"Come on, just one more kiss, love."
"Ron, I have to go."

Long and wet kisses resounded in Ron´s bedroom.
A soft crack sounded from his bed.

Hermione winked at Ron while she dressed again in her nightgown. "Have a good night, love."

Then she Disapparated to her bedroom in the Burrow. She leaned in against the wall, waiting for her heartbeat to calm down.

Merlin, he never ceases to make my head spin and my body melt when he touches me.
Mrs. Weasley can´t ever know about my visits to his room.

Hermione and Ron had been dating for one year, and each day was very exciting to her. Since hunting Horcruxes, defeating Voldemort, having Ron save her life and then snog her senseless under the tree behind the house, everything was a myriad of emotions in Hermione´s mind and body.

She remembered a Chinese proverb her grandmother always said when she was a little girl:

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases.

The meaning of those words were more clear to her than when she was ten. Her thirst for Ron´s kisses was increasing, as was her thirst to feel the heat of his body against hers and hear his growls when they made love as well.

Too risky, especially spending two weeks at his parents' house. But it's one of the sexiest sounds made by him that I've ever heard.

Hermione lay down on her bed and pulled the sheet to her neck. She smiled and closed her eyes for another dreamy night about her unceasing water fountain.
And thanked Merlin for the creation of Silencing Charms.