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Happy Valentine's Day

This was definitely her least favorite holiday. Because it was not for everyone. It was for couples. And you were reminded you are not a part of one on every step for the bigger part of February. And she was tired of it. Tired of the heart-shaped balloons, cheesy postcards, teddy bears bigger then her, boxes of chocolate no one could eat by themselves and red roses everywhere.

She had nothing against roses. It just wasn't her favorite flower. Especially this time of the year. She didn't mind teddy bears either. Not even the ones holding big hearts with cheesy lines written on them. And she liked chocolate. Really. She could do without balloons, however. But in February she was sick of it all. Almost literally. She was alone and she could cope. But she didn't need to be reminded of the fact on every step.

That is why she was home alone lying on the couch and listening to music while her brother was having a sleepover and her parents were on a romantic getaway overnight. Veronica had plans too since she had an extremely romantic boyfriend and she wouldn't let Parker to talk her into anything for the next couple of centuries or so.

So the knock on the door took her completely by surprise. She wasn't sure she was in the mood for company of any kind but after the second knock she lifted herself of the couch and shuffled to the door. She didn't bother to take a look on who was behind it and so her mouth slightly opened in shock when she was met with the sight of Dick. Dick with flowers. Dick with a huge bouquet of crimson tulips of almost the exact shade the stripes in her hair had.

They stood there for good two minutes just staring at each other before any of them spoke.

"Happy Valentine's Day." Dick said and handed her the flowers. She took them from him and felt a jolt of electricity running through her arm at the touch of their hands. She turned her back to him and headed to the kitchen. She heard him closed the door and follow her. She busied herself with putting the flowers into a vase while ignoring him. But she was well aware of his presence. When the flowers were in the vase she bent down to enjoy their smell for a while before she finally gathered the strength to face him. But when she turned around he was much closer then she thought. In fact when she turned around she found herself in his embrace. Her breath caught in her lounges as her hands rested on his chest. She didn't know how long they were staring into the others eyes – it could have been 10 seconds or half an hour, before he lowered his head and their lips met. But this time she met him half way. And it wasn't sweet or soft or teasing. It was hungry and passionate and demanding. When they came up for air she found herself sitting on the counter and had no idea how that happened. His arms were around her waist holding her close and she was grasping at his shoulders for support. She was looking down on him and she liked it. Just like she liked the feel of his hair on her skin. She put her arms tighter around his neck and kissed him. For the first time. But definitely not for the last time. The last thought she had before his lips and hands made her mind shut down completely was: 'I wonder what he plans for my birthday.'