Title: The One In The Middle 2

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: oli

Rate: T

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: Angst/Drama, missing scenes, OOC just in case, emotional feelings on the line, and prepare the tissues.

Summary: Life is not fair.

A/N: No age given, this is AU story, be noted!


Elrond stared at the boy, he sighed heavily as he answered with a cracked voice, "I do not know, my son," and then he glanced at Glorfindel. "That is all I had found." He held up the three notes Elrohir had left.

Each of the elves that got a parchment read it.

Estel heard of what Elladan read to him…

"To Elladan and Estel,

I find that both of you would wish that I get out of your life, well you have your wish! ...I am out of your life for good!



Glorfindel though after hearing every word that left Elladan's mouth, opened his parchment and started to read…

"Dear Lord Glorfindel,

It is my honor to be blessed by your company and friendship, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Although, I do hope that we will meet again, it will not be in Imladris as I am not wanted by those I once called 'family'.

I wish you the best,


Elrond could felt how his heart was beating faster and louder, he could feel the pain growing within as though his heart was shattering into a thousand pieces.

Elrond found himself staring at the parchment, with doubt in his eyes, uncertain as to what he should do with it.

He could feel how the trio watched him, just wishing he would open it, to know what Elrohir wrote to him.

With a heavy heart, he sighed and opened the parchment, he began to read…

"To Elrond,

You were supposed to see the whole truth, before placing punishments.

It was only the forth time this week, or have you forgotten already of what you did to me in these last weeks. I will do my best to remind you, because each act you did, caused me tears of pain and wondering if I really belonged and fit in with this I called 'family'.

You never once asked me what happened, you seemed to come to the conclusion of what they told you was true, and you never did come to my room, always sending poor Lord Erestor or Lord Glorfindel to ask about me, and with that I am filled with questions as I still wondered:

Do you not love me? Do you love Elladan and Estel more that you forgot about me? Are you not proud of me? Am I nothing to you?

You failed me, Adar, as I am going to find myself a new family who does not forget me and punish me for nothing. I'm seeking a family that will care and see what kind of elf I am beneath the surface, to love me as I am.


Glorfindel sighed, the letter brought tears to his eyes, he did not know how much Elrohir was in pain, as he hid the pain very well as it seemed, until Elrond drew the last straw that make Elrohir walk away from his family.

"What are you going to do, mellon-nin?" Glorfindel asked, as his eyes locked onto the elf-lord.

"I do not know…" Elrond responded with cracked voice.

"What do you mean, you don't know? He is your son!" Glorfindel snapped at him, he could feel the rage burning in his heart as he heard what Elrond said.

Elrond gave him a broken face as he finally felt tears falling from his eyes over his cheeks, as he spoke with a bit of anger, "Well, my son seems to be searching for a new family, and he does not need any of us, except you."

Glorfindel burst his anger could now easily be seen on his face, "I can see now why Elrohir left," he glared hard at him, and he then added, "For Elrohir's sake, you have to claim and search for him, to show him, how you really care and love him, and if you do not, then Elrohir was right in every word that he wrote in the letter.

You have to show him how much you do love him or you lose him to the first family that he might find, and if it will happen, and you do meet again, it will be like meeting with strangers."

"You heard what he wrote, he believed that I failed him as a Adar and he hates Elladan and Estel, so why should I search for him?" Elrond snapped at him.

Glorfindel wondered if Elrond had heard anything he had just told him.

End of Chapter 2.