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Title: Wedding Night
Summary: A glimpse into Logan and Max's hearts on their wedding night.
Author: a fan
Rating: PG 13
Episode Reference: Art Attack
Spoilers: Art Attack, Shorties in Love, Blah Blah Woof Woof
Fic Reference: None
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Max stood at my side as I placed the key in the door of our honeymoon
suite. Even after having her at my side all day I still couldn't believe
how breathtakingly beautiful she looked in her flowing white silk gown.
She was stroking the fabric absentmindedly as she waited for me to open
the door. I could tell that she felt as feminine and beautiful as she

I turned the knob and pushed the door open but before Max could take a
step inside I caught her around the waist and pulled her into my arms.

"Oh!" Max let out a little gasp of surprise, but she didn't flinch.
There was no defensiveness in her posture as she allowed me to pull her
body closer to mine. I was amazed and honored that she trusted me so
completely that I could surprise her.

"Logan? What are you doing?" She asked in amusement as she snuggled in

"Old wedding tradition. The groom carries the bride across the
threshold. All regular girls look forward to this moment. I wouldn't want the most beautiful girl in the world to miss out." I smiled at her.

She rewarded me for that with a beaming smile of her own. The glow
seemed to come from the depths of her soul and lit up her whole face. I
carried her over the threshold and let her down gently on the other side.
Despite her strength she was so light to carry, like an angel in my

We both looked up to a room full of flowers. Arrangements of roses,
lilacs and orchids covered almost every surface. The sweet smell filled my
nostrils. The flowers were lit by a soft glow created by a myriad of
candles. Together they created the beautiful romantic atmosphere that I
had hoped for. I told Max earlier that I wanted her to have every
beautiful thing on her wedding day and I was doing my best to make it

"Flowers..." She said as she looked around in awe. I was so happy to
see that my efforts were working.

I led her to the couch and had her sit down beside me.

"Cover your eyes." I said, "I have a surprise for you." Remembering
another time I had surprised her.

"What is it?" she asked mischievously "A carburetor?" catching on
quickly to our old interplay.

"It's not a carburetor. Don't peek."

"I'm not!" She grinned behind covered eyes. "Flowers? Jewelry?"

"Since when do you wear jewelry?"

"I'm open to the idea..." Before she could finish the thought I held
her gift in front of her. She must have felt the vibrations in the air
and opened her eyes.

"Your mother's locket." She could barely whisper the words. Her eyes
were enormous with shock and emotion.

"This locket was the symbol of my father's love for my mother." I said
as I clasped the locket around Max's neck. "I want you to have it as a
symbol of my love for you."

Neither of us had any more words to say. I kissed away the tears that
started forming in Max's eyes and pulled her into my arms again. Then I
carried her to the bedroom and sat her softly on the bed.

I slowly undid the tiny pearl buttons of her dress caressing her back
with my index finger as I released each button. I could see the chills
ripple up and down her spine as I progressed. Max noiselessly slipped
out of the dress then turned to unbutton my tuxedo shirt. Her fingers
glided down my chest sending shivers throughout my body.

As Max and I explored each other I felt a passion I never knew existed.
I spent hours discovering and savoring every single facet of her, her
body, her face, her whole being. I never closed my eyes. I didn't want
to miss a single moment with the beautiful woman beside me. Max met my
gaze, her eyes unwavering as she opened her heart and soul to me. I
found myself opening my whole soul to her as well in a way I never thought
I could. This moment with my wife was unlike any other I had ever
experienced. I felt like we were eternally connected through the love we

Much later we lay resting, content to be in each other's arms. Max lay
with her head on my chest and her arms wrapped around me. I was
dozing lightly, not really wanting to sleep. I wanted to savor every
moment with my wife in my arms. Max was completely relaxed but I could sense
that she too was awake. She purred dreamily at my touch as I slowly
caressed her back.

"Are you thirsty? Could I get us a couple of glasses of water?" She
asked as she lightly kissed my temple, then my cheek, then my lips.

"Thanks, that would be wonderful." I whispered while I returned her

Max slipped out of the bed into the cool night air. I could see her
shiver a bit as she wrapped herself in my tuxedo shirt. I couldn't believe
how beautiful she looked at that moment, in her bare feet, burrowing
into my shirt for warmth her tousled hair falling around her shoulders. I
couldn't take my eyes off her as she walked across the room. I was
mesmerized by her every move. The way a peaceful glow lit up her face. The
way her feet padded lightly across the floor, barely making any sound.
The way her hair swayed as she moved. The way my shirt draped her
slender back as she reached to open the door. But it was Max's heart that
dwelt inside this beautiful package that brought me the greatest
happiness. This beautiful woman was my wife. The woman who brought joy and love
into my life.

Max paused a moment at the door. She had sensed me staring at her.

"What is it Logan?" She turned and asked me quietly searching my eyes
with her own.

"You are so beautiful." I confessed with an intensity in my voice that
I didn't expect.

"Coming from you I believe it." Her warm brown eyes met my gaze with a
look of complete love and trust. I could see the emotion in her face as
she slipped out of the room to find some glasses.

When she walked out the door I drifted asleep with her beautiful face
in my dreams. I woke up a few minutes later feeling her fingers trace
the outline of the scars on my back. Badges of honor she had called them
in the past.

"What is it Max?" I asked still half asleep, but sensing the intensity
with which she was looking at me.

"You are beautiful." She said not taking her eyes off me.

"Coming from you I believe it." I whispered looking into her eyes. Max
is the only woman that makes me feel completely attractive. She says I
have a wonderful heart. Then she looks at me mischievously and tells me
I have a gorgeous body to go with it. The way she looks at me I believe
her. I'm not disfigured to her, but a whole man. She makes me feel
like I am the most handsome man in the world, a complete man that can give
and receive love.

Max leaned in and kissed me with a pure love that reinforced what I was
feeling. As our kiss deepened I felt her love pour into me. Then to my
surprise I felt an unexpected desire to cry. I broke away gasping for
air and struggling to push back the tears.

"I could use that glass of water now." I smiled at Max.

Max handed me my glass and prepared to take a sip from her own.

"Wait!" I said surprising myself.

"A toast." I suggested in answer to her quizzical look. Max followed my
lead as we raised our glasses.

"To the beautiful woman that brought joy into this lonely man's life." I
said still smiling at her. Then I felt the tears begin to flow again
and this time I couldn't stop them. Embarrassed, I tried to brush them
away. Max gently held my hands while she leaned in and kissed them from
my cheeks.

"It's okay Logan." She whispered as she climbed into bed beside me. She
wrapped her arms around me, letting me know with her presence that I
would never be lonely again. I relaxed in her arms, feeling peace in her
love. We held each other close as we both fell asleep.

Max never left me that night. As I turned towards her she wrapped me in
her arms. When I turned away Max followed me with her body and held me
close. Throughout the night she sought me out. Even in her sleep she wanted to be near me. She wanted to share herself with me. Max had so much to give and
she wanted me to have it all. I felt the pleasure in her heart at being
near me and the joy pouring out of her arms. Any sorrow that remained
in my heart slipped away and was replaced with her love.

In my sleep I found myself seeking out Max as well, wanting to share
all of my love with her. And so we slept together our arms wrapped around
each other. Our closeness endured throughout the night and filled my
heart. In the morning I awoke still in my wife's arms and I knew that I was
completely loved.