A/N: This story is silly, fluffy, was written off the top of my head while I was bored, and makes no pretenses at containing any measure of logic. Enjoy:)

Tsuzuki was running late as usual, necktie askew, as he rushed down the hall to the Summon's Department. Turning a corner, he skidded into something unyielding, falling to the floor.

"Watch where you're going," Terazuma scowled, his eyes flashing with anger. "Only you would be late to your own surprise party," he said with a sneer, stalking off down the hall.

"Surprise party?" Tsuzuki said, struggling to his feet. "Well, I guess it's hardly a surprise now, you big jerk."

Tsuzuki cautiously approached the door to the office, turning the knob and bracing himself. Absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary as he walked into the usual bustle of his co-workers at their cubicles. He was torn between pouting and cursing Terazuma, when Wakaba looked up at him and gave a little squeak, running into Konoe's office. Moments later, the room went black. The clearing shadows revealed an exasperated Tatsumi, and a jubilant foursome of blondes cheerfully announcing the surprise.

"Well, that went well," Hisoka muttered, as he emerged from the office, rolling his eyes.

"Sorry Tsuzuki! You were early being late today!" Wakaba said, throwing her arms around him.

"Happy birthday, big fella!" Watari cried, smushing the petite girl between them as he joined the embrace.

"Wow, thanks guys," Tsuzuki said, overwhelmed. He arched his neck see that Hisoka was escaping into their office, with a slight frown.

"Here's the part Tsuzuki will like best, I'm sure," Tatsumi said with a polite smile, as he led Tsuzuki to a table by the water cooler bearing a large chocolate cake. "Everyone eat up so we can get back to work. Tsuzuki, I'm letting you have the day off, without pay. Happy birthday."

"Um, thanks, I think," Tsuzuki said, his eyes never leaving the frosted desert. Saya grabbed a paper plate and sliced a generous portion for him, while Yuma pushed a rolling office chair into the back of his knees and urged him to sit.

"This is the life," Tsuzuki said with a laugh, as Saya brought him his cake.

"We brought a special birthday outfit for Hisoka to wear for you, but he wouldn't put it on," Saya said with a pout.

"Yeah, he would have been so cute and sexy in those thigh-high stockings," Yuma added. Tsuzuki dropped his fork.

"With the little lace garters," Saya added. Tsuzuki retrieved his fork from the wrong end, nearly injuring himself.

"And the skirt just short enough to reveal his little pink panties," Yuma said with a giggle. Tsuzuki missed his mouth entirely as he raised the first bite of cake.

"Um, so I guess that's why he's hiding then," Tsuzuki said, wiping the side of his face with the handkerchief Watari provided.

"Quite. They've been chasing the poor child all over the office. He finally sought sanctuary behind Tatsumi's desk," Watari said.

"It's too bad. Hisoka won't get to see you enjoy the cake he made you," Wakaba said with a sad look. Tsuzuki inspected the slice of cake with a thoughtful look.

"Hisoka made this for me?" Tsuzuki asked in wonder.

"That's right. Isn't it romantic?" Saya asked with a sigh. Tsuzuki placed the plate on a desk and stood, walking to the small office he shared with his partner.

Opening the door, he found Hisoka staring out of the window, instead of hunched over the paperwork like he'd expected, and watched him for a moment before clearing his throat.

"Hisoka, you made me a cake," Tsuzuki said and winced, thinking how stupid he must sound.

"It's no big deal, idiot. I just felt like it," Hisoka said.

"Um - well, thanks," Tsuzuki said, feeling incredibly awkward as he stared at the delicate lines of Hisoka's throat that were revealed by his sleeveless zippered shirt. Hoping he hadn't let his emotional guard down too much in that moment, he saw that two emerald eyes had risen to look at his face.

"Aren't you going to eat it?" Hisoka asked.

"Yes, of course," Tsuzuki said, retreating with a goofy grin.


Tsuzuki had polished off what cake the others had left behind, reclining in his chair with a satisfied grin. He cried out with surprise as he felt the chair begin to move beneath him.

"I'm going to steal the birthday boy for a bit! Everyone have a nice day!" Watari called merrily as he wheeled the startled man to his laboratory.

"Watari, please don't get him too drunk. He is expected to return to work tomorrow," Tatsumi called after them, to which the scientist just laughed.

"What's this all about, Watari?" Tsuzuki asked as Watari shut the door behind them. The blonde pulled a bottle with a fizzy substance from a shelf, pulling out the stopper.

"Here's something for the tummy ache you're going to give yourself," Watari said, offering him a teaspoon of the substance.

"This won't turn me into a girl, will it?" Tsuzuki asked suspiciously. Watari shook his head and crossed his heart.

"I dare say, I've nothing to cure that heart ache of yours though," Watari said with a wistful sigh.

"What are you talking about?" Tsuzuki asked him, eyes narrowing.

"I've known you for decades, Tsuzuki. You'd never abandon an uneaten piece of cake for anyone or anything," Watari said.

"Oh, that?" Tsuzuki said with an uneasy laugh. "I just wanted to thank him. It's not like he does things like that very often."

"Tsuzuki," Watari said in a demanding tone, getting the other man to meet his eyes.

"You're in love with Hisoka."

"Because I wanted to thank him for my cake before I ate it?" Tsuzuki said incredulously.

"Yes," Watari said, sitting on the edge of a table facing him. "And because of the way you look at him, the way you hold him like he's made of glass when he falls asleep in the library and you carry him home, the way you sneak in past the Gushoshin to get him every time he does - and because I know that not one other person could've pulled you back from the flames at Kyoto."

"I see," Tsuzuki said, looking past the scientist to the window behind him. "And if I am?"

"Then you should stop sulking and go get him!" Watari said with exasperation.

"Aren't you being just a tad simplistic about this?" Tsuzuki asked with a laugh.

"How so?" Watari asked. Tsuzuki shook his head.

"Watari, what exactly makes you think that an intelligent, beautiful boy like Hisoka would jump at the chance to enter into a homosexual relationship with a man in his nineties whom he personally feels is a moron?" Tsuzuki asked. Watari scratched his head.

"Well, you're unreasonably hot for ninety," the scientist said with a shrug.

"Um, thanks," Tsuzuki said, rising from his chair. "I think I'm going to go enjoy my day off, okay?"