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Chapter 2!

"I forgot my jacket House! Let me in, it's cold out here!" Wilson had debated for several long minutes whether he should bother going back for the jacket but, damn it, it was a cold night and he was freezing besides House had been acting strange even for him…he had to admit to himself that he had actually left the jacket behind on purpose to provide an excuse to come back and check on House.

Wilson came bursting through the door, worried beyond belief that House hadn't answered the door or even made a sound all the time he had been knocking on the door and yelling.

He stopped, suddenly colder than ever, shocked at the sight before him.

"House? Oh my God! House! Stop it!"

House was sitting curled up in a corner, rhythmically banging his head on the wall and swallowing pills, too many pills. That bottle had been full this morning and was now nearly empty.

Wilson dashed over to his friend and pulled the bottle from his grasp.

"No pain, no pain." House was almost giggling now, already dangerously high. "Can't hurt me now Dad! No pain!"

Dragging House to his feet, Wilson hurried them into the bathroom with House staggering happily all the way. Dumping him down near the toilet bowl Wilson unceremoniously stuck his fingers down his friend's throat, barely avoiding getting covered by the inevitable outpouring that followed.

"Damn it, House! What were you thinking?"

"No pain." House said with all the solemness of a sick child.

Wilson's face softened, glad to hear a coherent answer, "You're lucky I haven't rung for an ambulance yet."

He glanced at the pale face beside him, noting the red eyes and dry tear tracks and reconsidered. "I still might."

"No …you wouldn't…Cuddy would find out…bros before hoes..." It was a very weak attempt at a joke but Wilson was relieved to see a sign of the normal House.

Wilson sighed, knowing full well that the only way House was going to hospital for any reason other than work was if he was unconscious and therefore had no say in the matter.

A few minutes of miserable silence passed in the world of House before he spoke up.

"Why did you come back?"

"I just felt something was wrong…I was worried about you."

House grimaced.

"What is it with you people?"


"Is there some kind of radar some people have?"

Wilson looked even more confused.

House made a couple of very convincing, albeit mocking, sounding radar blipping noises.

"Beep…beep…" He pretended to hone in on himself. "Captain the hurt radar is picking up something! Hurt person at 10 o'clock!"

"First Cameron thinks she can fix me and then 'rape girl' uses her unerring radar and homes in on me too…because," he made quoting gestures with his fingers, "'it's like you're hurt too.' Well I'm not! I'm perfectly fine, or I would be if everyone would just leave me alone."

"Wait…I just saved your life here and you're telling me that you're fine and you want me to leave you alone?"

Wilson looked deeply thoughtful and held up a hand to stop whatever House had to say next and, as a testament to how awful House was feeling, he actually shut up.

"Was she right?"


"Eve was her name wasn't it? Are you 'hurt too'?"

"Who isn't?"

"That's not a real answer House."

"Define real."

"Listen, House, you can't avoid things forever or whatever happened out there tonight is going to happen again and I might not be around to help next time and …that scares the shit out of me..."

"What do you know about what happened anyway! Maybe my leg was worse than usual and I accidentally took too many pills."

Wilson looked at him calculatingly. "I heard you talking…you mentioned your dad…"

House paled suddenly and turned back to the porcelain bowl, dry retching, one hand waving off an anxiously hovering Wilson.

When he was finished he stayed leaning on the coolness of bowl, trying to ignore the waves of concern coming from his best friend.

"Why do people always want you to talk about the bad things?" House croaked the words, "like it'll make you feel better, it doesn't. You talk about it and you feel sick, shaky and just…you feel like crap."

"But you DO feel better in the end, I've been to marriage counselling and that's what one counsellor told me, she said it always helps to talk to someone even if you feel like crap for days while your mind accepts things, its better than bottling it up for years surely!"

"Yeah well I think divorce is a little different to having your Dad rape and abuse you countless times while you're only a stupid, trusting little kid…" House realised what he had said and panicked. "Damn, what did they put in those pills? Truth serum?"

"House…shit…I mean… your Dad…he…" Wilson was actually considering committing murder.

House put on a fake voice, parroting words he had obviously heard too many times.

"He's a wonderful man, a real hero." he practically hissed the last word.

Wilson still had not put his scattered wits back together when he remembered something…

"And I made you see him when they visited…"

"Yes," House's voice was suddenly grim, "You did. And he asked all the usual questions about what I do outside of work…you know…any 'babes'? Perfectly normal conversation for a Dad to have with his single son except when you see the look in his eyes…"

"I'm so sorry, House." Wilson was blinking back tears.

House eyed him as you would a dangerous wild creature, "You're not going to get all emotional now are you?" He pretended to be terrified by the mere idea of it.

Wilson, sensing House's desperate need to avoid emotions right now, choked forth an artificial laugh.

"Wouldn't dream of it."

House tried to hold back the sniffle, he really did.

"Damn I must be catching the flu, think Cuddy'll give me a few days off clinic duty?"

Wilson shuffled closer slowly, allowing plenty of time for House to snark him into backing off. Placing a careful arm over his friend's shoulders, he was surprised when House suddenly wilted into the embrace.

A voice muffled by the shoulder it was buried in spoke up, "You realise that if you tell anyone about this I'll have to kill you..."

Wilson just rolled his eyes.

The end...i think..