Title: The One In The Middle

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Tena & oli

Rate: T

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: Angst/Drama, missing scenes, OOC just in case, emotional feelings on the line, and prepare the tissues.

Summary: Life is not fair.

A/N: No age given, this is AU story, be noted!



"He did it!" Elladan accused Elrohir.

Elrond stared at Elrohir, noticing the innocent face. He then looked back and forth between Elladan and Estel. "Did you see who did it, Estel?"

Estel nodded to his Adar, and then looked at Elladan who nodded to him. "Aye, it was Elrohir, Ada."

Elrohir did not even know what he did, and he dared not ask when he noticed the hard glare that his Adar gave him.

"Go to your room, Elrohir, and I suggest you stay in your room until I say otherwise."

It was the fourth time in this week that his Adar just sent him away to his room without asking him what really happened.

Elrohir was angry at how his Adar dealt with it; he was furious to know that his Adar believed his brothers and not him.

Elrohir decided to act; he felt that enough was enough…

He did stay in his room, and was not called, by his Adar, when time to eat had come. He was hungry, but it seemed that no one cared. His Adar did not even care for him.

Now, another thought came to his mind. He thought that maybe his Adar did not even love him.

As night came, Elrohir knew that he had become the forgotten one.

He could hear his Adar bless his sons a 'Good Night' and then quiet was the last things that he heard.

He decided to act, to move fast. He moved away from the bed, taking his weapons, quiver of arrows and the bow, and then he snuck out of his room.

He decided not to take a horse; they made too much noise for his opinion, though he walked into the night, through the forest. He wanted to hide and avoid any guards that might return him to his Adar.

With a thought that no one would come and search for him, he left heading for the border.

End of Mini-Prologue.