This will be my first Naruto fan fiction so please help me with some personalities if I get them wrong! Thanks and enjoy!

The Nine Tailed Fox sealing is not the only important thing that happened 12 years ago. In this time a horrible and bloody event took place. Deep across the lands into lands unknown to the Leaf Village a mother was running away from her home in fear, holding her newborn daughter in her arms as it cried. The baby was covered in a tan cloth and holing it together around the chest was a headband with a strange symbol. It was like a whirlpool but it looked like the spiral used in hypnosis. Hunter-nin, or Hunter Ninja, was pursuing the both of them in a squad of 6 and she wouldn't give up no matter what, same as the hunters. The mother was then soon cornered at a cliff where it looked like the drop would kill you. The mother jumped anyway, keeping the baby girl above her just in case. The Hunter Ninja did not follow; instead they went back to the area around the house to meet up with a second squad with 6 Jounin as well.

"So, you failed on you're mission? Very disappointing" The 2nd squad leader said under his mask.

"We couldn't stop her, she jumped off a cliff!" The 1st squad leader said, "what about you, any luck?"

"The rest of the clan is eliminated, our master would be proud, it's now the newborn that concerns me." The 2nd squad leader said in concern.

"She might have died with the mother, we have no evidence she survived yet," one ninja said from the 1st squad.

"We can't be to careful, am I right, Kanaka?" the 2nd leader said. The first squad leader took off her mask and it revealed a woman with long blond hair in a ponytail low on the back of the head. Her eyes were as dark as the nighttime sky with no stars in the sky and her smile in battle stroke fear into those who oppose her.

"I know very well, I'll find her for sure," Kanaka said with a smile jumping off with her squad and the 2nd squad leader smirked under his mask.

The newborn was still alive and crying but her mother was dead as the details of her remains are too gory to mention without panic.

"I hear something over here!" someone said form a distance, it was a Jounin from the Leaf Village with two others, but he looked familiar.

"It's a child!" another Jounin said

"My god what happened here?" the other said in panic looking at the remains.

"This sign, it's unknown!" The first Jounin said picking up the newborn girl.

"What shall we do?" The 2nd Jounin asked. The first one turned to him and it was the Third Hokage as a shocking matter.

"I'll raise her gladly. She seems to be without a family," The Third Hokage said and smiled as the girl stopped crying, seeing him smile deeply in the moonlight.

I'd Like to make a note that this story is like an alternative story, but it's only just adding one new character in the beginning!