This fic is called: I know your plan.
This is a slight yaoi fic and if you don't like ZADR(zim and dib romance) then leave!

Dib's Pov

At first when I saw you I knew you were not of this world and I can't even count the number of times I've tried to show people who you really are...but none of them listened. Even my own family took me for crazy. But suddenly your plans for world conquest have been getting, shall I say, just plain stupid, and now you don't even try. It's been two months since your last plan...I keep saying to myself that your planning something BIG and i should keep myself prepared...but every time I see you, you look like you've given up, like something has destroyed all of your hopes. I feel sorry for you but then my hatred for you boils and I can only laugh at you, the days roll on by I start seeing you differently. Even though your still shallow and you have a liking for shouting things so loud my ears start hurting, we've actually had some good conversations.

You'll talk about what your life had been like before you got here on earth, and I'll tell you some of my history.You'll ask about certain devices that we use in every day life like a toaster or a microwave and I'll explain it to you slowly so you can understand.There have even been times when you've been nice to me. Like the time when all those bullies pushed me down and all my textbooks went didn't laugh at me like I thought you would've, instead you came over and helped pick up my books. That was also the day that our hands touched at the same time when we reached for the same book. For some strange reason I could feel myself blushing when the feel of your glove slipped on to my naked hand. I had looked up at you and you to were blushing a slight pink color and I couldn't help but think 'he looks cute when he blushes'. I called myself crazy when you handed me the book and then ran off. A few days later I decided to return the favor of kindness, the day when it rained.I kinda guessed that rain would do something to your skin when you just stood dumbfounded while the other kids jumped and spashed and rolled in the mud like the dumb retards they are. I couldn't help but look at you. I could see you were sad, so I walked over there and gave you a tap on the shoulder.

You gave me a confused look as you turned around and said in a quiet voice "Do you want something?''. I just smiled then pulled out the umbrella I was holding and opened it up saying "Yeah, do you wanna get under my umbrella? You know so you don't get wet and you won't have to wait for hours waiting for it to stop" I watch your suspicious frown turn into a small smile as you say so quietly that I almost couldn't hear you" Thank you Dib". You got under my umbrella and the walk towards your house started.It went SO much better then I thought it would've, we started talking and by the time we got to your house we were even laughing our heads off. When we got to your front door you actually offered me to come in.But I told you that I had to get home as quickly as possible before my dad starts wondering where I am.You nod showing you understand but I could see a look a sadness in your eyes and before I could stop myself...I hugged you. At first you flinched when my arms went around you but after the first second you became comfortable and slowly snaked your arms around my waist and hugged me back. It seemed like forever but I know it was only 5 seconds. We let go of each other and we just looked in each others eyes.But before anything could happen we both said goodbye to each other and you went into your house and closed the door while I started my walk toward my home.

I lay here now on my bed looking at the ceiling but thinking of you. Thinking of how close our faces had been that day. How close we had been to where I had actually felt your breath on my lips. I reach with my hand to my face and touch my lips as I can still feel how it felt when it happened. I sigh and looked out the window. I had been thinking that you had given up on your plans...but I know your plan now and it's making me weaker each day I live. I know your plan Zim...your making me fall in love with you...

And it's working...