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"Damn my pride, damn it to hell!!!" screamed Zim to...well anyone who just happened to be listening. Zim calmed his breathing and sat down on his big comfy couch while his robot GIR came into the room and sat down beside him. "What's wrong master?" asked Gir. "Go away Gir" stated Zim while turning his head in the direction of the window watching rain pour down upon it.

It was then Gir noticed all the bruises and cuts on Zim's body "Oooh what happened to you?". Zim sighed and pushed Gir away "Go away" Tears began to well in his Zim's eyes and even one fell down along his cheek.(can Irkens cry?)Gir finally gave up and went into the kitchen to make himself some waffles.

Zim let out a sob while he let his head rest in his hands. A big BOOM made Zim jump from his place on the couch "GIR, what did you blow up?". The small robot came into the living room with his usual big grin and said "I didn't do nothing". Zim sighed and wiped away the tears that fallen."That was a double negative Gir, but I see your point".

Zim looked out the window and saw the flash of light illuminating the room. "Ah so that's what it is" he mumbled to himself. Another boom rattled the tiny house as Gir yelled in horror and went into his defensive mode making his eyes turn red. "Stand down Gir it's just thunder and lightning" stated Zim. Immeaditly the small robot's eyes turned blue once more and yelled "Okey dokey!" before blasting off into the kitchen.

Another roar of thunder could be heard as Zim walked slowly to the window. 'Could he still be out there?' he thought. But he quickly dismissed it by thinking 'He's not least not that stupid'. Another boom shook the house when Zim accidentally thought aloud asking "Is he?"

He looked down upon his torn clothing and sighed letting a few tears drop along his face thinking about what had happened just a few hours ago.


"Love? I do not love that pitiful human, he is nothing to me, in fact I will proudly say that I do not love Dib, completely the opposite in fact, I HATE HIM!!!" Zim glared at Gaz while he was breathing hard from screaming at the top his lungs. But it made him even more mad since she was just standing there doing nothing, showing no emotion. He did not know how much he would come to regret that last sentence till he heard a slight sniffle behind him. Zim's hatred suddenly dimmed as he heard the whimper.

He slowly turned around to see his worst nightmare come true. His eyes widened as he saw Dib standing there, with shaking knees, against the walls. Anyone could see he was in great pain, since his face was wet with tears as his right hand clutched at the piece of clothing and skin that hid his heart. "D-Dib..." stuttered Zim as he reached out his hand toward Dib then it seemed that saying his name brought Dib out of his trance. Then his worst nightmare became complete as Dib's sadness turned into hatred and he quietly said "Guess what Zim?". His entire body shook with a new surge of sadness and anger while he yelled "I HATE YOU TOO!!!"

End Flashback

It had been 6 hours since that terrible moment in time. 4 of the 6 hours Zim had spent looking for Dib, desperate to tell him the truth even if Dib didn't feel the same. He had run into some bullies that wouldn't get out of his way. He made the terrible mistake of threatning them if they didn't let him go.He remembered the punching, the kicking, and the blood that fell from his green skin. They all walked away when they were content that they had taught him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget.

But all the physical pain didn't even come close to his emotional pain. Even though he was hurt badly he stood up the second they were out of range and continued his search. He had looked everywhere he could think of. He had asked everyone he met if they had seen Dib. Most of them didn't care and Zim noted them down to be destroyed later on for not caring about Dib.

Even when it started raining he had not given up. Only after hours of searching did he finally head home. When he got to his home base he let his robot parents open the door since he didn't have the strength. He was so weak physically, mentally and emotionally that he had practically fainted on his couch the moment he walked into the house.

He had woken up after 2 hours of sleep know the rest.

Zim looked away from the window and walked to his couch before sitting on it. His eyelids became heavy, and were now very hard to keep open "Gir" he yelled "I'm going to bed, but make sure I'm up by 5:00am human time ok?''. He heard a mufled response saying ''Okey, dokey.

