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Dancing on broken glass

Summary – Addison comes back after 6 years away. With a over controlling husband and 4 year old daughter wise beyond her years Addison has to try and get on at work – keeping her secrets as well as she can. Addex with Addek friendship

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By now she didn't even know when it all started. Was it that day Mark broke the pact? Was it further down the line when Alex said he wasn't attracted to her anymore? Was it even the day Derek asked for a divorce…?

No who was she kidding, she know exactly when it started. It was Thursday, 10:30 am – She drowned in the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen and she shook his hand…then she was lost…


The happy tones of music soared through the kitchen from the small radio on the kitchen table. The on button still had a white fingerprint on it and from the table a small trail of flour led across the floor. A small puddle of milk was formed under the kitchen chair that served as the small girl's latter to the counter. She had a much too long apron wrapped around her and her eyes were very focused on the bowl in front of her and the spoon in her hand which she used to stir.

The song on the radio ended and gave room for the morning talkers to go on about something less important and she looked up. A frown appearing on her young face as she looked over at the kitchen table. There she looked at the stuffed bear and titled her head slightly as if she was listening to something he was saying. Then she broke out a smile and nodded firmly.

"Defnitly more flour" she turned back and grabbed the big package, slowly tipping it over the bowl. Most of the flour missed the bowl and landed in a big pile over the counter but she cared more about the small amount that actually made it to her batter.

The music once again filled the room and she slowly started to do some dance moves on the chair, moving her small hips and did some tiny steps to the beat. She raised her hands in the air as the chorus hit and did a small spin, finding herself looking at the doorway where she was now being watched.

"Lily would you mind explaining this?" Addison looked over the messy kitchen, not sure if she should be laughing or crying about it.

"I made pancakes" the girl stated with a big smile.

"Yeah I see that" Addison laughed. "So do you need some help?" she asked and moved into the room, carefully moving around the flour and milk on the floor.

"It needs more flour I thinks" Lily stated and placed her index finger to her cheek, making a white mark appear on her fair skin.

"Right" Addison looked at the batter and then at her watch. "How about you go up and get cleaned up and dressed for kindergarten and I'll finish these."

"Okay mommy" Lily said and jumped down from the chair. She hurried out of the room, leaving Addison left in the mess that used to be her kitchen.

She leaned against the counter and spotted the teddy bear on the table. "How can such a small girl create such a mess?" she asked as the bear just starred back at her. "Don't think I don't know you helped…" Addison added before she started to smile. "I am talking to a bear…I must really be going insane."

She then went to work, cleaning every part of the kitchen her daughter had been even close to. She flinched slightly as she bent down to pick up eggshells from the floor. Her hand rested on the counter as she inhaled deeply trying to make the pain go away. Slowly she forced herself up again, the pain dying away slightly.

With slow steps she headed back upstairs to the room that had once been a guestroom but now was Lily's room. There the young girl had just managed to get her pajamas off and was standing in front of the mirror getting her hair up in pigtails.

"How do I look?" she spun around and smiled at her mommy.

"Very fashionable" Addison said and grabbed the dress from the dresser. "Arms up" she instructed and Lily applied, letting the soft fabric go over her head and even managed to get her arms in on the first try. "There you go" Addison smiled and pulled the zipper up in the back. "You looked very pretty."

"I know" Lily grinned and took her mommy's hand. "Now I'm hungry."

"Sure" Addison said and led the way downstairs again and into the kitchen but her eyes fell on the lumpy batter and there was just no way on earth she could make it eatable. "We'll eat on the way" she said and threw the bowl of batter in the sink.

"No pancakes?" Lily asked and threw her bottom lip out in a pout.

"Not if we want to get to the hospital on time" Addison tried to sound cheerful. "We can get something from that diner you love so much, how about that?"

"Fine" Lily muttered as she grabbed her teddy bear and moved into the hallway with stomping steps.

Addison rolled her eyes at her daughter's dramatic ways before she grabbed her bag and coat and followed her daughter out to the car.


"Why we even here?" Lily asked as she starred out through the window at the hospital.

"I told you I am trying to get a job" Addison said and wrapped the second half of her sandwich back in the paper and threw it in the small bag.

"You don't need job" Lily stated. "Daddy has job."

"Yes but I want a job too sweetie" Addison smiled pulling up a small at from her purse. The label clearly stated the word Advil.

Lily leaned over and squinted her eyes at the jar. "What's that?"

"It's like vitamins for adults" Addison lied before she swallowed two and drowned them down with some water. "Now come on or we will be late" she put on her cheerful face and unbuckled Lily from her seat and they both got out.

She locked the door and then walked around to take Lily's hand and together they walked towards the entrance. They made it all the way up to the doors before Lily stopped dead in her tracks. Her big green eyes starred at the doors with horror.

"Sweetie it's just a door" Addison tried but she knew she was in for a tough time. She could just barely get her into elevators – spinning doors was not even an option.

"I don't do doors that spin" Lily stated and crossed her tiny arms over her chest.

"I have a meeting in fifteen minutes" Addison said and placed herself in front of her daughter. "Now either you go with me and see that those doors will not trap you or you have to stay out here as a dog."

"Dog" Lily said simply.

"Your stubborn streak is really annoying, you know that" Addison said with a sigh. "Just too bad you're still too small" she added with a smile as she just simply picked Lily up and moved towards the doors.

"I don't want to…" Lily covered her face in her mommy's chest with her eyes closed and the bear tight to her chest as they walked through the doors.

"See" Addison said as they were in the lobby. "The doors are not evil, okay?"

Lily however didn't answer. She just kept quiet and looked around. She had been to hospitals before when they lived in New York. Her mommy had even worked at one a few days here and there but this one was much bigger and scarier.


"Addison" Derek looked up from the papers on his desk as she walked into his office. "How nice to see you again" he rose and wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

"You too" she gave him a what she hoped to be warm smile. "So you're chief?"

"That I am" Derek said. "Now please sit down" he showed for the chair opposite his own and they both sat down. "So you want a job?"

"That was the idea, yes" she nodded.

"So New York couldn't hold you back for long then" he chuckled slightly and pulled out some papers.

"Ben got transferred here" Addison said, her eyes were on her hands in her lap and she only looked up as he placed the papers before her.

"So it's Ben?" Derek nodded. "I heard you had a baby girl too" he said and her head jerked up. "Callie told me" he said with a shrug. "Was it a secret?"

"Of course not" Addison shot back maybe a bit too quickly. "I just don't want everyone talking."

"Talking?" Derek asked. "That you went to New York six years go. Got married and had a child. I think they will see it as pretty normal."

"Right" Addison eyed the papers. "So all I need to do is to sign them?"

"That's all. I am too smart to let you get away from this hospital again" he added with a wink that made her smile.

"Right" she signed and handed the papers back. "Then I guess you'll see me Monday."

She got up and moved to the door but Derek hurried up after her. "Actually if it's not too much trouble I have a patient I would love to get your opinion on" he said.

Addison glanced at her watch; her heart did a small dip as she realized it was already one. "I was planning on seeing Ben for lunch…"

"This will only take a few minutes" Derek said as they reached the door to his office. "He won't mind."

Addison looked out through the glass door and saw Lily sitting on one of the chairs talking to her teddy bear. One more look at her watch she realized that no matter what she did she would be late. "Okay" she said and smiled at him.

She would just have to suck it up once she got home later because she knew that Derek was very wrong…Ben would care…


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