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Merry Christmas

Being alone in her room on Christmas. Or being alone in a room full of strangers on a Christmas party. When Veronica suggested that they could go, she was not sure which one of these was worse. Now she had no doubt. Nothing could have been worse then standing in a room full of people in different states of drunkenness of whom she knew exactly two. And they were nowhere to be seen. She was contemplating to leave for the last 20 minutes but knew that Veronica would be worried and she didn't have the strength to search for her. Finally she decided to send her a message and then find a mode of transport to get her home. She started to look for her cell in her bag when someone bumped into her, nearly knocking her off her feat. She didn't fall, however. Instead she found herself pressed to a firm body. She was about to mutter her thanks when she turned around and instantly drown in her saviors' annoyingly beautiful blue eyes. 'Wait, did she just think of Dick's eyes as beautiful?' She must have been intoxicated from the fumes in the room. Satisfied with her explanation she opened her mouth to say … what she was not sure, when his lips silenced her. It was soft, short and it made her stomach flip. Several times. When he broke the contact sudden feeling of loss washed over her and she almost gasped when his lips came back for a quick peck. She opened her eyes although she wasn't aware of closing them and when their gazes met, he grinned and whispered "Merry Christmas." before turning around and leaving her there all confused and … just confused.

"You really should pay better attention to where you stand." came Veronica's amused voice from behind her. In response to her confused look she pointed up and when Mac followed her finger she saw mistletoe hanging right above her head.

'Well, that would explain his action.' she thought for herself. It however didn't explain her reaction.