teen squealed.

Jiraya reached up and grasped Naruto's golden locks, pulling his head back gently and exposing a delightful throat. He nibbled on a tan neck, while Naruto's hand found it's way into Kakashi's mouth, where he lightly bit the soft flesh between the junction of Naruto's thumb and index finger.

The teen's body was heaving in delight, as his breath came in shallow gasps, and moans of pleasure. Jiraya and Kakashi's member's created delightful friction between the two, tripling the pleasure of the nins. Jiraya made eye contact with Kakashi motioning to the man with his eyes, the silver haired jounin nodded and placed his hands on the teen's hips while the white haired sannin placed his hands under the blonde's arms. Naruto in a haze of pleasure didn't notice what the two were doing until he was lifted up to be slammed back down. A shout of pleasure burst through his swollen lips, as they repeated the process, reaching deeper and deeper together then ever before. The combined thrusts and pressure created by the two proved to be too much for the teen.

"AWAH! SENSEI!" The teen cried as he spilled his essence.

As the teen tightened in his release Jiraya and Kakashi both released, groaning Naruto's name in pleasure. The teen fell back into Jiraya's chest, his chest heaving as a light sheen of sweat covered his body. His chests were flushed from effort, and his lips were red and swollen from love bite's and kisses. His neck was covered in hickey's, and his blond hair was messed up even more so then usual. In short he looked ravished, and thoroughly fucked.

Iruka was on the bed, wiping the remnants of his recent release from his hands on a discarded shirt. He gracefully crawled to the edge of the bed and lightly lifted the teen from his perch. Fluids streamed down tan thighs as the blond blushed like mad. Iruka pulled Naruto back into his arms, as Kakashi and Jiraya stood and made their way back onto the bed. The brunette cuddled with the teen settling into the middle with their chests pressed together. Jiraya shifted up behind the teen and placed his arms around the lithe tan waist, while Kakashi settled behind Iruka, their legs intertwining until you couldn't tell the two apart. The toad sannin shifted before grabbing the sheets to pull over the four. A calm settled, and their former frantic heartbeats slowed.

"Goodnight Ruki."

"Goodnight Naruto."

"Goodnight pervert."


"Goodnight ero-sennin."


The four settled into a silence as the sandman paid them a visit (no not Gaara). Drifting off into a peacefully sleep, Naruto murmured a quiet, 'I love you guys.' His eyes closed as the blond fell into la-la land.

Jiraya, Kakashi and Iruka all placed a light kiss on the teen, whispering ' love you too.'

- - - - - - - - - -

(God… this is so not an epilogue… those things are summaries, but I wanted to add more smex… anyways, hopefully the upcoming part will be more epilogue like.)

The four got along great the next morning, as they came to decision that there were certain people who had to be told. Tsunade among the few, as well as the Konoha nine and their sensei's. The revelation came as a shock to most, Kiba fainted dead away while Akamaru nudged his fallen master. Lee and Gai cried about the happiness of youth, while Ino and Sakura cried something about 'not another one'. Neji glared at the sensei's in a jealous rage. The rest of the group remained relatively impassive, some even happily congratulated the four on finding love. After a while the group warmed up to the four, realizing that nothing had changed except they were happier then before. Kiba teased, Shikamaru, slept, Chouji ate, Lee yelled (in happiness), Gai cried (in happiness), Ino ranted, Sakura hit, Akamaru barked, Neji sulked, Tenten smiled, Hinata blushed, Shino was Shino, and everything was right with the world.

Not everyone took it quite as well. When the information was revealed to Tsunade… well, lets just leave it at the fact that she's very protective of her 'little brother'. Kakashi, Iruka and Jiraya went into hiding for awhile well she cooled down. Eventually the news spread, and suprisingly the village accepted the relationship and became more welcoming of Naruto. After all, would you want to anger the lover of three of the most powerful ninja in Konoha? The teen's lovers had quite a pull within the community. Iruka was a well respected ninja, and the best teacher in the academy, Kakashi was one of the most powerful jounin's in Konoha, and Jiraya was a Sannin… need I say more? Naruto still wasn't treated like a normal shinobi, but it was better then before.

I'm not going to say that their lives were perfect, or that they lived happily ever after, because lets face it, things like that don't happen. There were fights, and there was sorrow, anger and regret but that's for another time. What really matters is that they had each other, and even though they fought, and even though not everything was perfect the fact remained that they still had their memories and their moments together to keep them going.


- - - - - - - - - - - -

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Ebisu watched as the happy foursome walked down the street hand in hand. People watched as the golden haired nin's smile shone through the market, his happiness gave off a glow that you couldn't resist. People couldn't help but smile back when he went by. Kakashi went in for a small grope, his hand being smacked away as Naruto pushed him to the side. Jiraya decided to give it hand himself, before he received a smack across the face. Naruto gripped onto Iruka complaining that Jiraya and Kakashi were perverts. Iruka listened, and nodded understandingly as the hand that was rubbing his back made its way down to the teen's ass, where it wasn't noticed, not even when he squeezed. Kakashi and Jiraya watched in disbelief as Iruka continued to confort the teen while silently molesting him, he gave them a wink and mouthed 'and that boys is how you do it.' While walking off with the blond in his arms. Kakashi and Jiraya made a silent pact to discover the brunette's secret and to use it to their own full advantage in the future.

'How is this fair… even though I only taught him for a few hours I was still his sensei… how come I didn't get in on that action?' Ebisu asked himself as he watched the four walk off.

"Because you are a greasy creeper…."

"Wait… what? Who said that?"

"I am the all mighty and powerful narrator! Bow down and fear me foolish mortal."

"No! You're a mean bully and didn't give me any time with sweet 'uke'able Naruto."

"Only because you aren't attractive."


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"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." Ebisu screamed as he ran.

"Elmo is playing hide and go seek… Oh! I found you! Let's play Elmo's new game… S&M."


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