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Title: Wedding Night
Summary: A glimpse into Logan and Max's hearts on their wedding night.
Author: a fan
Rating: PG 13
Episode Reference: Art Attack
Spoilers: Art Attack, Shorties in Love, Blah Blah Woof Woof
Fic Reference: None
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I stood at Logan's side as he placed the key in the door of our honeymoon suite. He was so handsome in his tuxedo that even after looking at him all day he still took my breath away. I stroked the fabric of my wedding gown as I waited for Logan to open the door. It was so soft and silky, a far cry from the street grunge style I wore to Jam Pony everyday. My dress was the most beautiful thing I have ever worn. With my husband at my side I felt like the most beautiful bride in the world.

Logan turned the knob and pushed the door open but before I could take a step inside he caught me around the waist and pulled me into his arms.

"Oh!" I gasped in surprise, even as I allowed Logan to pull me closer to him. I was amazed at how easily he could catch me off guard. In fact I have grown to trust him so completely that he can always surprise me.

"Logan? What are you doing?" I asked as I snuggled in closer to his warm body, not sure what he was up to but enjoying every minute of it.

"Old wedding tradition. The groom carries the bride across the threshold. All
regular girls look forward to this moment. I wouldn't want the most beautiful girl in the world to miss out." He gave me one of his radiant smiles.

I felt an enormous smile form spontaneously on my face. It was as if his words turned on a light inside me. Its glow lit my whole body as he carried me over the threshold and let me down on the other side.

We both looked up to a room full of flowers lit by a soft glow created by a myriad of candles. The fragrance of the roses, lilacs and orchids blended with the scent of the candles to create a heady perfume that filled the air. Logan had told me that he wanted me to have every beautiful thing on my wedding day and he had made it happen.

"Flowers..." I murmured as I gazed around in awe. The room was absolutely beautiful.

Logan led me to the couch and guided me to sit down beside him.

"Cover your eyes." He said, "I have a surprise for you." Alluding to another time he had surprised me.

"What is it?" I asked mischievously "A carburetor?" continuing our old interplay.

"It's not a carburetor. Don't peek."

"I'm not!" I grinned behind covered eyes. "Flowers? Jewelry?" I continued to tease him, as if he hadn't already given me enough flowers.

"Since when do you wear jewelry?" He asked in that same mischievous tone he had used the first time.

"I'm open to the idea..." Before I could finish the thought I felt a vibration in the air before me and I spontaneously opened my eyes.

"Your mother's locket." I could barely whisper the words as I stared at Logan's most cherished possession.

"This locket was the symbol of my father's love for my mother." He said as he clasped the locket around my neck. "I want you to have it as a symbol of my love for you."

I could feel the coolness of the metal on my skin. It was his mother's locket and now it was on my neck. I didn't know what to say. His gift touched me at the core of my being. I was completely overwhelmed by the love he had shown me. Logan pulled me into his arms once again and tenderly kissed away the tears that formed in my eyes.

Logan held me close as he moved to the bedroom and sat me softly on the bed. He slowly undid the tiny pearl buttons of my dress caressing my back with his finger as he released each button. Chills rippled up and down my spine at his touch. I slipped out of my dress then turned to unbutton Logan's tuxedo shirt. I could feel the shivers run through his body as my fingers worked down his chest.

As Logan and I explored each other I felt a pure passion I never knew existed. I spent hours discovering and savoring every single facet of him, his body, his face, his whole being. Logan never closed his eyes. It was as if he wanted to memorize every single moment with me. I met his steady gaze with my own eyes as I opened my heart and soul to him. I gave all of myself to him wanting to share the love that grew inside me each moment we were together. And in return he showed me the depths of his love, depths he had never revealed before. This moment with my husband was unlike any other I had ever experienced. I felt like we were eternally connected through the love we shared.

