Bloody Fall

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AN: I know that the title is a total rip-off from "To Kill A Mockingbird", but it was the only thing I could think of. This story is going to be my spring break project. I won't be able to finish it in just one week, but I'm aiming for a month. Spring break is just when I'm going to type the majority of the project. R&R please!

She lay in a pool of blood. Even after she had fallen, she retained her angelic beauty. But, she was dying inside. It showed. She was dying and no one would save her. She had been left for death. No one would ever know who had truly killed her. Only he would know. And he would never speak. He had laughed at her as she died and then left.

Hinata twisted her head to the left, looking at the body a few feet away. It was some poor ninja who had fallen in the way of their battle. He was nameless, and yet Hinata felt as if she knew him. Tears welled up in her pearly eyes. No one would know how he had died; that he had died a hero's death. No one would mourn him.

Crystal tears dripped down her cheeks and fell into the pool of blood. Hinata moved her head back, so that she was staring at the sky. Night was falling. The sun was setting in the desert. Creatures would awake and come to the smell of blood.

So, this is how it's going to end. Hinata said as her eyes started to close. She felt her breathing begin to slow down. Eighteen years I lived. Sixteen I lived in shame of myself. Two I lived freely. I have no regrets, save one. I wish that I could have loved and had love returned. Now it's too late…

Gaara walked through the desert idly. Kankuro was behind him a few feet, keeping an eye on him. Gaara didn't really care. It was good to be away from the prying council members who constantly told him what a terrible job he was doing as Kazekage. At least, their efforts to tell him were amusing.

A light breeze picked up. It ruffled his blood red hair. Gaara closed his eyes, but opened them immediately. The scent of blood was on the air.

"Gaara! Wait up!" Kankuro called as Gaara summoned a platform of sand to transport him. Kankuro sighed; Gaara hadn't waited for him. Taking out a scroll, he summoned a large spider puppet and rode it to follow Gaara.

Gaara searched the desert for the source of the blood. He was rewarded quite quickly; there were two shadows in the dying sun. Gaara moved his platform in that direction and landed.

In front of him lay the pool of blood. The crimson liquid stood out so brightly against the sand. In the center of the pool, lay a girl.

Her indigo hair spread out wildly, taking in the blood. She was deathly pale and her eyes were closed. There were cuts all over her body. Around her neck hung a Leaf headband. Slowly, Gaara remembered her fighting her cousin during the Chuunin exams. It had been the fight before his. Her blood had gotten him all riled up. Now, her blood was here, all for the taking. Gaara leaned down…

Hinata felt someone's breath on her face. Struggling, she opened her pearly eyes. Light green eyes outlined in heavy black lines swam into view. A shock of red hair and a symbol that read 'love'. The demon from Sand.

Gaara watched her as she opened her eyes and took in his face. She recognized him, he knew. Now, just to wait for fear to appear in those pearly, innocent eyes. For her to try and get away. To beg for mercy.

Fear never entered her eyes. She knew that there was no way to save her. She might as well die at the hands of a demon. Hinata really didn't care.

Her lips parted. She was going to try and ask for him to be quick. But, she felt herself being lifted up. She lost consciousness quickly.

Gaara didn't really know what had possessed him, but he picked up the girl. She was so small and light, it was barely a challenge. Gaara walked away from the blood and walked a little ways off.

"Gaara! What do you have there?" Kankuro shouted as he finally caught up with him. His eyes were fixed on the girl in Gaara's arms.

"I found her. She's dying. She needs help," Gaara said curtly. Kankuro nodded.

Gaara freed on of his arms and formed a hand sign. The sand became a platform, lifting him, Kankuro, and the puppet up and bringing them to Suna. As soon as they were in the air, Kankuro got caught up sealing his puppet back into the scroll. Gaara watched Hinata in his arms closely as they moved through the air.

Her chest moved up slowly as she took in air. Blood was dripping off of her on him and the sand. Now that he had no demon, it was no challenge to resist the blood. She looked so pure, though she was stained with blood. Something that he should never touch, let alone hold. Yet, here he was, carrying her.

Kankuro watched his younger brother out of the corner of his eye. He had never seen Gaara care for another human being. He had looked out for the lives of the people of Suna, but never this. The way he looked at her was different, too. Almost caring. Maybe Gaara had grown up.

Hinata started coughing violently, bringing up blood. Gaara's eyes widen slightly, but he returned quickly to composure. Kankuro sensed his brother's worry, but merely said, "We'll be there soon enough."