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Warning(s): slash, homo-bashing, consensual sex scenes, non-consensual sex scenes, coarse language, slight self-mutilation, male-pregnancy

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Just for Now

by Elisabeth Sobihan

Chapter One :: I Think Something is Burning

Harry paced worriedly across his room. Tonight was the night. He had to tell everyone before things got out of hand. He was getting quite tired of dinners with Bill, Fleur and one of Fleur's young, available friends. Sick of the constant questions from Mrs. Weasley, wondering when Harry was going to settle down and start a family of his own. The only people who didn't seem to poke and prood at Harry's personal life were Hermione and Remus. But then again, they knew everything and had more important things to worry about. Such as work, school, ecetera. They didn't have time to worry about his private life. Harry his pacing when he heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" He asked.

"Hermione." She replied, walking through the door. "Pacing again? Somebody's antsy."

"I'm not antsy, I'm anxious."

"About what?"

Harry sucked in a sharp breath. "I'm going to tell them tonight."

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure that's wise?"

Harry plopped down on his bed. "I don't know..." He placed his head in his hands. "I'm getting quite sick of Molly's comments and Fleur's horribly disguised blind-dates. I just can't keep this from them anymore. I'm starting to feel like I'm lying to them."

Hermione sat down next to him. "Understandable, but are you sure you're ready to tell them?"

Harry sighed. "It's now, or I'll never do it."

It was another big dinner at the Weasley household. Everyone was present; Charlie was home from Romania, Ron had brought his girlfriend, Elledora Flaterly, with him from the university. Ginny had brought one of her closest friends from Hogwarts and Fleur had brought another one of her young, available friends. Harry hadn't caught her full name, but he knew her first name was Alanna. Harry thought it wise to sit himself between Hermione and Remus, although this didn't stop her from flirting shamelessly with him.

"So 'Arry," Her light French accent making her soundextremely childish. "are you going to university currently or 'ave you gotten a permanent job somewhere?"

"I'm going to St Morton's University of Advanced Magical Studies." Harry replied, pushing mashed potatoes around his plate.

"Oh really?" She fluttered her eyelashes. Harry felt like gagging openly. "What are you studying?"

"Alchemy." Harry said quickly.

"Alchemy is a very exact science." She slid her slender foot up and down Harry's leg. "Maybe we could have coffee and you could explain it to me sometime..." She smiled flirtateously

Harry slid his chair back slight and smiled nervously. "I'm not really big on coffee."

"Well, dinner then?"

Hrry looked down at his plate. "I'm going to haveto say no. You're not really my type, Alanna."

Alanna frowned slightly. "Really?" She cocked an eyebrow. "Then what is your type?"

Harry thought for a moment. "Generally tall, lean, slightly muscular... Possibly has a penis..."

Hermione choked on her wine and Alanna's mouth dropped open. Harry was quite sure he couldn't believe what had just fallen out of his mouth. He most definitely shouldn't of had that third glass of wine. Everyone around the table had frozen. The silence was defeaning. Harry could feel his face burning as everyone stared at him. Ginny was the first to regain her voice.

"Harry," She started quietly. "are you a homosexual?"

"Yes..." Harry replied. "Yes, Ginny, I am a homosexual." Harry could feel the proverbial weight lifted off his shoulders.

"Out..." Mrs Weasley breathed sharply.

Harry looked at her. "What?"

"I want you out of my house. Immediately." She replied.

Said proverbial weight seemed to drop back down on Harry's shoulders. "Why?"

"What you are, Harry, is something extremely unnatural. I do not andwill not condone what you do. So know I kindly ask you to leave my home."

"Fine..." Harry stood and threw down his napkin. "Thank you again for dinner, Mrs Weasley. I'm sorry we won't be able to do this again.

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