Much later we lay resting, content to be in each other's arms. I lay with my head on his chest and my arms wrapped around him, listening to his heartbeat. I hummed softly under his touch as he gently caressed my back.

"Are you thirsty? Could I get us a couple of glasses of water?" I asked as I kissed every beautiful part of face, his temple, his cheeks, and then his lips.

"Thanks, that would be wonderful." He whispered returning my kisses.

I slipped out of the bed into the cool night air and instantly missed the warmth of his body near me. I shivered involuntarily before wrapping myself in Logan's tuxedo shirt. I burrowed into its warmth and inhaled his wonderful scent that lingered on the fabric. I could feel Logan's eyes following me as I walked towards the door.

"What is it Logan?" I turned and asked him quietly searching those beautiful eyes.

"You are so beautiful." He confessed with an intense sincerity.

"Coming from you I believe it." Logan was the only man that made me feel completely beautiful. I knew I had a beautiful body and a beautiful face. They were designed that way, they didn't mean that much to me. But when Logan looked at me like that he wasn't talking just about my body and my face. He was talking about me. He was telling me that I was beautiful. He has told me so many times and I am beginning to believe it. I am not just a made-up creature. I am a beautiful woman who can give and receive love. I stared back at his loving face acknowledging his statement. Then just as the tears threatened to return to my eyes I quietly slipped out of the room to find some glasses.

When I came back Logan was fast asleep. He must have been so exhausted. I placed the glasses on the night table and softly sat down on the bed to watch him sleep. I stared at every beautiful part of him. I loved his tousled hair, scruffy beard and the long lashes that framed his eyes. I loved his strong arms and shoulders that worked so hard to compensate for his disability. I caressed his beautiful legs that still couldn't feel my touch. I knew it still hurt him that they couldn't function fully, but they were his legs and so were more beautiful to me than the strongest legs in the world. He stirred in his sleep for a moment turning his back towards me and revealing the scars from his gunshot wound and subsequent surgeries. I gently traced the scars with my fingertips. I loved that beautiful back that so often carried the weight of the world upon it. I couldn't take my eyes off this man, my husband. The man that brought joy and love into my life.

"What is it Max?" He asked half asleep, sensing the intensity with which I had been looking at him.

"You are beautiful." I confessed not taking my eyes off him.

"Coming from you I believe it." He met my gaze with a look of complete love and trust.

I leaned in and kissed him then wanting to show him again how much I loved him. As our kiss deepened I felt him accepting my love and embracing it. Then he suddenly broke away gasping for air. For a moment I caught him struggling to push back tears.

"I could use that glass of water now." He smiled lightheartedly his emotions under control again.

I handed him a glass and prepared to take a sip from my own.

"Wait!" The intensity had returned to his voice.

"A toast." He suggested in answer to my quizzical look. I raised my glass with him.

"To the beautiful woman that brought joy into this lonely man's life." He said giving me a radiant smile. Then the tears began to flow from his eyes. Embarrassed he tried to brush them away but couldn't stop them. I gently clasped his hands while I leaned in and kissed the tears from his cheeks.

"It's okay Logan." I whispered as I climbed into bed beside him. I wrapped my arms around him, letting him know that he would never be lonely again. I felt him relax once again comforted by my presence. It brought me so much joy to know that the man I loved found peace in my arms. We held each other close as we both fell asleep.

I kept Logan near me throughout the night. When he turned towards me I wrapped him in my arms. When he turned away I followed him and held him close with my body. Even in my sleep I sought him out. I wanted to be near him. I wanted to share myself with him. I had so much to give him and my waking hours were not sufficient to give it all. The joy overflowed my heart and into my embrace. I wanted to heal his wounds with my love and leave only happiness in their place.

In his sleep Logan sought me out as well, welcoming me home to the place where I belong. And so we slept together our arms wrapped around each other. Our closeness endured throughout the night and comforted my soul. In the morning I awoke still in my husband's arms and I knew that I was completely loved.