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Haruno Happiness

By Sakura-Chan555

Chapter 12


When the four pairs met up with each other, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, and Tenten all headed to the thirty two foot roller coaster, Shinigami, which in Japanese means 'God of Death'. Ino, Shikamaru, Naruto, and Hinata stayed behind and would wait for them by one of the odango stands.

"So, what's tonight's theme?" Neji asked. Tenten looked at Sakura, who looked at Neji and smiled.

"Tonight's theme is solo night." Sakura said. Sasuke and Neji looked at Sakura with a confused look, while Tenten looked at Sakura with a concerned look.

"Are you going to be okay? I mean, have you been practicing?" Tenten asked. Sakura nodded her head.

"Yup! I just hope that you, Ino, and Hinata memorized your lyrics!" Sakura exclaimed. Tenten gave her a good guy pose and grinned.

"You bet'cha!" said a very enthusiastic Tenten. Sakura giggled ant they were off to the roller coaster.

They got to Shinigami in a matter of time and were first in line, again. The four of them showed the woman their wristbands and got on, Tenten and Sakura in front with Sasuke and Neji in the cart behind them. A few more people got on the roller coaster and then the ride started. They went in loops, hung upside down, went backwards, and anything else that would get your heart pumping. At the end of the ride, Tenten and Sakura weren't walking straight and fell a couple of times since they were so dizzy.

"That was awesome!" Sakura yelled. Tenten tried to nod her head in agreement and then they both collapsed. It was a good thing that Sasuke and Neji caught them. Sasuke carried Sakura to where they were supposed to meet Hinata, Naruto, Ino and Shikamaru, bridal style and so did Neji. Of course, there was a little bit of pale pink painted across their cheeks, but no one noticed.

When Sasuke, Neji, and the two, now sleeping, girls got to the odango stand where they met the other two couples, Ino had secretly taken a picture of the two couples and showed Hinata. She started giggling and told Ino to send her the picture once this day was over. After a few more seconds, Sakura and Tenten began to wake up and when they saw that Sasuke and Neji were carrying them, their faces turned a deep red. Sasuke and Neji saw this and let them down, their faces a pale pink.

"So, what's the next ride we're going on?" Tenten asked. Ino and Hinata had mischievous looks on their faces. Sakura and Tenten DID NOT like the looks on their faces and knew that they had planned this before they got to the amusement park.

"Well…" Hinata began.

"We were planning to go through the tunnel of love!" Ino exclaimed. Sakura and Tenten's faces fell and then fainted. Sasuke and Neji started fanning their faces, while Hinata and Ino had innocent looks on their faces. They saw how Shikamaru and Naruto looked scared of them, but gave them both a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry guys. That's just the way that Sakura and Tenten are. They don't really like slow rides like Hinata-Chan and I do." Ino explained.

"They're just in total shock right now. They've always thought that the tunnel of love was one of the stupidest rides in an amusement park, but Ino-Chan and I thought differently." Hinata said without stuttering. The four guys were shocked that Hinata just said something without stuttering, but Ino was used to it.

After a few more seconds, Tenten and Sakura woke up and complained that they had a headache.

"Come on you two. We have to go on one more ride and then we have to get ready for the show tonight. And it's not like it's going to kill you!" Ino exclaimed.

"Maybe it might…." Tenten and Sakura said innocently. So, Hinata and Ino HAD to drag Sakura and Tenten towards the tunnel of love, despite all their protests and threats about making them go on the scariest ride on the next upcoming festival, while the four boys' just sweat dropped and followed the girls.

When they got to the tunnel of love, they showed the man and woman their wristbands and got into four separate boats. Neji and Tenten got into one, Shikamaru and Ino got in another one, Naruto and Hinata got into anther, and Sasuke and Sakura got in the last one. When the boats started moving, Tenten and Sakura kept complaining about how slow the ride was, but Neji and Sasuke just smirked. It was a peaceful ride, until someone fell into the water.

Sakura had been resting her head on her arms and was making ripples in the water, when Sasuke was about to ask her something.

"Sakura?" asked Sasuke. This surprised Sakura and caused her to fall into the water. Without thinking, Sasuke dived into the water and swam to save the sinking girl. When Sasuke got a hold of Sakura, he swam back to shore and saw that she was unconscious. Her friends rushed to her side, while Sasuke was trying to push all the water out of her. When Sakura woke up, she went into all of these coughing fits, but was able to regain her composure. Her friends nearly hugged her to death, but quickly let go.

"W-What happened?" Sakura asked. Her head was swirling around in circles.

'Let's see…I was complaining about how slow the ride was…Then I got bored and started to play with the water…Then Sasuke was about to ask me something….And then I fell into the water…' Sakura thought.

"You fell in the water and I saved you." Sasuke said with a hint of red on his cheeks. Sakura blushed a little bit and then smiled at him.

"Domo Arigatou, Sasuke." Sakura thanked. And before he could say something, Sakura had planted a kiss on his cheek and smiled at him.

"Come on! We still have to get ready for the show!" Ino exclaimed. And with that being said, Sakura grabbed Sasuke's wrist and they ran to the parking lot.

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