He sighed once more and started heading to the toilet that led to his lab/bedroom(just work with me here) before he heard the door swing open loudly followed by a even more powerful roar of thunder that shook the house.

As by instinct Zim yelled "Computer destroy the intruder" without even thinking about who it might be. But before even the computer could react Zim heard a very familiar voice yell "Stop! please it's just me". Zim quickly turned around to see the very person who he had been thinking about for the past 6 hours.

Zim's eyes widened as he saw Dib standing under the door frame drenched with rain and shaking from the cold. Zim was stunned to the point that he couldn't even move. Dib, not being thrown out of the house yet, took the akward silence as a excuse to walk into the house and silently close the door behind him. They were still at least 10 feet away from each other as they stood in the silence. It was after 30 seconds of the silence that Zim noticed what state Dib was in.

Dib's shaking suddenly got worse as a giant sob escaped his mouth. "Zim,please..." begged Dib. Before he could finish Zim rushed over to where he was and stood before him as if scared to touch him. He was close enough to see that Dib's eyes were red and his nose swollen slightly. And he could even tell that some of the water on Dib's face was not rain but tears that had not been wiped away. "Please" he begged once more while fresh tears rolled down his face. Zim suddenly found his voice as he asked "What...?"

The response that Dib would make would haunt Zim for the rest of his life.(just to let you know)Dib made his eyes wander to Zim's and the sadness and pain in those eyes almost made Zim start crying right then and there. "Please...don't hate me".

At the sound of that single sentence Zim quickly pulled Dib into an soft embrace while whispering into his ear "I could never hate you even if I wanted to. Relief swarmed through Dib and it wasn't long till he returned the embrace and let go of everything while crying shamless onto Zim's shoulder. Zim led Dib over to the couch and let him sit down, doing all of this without breaking the embrace.

Zim let Dib cry until he couldn't any more while whispering words of comfort and love into his ear. Dib finally stopped and rose his head to meet Zim at eye-level. For a moment they took their time just looking into each others eyes(Zim doesn't have his costume on). "What does this mean Zim?" asked Dib, breaking the silence. "I don't hate you Dib" said Zim. "I've known for awhile now that you".

Dib's eyes widened at the last part but they slowly returned to their normal size and a smile grew on his face that would of made an angel jealous. Zim felt himself melt inside when he saw that smile and began to even smile himself. Zim gave Dib a kleenax(way to ruin a moment...I'll shut up now) and helped him clean his face as much as possible. Zim's smile grew as Dib inched himself as close to him as he would dare and whispered "I love you too".

Zim finally closed the distance between them and lips finally met in a soft but fierce passion. It wasn't anything special, no tongues, just a sweet kiss as if to insure the other of their feelings. It wasn't long either for after 5 seconds they parted. Dib's grip on Zim tightened as he(Zim) picked him up bridal style and took him to his bedroom using another route then the toilet since that would probably ruin the moment.

When they entered Zim laid him down as carefully as he would a delicate butterfly. Zim left his side momentarily to switch off the lights but quickly came back while climbing into the bed beside him. Dib laid his head down to where he was under Zim's chin and sighed in content. Zim took the liberty of placing soft kisses on his forehead while whispering words of love to him.

They laid there in each others embrace and love as Zim's eyelids began to grow heavy again. But before he fell asleep he took his hand and gently pulled Dib's head to where they were looking at other. Zim's lips met Dib's again in a soft kiss while muttering "I love you Dib Membrane". They parted and Zim's tired body screamed for rest so it wasn't long till he had fallen asleep. But not before he heard Dib respond "I love you too Invader Zim".

Dib looked at the face of the alien who had captured his heart and his smile grew. He had once thought that this was all a plan to help destroy him. He had long ago forced that thought out of his mind but it was coming back. 'His plan was to make me fall in love with him but...' thought Dib. He finally closed his eyes and submitted to sleep. 'I'm glad his plan backfired'

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