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A roar from Kyuubi awoke Naruto from his slumber, causing him to curse his inner alarm clock. After a minute to get his mind on track he moved to get himself out of bed only for him to get forced down. Fully awake now he saw that both Hinata and Haku snuck in again, seeing this he let out a small smile at the two women he loved and hated to do this to them. Using his fathers bloodline he created a shadow clone and had him replace him use the substitution jutsu to switch places.

After the switch the black streaked blond dispelled the clone and a little idea came to his mind. Being quiet as death himself he brought the two girls close together, which resulted in them embracing each other lovingly which almost gave him a nose bleed, especially when they were wearing almost see-through white nightgowns.

The prankster covered his nose and covered them us with his thick blanket, walked to his closet, grabbed his clothes, equipment, and left quickly.

About ten minutes later Naruto was about half way to the Hokage Tower, now he could have just body flickered there but decided a nice walk would be nice. As he strolled through the village he was glad it was around six thirty in the morning, after all there was no need to kill a bastard villager just because he or she thought he was the Kyuubi. It took another five minutes until he got to the tower and waltzed right in.

Unfortunately the bitchy secretary decided to stir up some trouble, "Hold it you need to have an appointment to see the Hokage," she said stopping Naruto in his tracks.

"Listen I don't like you and you don't like me, and frankly I don't give shit. But the Hokage is expecting me for an important mission, so fuck off, and leave me alone." he said before walking away leaving her to fume on how the demon spoke out of term to his superiors.

Like he gave a shit.

Feeling refreshed after letting off a little steam at some ignorant asshole Naruto walked right into Tsunade's office. Not surprised seeing Jiraiya there nor Kimimaro wearing the standard Leaf Jounin flak-vest, but he forgone any shirt because of his bloodline.

"Glad you could join us Naruto." Tsunade said seeing he was a minute late.

"Sorry, that secretary of yours is a bitch." Naruto said getting a nod from Kimimaro, "So when do we leave?"

"You leave in ten minutes, I was just going over a new part of the mission." the blond Hokage said.

"New part?" he asked.

"Yes you are to bring back every single member possible, I don't care how you do it, but I want it done."

"Will do, later." Naruto said before disappearing in a small cloud of smoke.

The three companions just passed The Valley of the End, something Naruto grimaced at remembering the life and death fight between him and Sasuke. But Kimimaro surveyed the place for the bodies of his former comrades, he knew he was being paranoid but they were Orochimaru's personal guard. But he just couldn't help but feel that something was off.

The morning passed without incident and the three decided to take a short break, the silence was deafening until Naruto decided to break it.

"Jaraiya I have a question." he said the the perverted Sannin.

"Go ahead shoot." Jairaiya said taking a drink of his green tea from his thermos.

"Why was I named Uzumaki?" Naruto asked causing the Toad Sage to spit out his drink over Kimimaro.

"Why would you want to know that?!" he exclaimed trying to catch his breath.

"I would like to know as well since I'm all sticky you your tea." Kimimaro said wiping the tea and spit off his face.

"Because I always hear how good my dad was but nothing about my mom, it's almost like she didn't exist." Naruto said taping his foot waiting for his answer.

"That's not surprising, all right listen up because I'm only going to say this once." Jairaiya said, getting the two teens attention, "As you know you mom was a Uchiha, but unlike others she was completely different. Now before you ask let me ask you this, the Uchiha's you remember did they always stand upright and scowl all the time like they had a stick up their ass, anti-social, and had a depressing aura around them?" seeing his student nod he continued, "Well Kushina was the exact opposite she was a tomboy, a free spirit, and social. The clan didn't like that at all and conspired to get rid of her well they succeeded is some way."

"I'm sorry can you please be more specific? I would like to know more about this." Kimimaro said as he knew Jairaiya was going to blow the story off leaving them questioning what the hell he meant.

"Yea don't blow us off Ero-sennin." Naruto agreed knowing this tactic all too well.

Grunting seeing that he was figured out the old Sannin finished up the story, "Fine I'll finish it up. Naruto your mom was friends with a lot of people from Whirlpool Country and she voiced her concerns with them, she confirmed this using a jutsu she took to her grave she over heard the elders were conspiring to kill her, and told the Sandaime, he assigned her a "suicidal" S-rank mission where she "died". She disappeared for a few years until she was completely forgotten, now before you say anything I'll let you know that Minato knew and went along with it. And he was a good actor pretending to be all depressed until she came back into his life again as Kushina Uzumaki. No one was the wiser especially the Uchiha Clan after deleting her from their records."

"But I heard that she was a spunky red-head that didn't take shit from nobody." Naruto said, remembering all Uchiha's had raven black hair.

"She dyed it red numbskull, now lets get moving we're burning daylight." Jaraiya said before walking off making the two teen to catch up to him.

Rice Country

A few hours later the three arrived at the entrance of a Port Town, that had an ass-load of inns and restaurants. This was a place that Naruto didn't like one bit, but Jiraiya happily walked right in saying this was a good place to get some chow.

"Hey Kimimaro what do you remember about this place?" Naruto asked.

"Hmm my memory is a little fuzzy but if I'm correct this is just a town full of inns for merchants." the bone user said rubbing his chin in the thinking pose.

"Well if you ask me, this place looks fishy, it feels like I'm gonna get ripped off or mugged." Naruto said again thumbing his katana hilt.

"Naruto I'm afraid Rice Country is like that, the strong live off the weak. If you aren't strong your better off dead." Kimimaro sighed tiredly, seeing it happen all the time when he was a servant under Orochimaru.

