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People often said that Toph was the jealous type. She supposed because it was of her tough demeanour.

She laughed at that. She wasn't the jealous type.

You only had to ask Sokka.

She'd sat there through fleets of women, barely blinking as he courted lady after lady. Almost every city they stopped in, he had a new lady-love. And she didn't care.

Because after they left every city, he forgot about them. He never forgot about her.

After they left every city, she could feel Sokka grow a little more frustrated. At first, she thought it was because he was leaving behind yet another girlfriend, or this one hadn't turned out to be 'the one'.

After one night, when he exploded at Toph and Aang, for something stupid like Toph giving him a noogie, and then not talking to Aang and being icy to him for the entire night, Toph began to see the reason behind the madness.

HE was trying to make HER jealous in the towns.

So, she turned up the anti. He would break before she did, especially if he thought she was doing it naturally.

When they left towns, Toph reflected kindly on each of his suitors, saying that they went well together, and it was about time Sokka found someone. She could almost feel cracks forming, like a boulder she was trying to Earthbend into dust.

But it wasn't enough. The cracks were there, but she needed to deliver the final blow.

So, one day, in the Earth town of Kyunxie, she brought a boy to their inn. His name was Jao, and truthfully, she'd paid him off. But, he was a very nice boy, and a very good actor.

He didn't even stay for a minute.

Almost immediately after Toph introduced him, Sokka shucked him out of the room, and then proceeded to rant and rave about absolutely nothing.

Somewhere in that rant, there was a confession. No one, to this day, is quite sure where it fit in. All they remember is that one minute Sokka was ranting and raving, and the next moment, the room was dead silent. Sokka was staring at Toph (in mild horror of what he'd just said, and the following consequences), and Toph was staring into space, reeling from what he just said.

Then she got up, walked to him very slowly, and kissed him.

Of course, she missed, and hit his eye.

But, with a nervous laugh, he redirected her, and they shared their first kiss.

Was Toph a jealous person? No.

Was Sokka? You bet.

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