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Warning(s): slash, homo-bashing, consensual sex scenes, non-consensual sex scenes, coarse language, slight self-mutilation, male-pregnancy

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Just for Now

by Elisabeth Sobihan

Chapter Three :: Might Fool the Smoke Alarm

After Harry had dressed himself and down two and a half Headache Cures, he and Charlie settled down in his sitting room. Harry had never really noticed how striking Charlie's features were. Beneath his flaming ginger hair and massive amounts of freckles was a very good-looking man. Nicely chiseled jaw-line, high cheekbones, bright blue-gray eyes, Charlie was quite wonderful to look at. Harry must have been looking at Charlie very intently, because Charlie coughed nervously and turned his head.

Harry cocked his head to the side. "Why did you come here last night?" He leaned back in his chair. "You weren't just here to tell me I'm brave."

Charlie looked at the floor. "Yes, actually... What you told my mum, cor, nobody's been able to say something so blunt in front of her. Even Percy skirted around it when he told Mum and Dad..."

"Whoopie..." Harry twirled his finger in the air. "Now that I've told your family, I think should just out myself to the Wizarding World. That is, if your mother hasn't already."

"Mum would never do that to you." Charlie replied. "She may think that what you are is 'unnatural' or 'disgusting' but she would never gossip about you."

Harry stared blankly at Charlie. "You know, you have that look that Colin Creevey used to give whenever he saw me."

"What look was that?"

"Admiration." Harry smirked.

"Admiration? I don't know what you're talking about..."

Harry's smirk became a smile. "Of course you know what I'm talking about. You saw what happened to Percy and me when we came out to your parents." Harry chuckled. "You're gay, aren't you? Living in a closet of fear. Scared you'll lose your family forever, just like Percy."

Charlie shook his head. "No. I'm not gay, I just wanted to tell you that you were brave." He laughed nervously.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?" He got up off the chair and sauntered over to Charlie. "Are you completely sure about that?"

"P-p-positive." Charlie gulped.

"I'm not so sure about that." Harry leaned in and kissed Charlie.

Charlie was quite sure that this was one of the most passionate kisses he'd ever received. Sliding his arms around Harry's slender waist, he pulled him into his lap. Harry slid his hands around Charlie's jawline, deepening the kiss. Charlie wrapped his arms tighter around Harry, pulling the younger man closer. Harry placed his hands on Charlie's chest and pushed away.

"Not gay..." Harry smirked. "If you weren't gay, you wouldn't have enjoyed that. You would've pushed me away the moment my lips touched yours." Charlie blushed. "So how many people know?"

"Just you and Percy..." Charlie replied, his ears a brilliant shade of red. "Percy said he's always known."

"Oh really?" Harry made himself comfortable in Charlie's lap. "How extremely pompous of him."

"Percy's always been extremely pompous." Harry laughed. "Why are you still in my lap?"

Harry smirked at Charlie. "Its comfortable."

"It might be comfortable, but I really don't appreciate it."

Harry pouted. "Oh come now, I think you're just afraid to admit you like it."

Charlie pushed Harry out of his lap. "I think I should be going. I have things I have to do. Goodbye, Harry."


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