It had been a few months since Layla had left Kaleido Stage. Sora was always practicing har,d trying to keep audiences, but she couldn't do it alone, her name didn't have enough pull. She just didn't have the recognition; she had risen to stardom too soon.


No response.


Still nothing.

Fool jerked on Sora's hair and shouted in her ear, which woke the girl up. Her golden-brown eyes registered shock, and then dimmed into annoyance. She reached out to slap Fool, but her soft hand connected with a chest. A muscular chest. Sora gazed into the eyes of Fool, and her shocked expression was reflected in them.

"WhoareyouwhatareyoudoinginmyroomandwhydoyoulooklikeFool?!" Sora was out of breath and looked at the man who looked like Fool again. Only he didn't look exactly the same.

For one, this Fool had shorter hair, and it was tied back. It went down his back though, ending at his waist. He wasn't wearing a mask, but he had one on the side of his head, held there with black ribbon. And his clothes, although the same colors, were just pants. He appeared to be missing his shirt. His skin was still just as pale and doll-like as it had been before.

"Sora, please don't be an idiot like this." The voice was so like Fool's, Sora shut up.

"Hey Sora, time to get up!" The girl's voice rang through the room, and Sora shoved Fool away as she ran to get clothes and lock herself in the bathroom.

"I'll be out soon Anna!"

Sora hurriedly put her clothes on and ran out, right into a waiting Fool.

Fool held Sora's shoulder's to stabilize her and she looked into his eyes.

I don't know why, but he looks really good.. Sora thought before yanking away from the man, running out to Anna.

Fool watched Sora go, sighing sadly. He couldn't really explain it, but he gathered that now was the time where a Spirit of the Stage wasn't needed. Fool looked at his hands and sighed again. Sora was short compared to him. About a head and a half, he guessed. That thought made him smile.

Sora went to practice as usual, lost in her own little world. If that was really Fool, then he was really handsome. She had noticed he seemed very muscular when she had slapped him. While daydreaming and lost in thought, Sora tripped over Mia's outstretched leg.

"Sora, we're warming up, not standing!" She hissed, and Sora got into the stretches.

"Really Sora, you've been out of it all morning. What's up, not enough sleep?"

"Maybe being a star has gone to her head." Mia joked.

Sora laughed, but it wasn't really funny. Sure, being a Kaleido Stage star was fun, but it wasn't really the same without Layla to partner with. Sighing, Sora went back to her room early, claiming to be ill. No one bothered her and she climbed into her bed, thinking in a dazed manner about this morning.

I wonder where Fool went, she thought as she started to doze.

"Kalos, please, I think now would be a good chance for me to get back on the stage."

"Honestly, I don't even know how you got to be… so big… anyway."

Kalos looked at Fool, eyebrows raised. Although he had never seen Fool, he had heard about him from Layla and Sora. But he seemed a lot bigger than he pictured.

"I know. I'm not quite sure why, but it seems that now I'm in a regular human body." Fool shrugged, and Kalos did as well, having long since accepted that weird things happened at Kaleido Stage.

"Well, why not, if you want to audition that's fine with me." Kalos smiled and Fool nodded eagerly.

Fool headed off towards the room Sora was in, letting himself in and rummaging through clothes Kalos had given him. Finding a pair of navy blue shorts, Fool switched them for his pants. He also found a white tank top and slid that on, liking how it hugged his torso. As for his hair, Fool kept it long, but put it into a braid instead, going over to the sleeping Sora, surprised that she was still sleeping. He nudged her shoulder and she rolled over onto her stomach.

Fool smiled, remembering when he first met Sora. She was so nervous about her performance and he said only a couple things, but that was enough to almost send her into hysteria. But she pulled through and Kalos had given her a job.

I hope he will give me a job as well… Fool thought as he ran his fingers over Sora's forehead. She was so innocent looking and she was always smiling when awake too. Fool was about to bend over so he could kiss her forehead, but he heard someone coming and went into the kitchen to find something to eat.

"Sora, I'm back from practice."

Rosetta was the young girl who had become attached to Sora and was now working for Kaleido Stage, and visited Sora in her free time. Fool looked around before he grabbed some water and went out the door as Rosetta tried to rouse Sora from her slumber.

Kalos looked at Fool, who was sitting on the swing, and nodded. A few people were there to watch, and Rosetta had managed to get Sora up in time to go. They sat in the back and Sora couldn't tell who the man was from so far away.

Fool nodded to Kalos and then looked at Sora. He smiled and then began, swinging back and forth.

"He's so handsome."

"So muscular..."

Sora snorted, leaning on the chair in front of her. Anna and Mia were there, watching as well, just as interested as everyone else. Rosetta was smiling as she watched Fool, his body twisting this way and that as he did a handstand on the swing, practicing before he did some more impressive movements. Everyone was clapping, and Sora did as well, smiling softly.

"Excellent." Kalos said, nodding as the man landed on the net below, climbing down after. Kalos got up and went to talk to Fool and everyone started to leave. But Kalos called for Sora to stay.

Rosetta went on with Anna and Mia while Sora went down to Kalos and Fool, but the three girls stayed nearby to listen.

"What did you think Sora?" Kalos asked.

"Well, it was good of course." Sora replied, shrugging. She had expected it to be good though, this was Fool, Spirit of the Stage. She didn't know how he could be bad at anything to do with Kaleido Stage.

"Good. You two may go now." Kalos nodded, as if everything was done.

"But… where shall I stay?" Fool asked.

"Why, with Sora of course." Kalos said, raising an eyebrow. Fool and Sora exchanged a look. "Haven't you two been staying together this whole time?"

"Well yeah… But he was small then!" Sora whined, holding her hands apart to show how big he had been.

Kalos looked at them both before he laughed, walking off and waving his hand as if the topic were closed. He said, as he went, "Well it's not like I have any free rooms for him, so get used to it!"

"Great, now what…?" Sora looked at Fool, sticking out her tongue.

Sora and Fool walked back to the room together, and Sora let them in, neither speaking. It was odd, she wasn't used to Fool being so tall, nor him being so close. Sora went to go see what they had to snack on and Fool took out a worn deck of tarot cards, shuffling them and looking at the first card he was drawn to.

"How interesting… The Lovers…" Fool gazed at Sora, who was humming as she went to work on cooking up some food. His eyes lingered on her for a moment and he felt a blush creep into his cheeks as he shuffled the deck again. "Hmph, stupid cards..."