Anything Naruto was about to retort with was cut off when Jiraiya yelled at them to move or he would leave them behind. Sighing they started to follow the white-haired Sage. As they walked down the street, the two could feel the dark stares coming from inside a number of the houses. This made Kimimaro glad he took off his Jounin vest and replaced it with a regular black leather vest, and covered his clan markings with his hitai-ate -minus the hitai-ate-, and thanked God Naruto followed suit taking his hitai-ate leaving the black cloth on his forehead, taking off his Hannya mask, and covered his Chuunin flak-vest with his trench coat. They eventually walked into a random restaurant with a bar. As they entered, a number of patrons, including the men who were talking to the women of the establishment in 'private tables' turned their heads and looked at the entrants, snorted, and went back to what they were doing.

The three walked in and sat down at the only free table and a short black-haired woman with a purple outfit, with black circles under her black eyes and a bell attached to her hip walked over to them.

"What will it be gentleman?" the woman asked in a sultry voice as she held a order pad.

"Some rice and tea please." Kimimaro requested.

"Miso ramen." Naruto said.

"Beef dumplings and a cup of saki." Jiraiya ordered.

The woman nodded and called out to the cook in the back to make their orders.

Thirty-five minutes and three satisfied ninjas later.

"Wow that was filling." Kimimaro said after gulping down the rest of his tea.

"Yea, I'm surprised they could make food this good in a place like this." Naruto said after gulping down the broth.

"I told you there was nothing to worry about. After all my sense of judgment is the best in the world!" Jiraiya exclaimed as he finished his last dumpling. This caused the two to sigh knowing he was actually right this time, at least until the woman came to their table.

"Will there be anything else?" She asked politely, a little too politely.

"No thanks were satisfied." Jiraiya said happily.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it. But before you go, you have to agree to pay this." the woman said with a sly smile as she held up a bill. The guys took a closer look, and the moment they saw it, their eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

"Are you out of your God damn mind?! There's no way in hell the food cost this much!" Naruto yelled in anger as he quickly sat up and slammed his right hand on the table, making a large indent. Causing all the patrons to look at the scene, waiting for something to happen.

Then the woman started to laugh, "Oh don't worry, this is just a joke." she chuckled. But this didn't calm the three men down at all, because the people in the place were tensing up and grinning. It gave them a bad feeling. That feeling was proven right, when she rang the bell attached to her hip. A moment later, most of the patrons ran out while others began to pull out weapons. A secret door compartment opened up behind the counter and a large number of bandits wielding swords, axes and clubs came out of them.

"You have the best judgment in the world?" the two teens asked the the perverted Sage.

"Shut up." Jiraiya grumbled.

"Well great what do we do now Lady Tsunade said this is a stealth mission, what are supposed to do now?" Kimimaro asked Jiraiya. The perverted hermit looked at reading his eyes nodded in agreement, even though one member wouldn't agree to it.

"We're sorry Naruto." the two said in a union, before grabbing him by both his arms and ran out of there like a bat out of hell. After fifteen minutes of hard running the two finally sighed in relief when they were one-hundred percent certain they lost all the bandits.

"What the hell did you do that for? We could have taken them!" Naruto yelled at the two after he freed himself from their grip.

"Naruto this is a stealth mission as in be as inconspicious as possable meaning-"

"I know what it means I out stealthed the freaking Anbu while I painted the Hokage Monument, in the middle of a sunny day with hundreds of witnesses!" Naruto interrupted the bone user, "But they have obviously been doing this for years, who knows how many people died because of them! Did you ever think about that when you ran like cowards?"

"Naruto, I'm sorry, but we had to run or else the mission could have turned into a failure." Jiraiya said trying to calm his student.

"I don't care Naruto Namikaze doesn't run!" Naruto yelled at the old Sage before Kimimaro hit him over the head.

"Don't think for a second that we don't care." the bone used said coldly, "I know full well what happens in places like that. But that is the law of Rice Country, the weak die under the strong. You know that fully well but there is nothing you can do for them."

In response Naruto spat to the side of the road, and began walking the other way to a different part of Rice Country.

"It still doesn't make it right." that was the last thing he said to them that day.

It took another week without incident when they came to another Port Town, on guard this time the three went into the town seeing that is was just a regular place with shops, restaurants, and an inn or two. However Kiminaro stopped in his tracks as he spotted a big building with a giant sign on it. The other two noticed he wasn't with them anymore and went to where he was standing. All three stared at the giant sign on the building. On the sign was a curly pink-haired woman, laying on her stomach wearing a sexy white bikini, with one of her sparkling blue eyes closed in a wink with two hearts floating above her head.

"Club Lie-Down?" Naruto asked clearly not believing it.

"Yes this place seems familiar, but I'm not quite sure how." Kimimaro rubbing his chin again, wondering if Kabuto put memory erasing drugs in his medicine.

"Who cares this sounds like my kind of club." Jiraiya said with a grin, before dragging both teens in with him.

When they got in there, they clearly expected what it looked like on the outside. Depressing, out of shape and close to ruin, with a bunch of cheap furniture. But instead, they saw that this place had it all. A hotel, restaurant, casino and an entertainment area where exotic dancers were dancing on stage. It just proved that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Grinning like the super pervert that he was Jiraiya dragged his young companions th a corner table. Not even a second after they say down they were crowded by a bunch of sexy strippers.

After fifteen minutes of getting their faces rubbed in by the woman's breasts, Naruto's face was as red as a tomatoes, while Kimimaro's cheeks were tinged a slight pinkish color. The blond excused himself to use the restroom and bolted from the table. Breathing heavily the Kurashagan user sighed out in relief. He wasn't clean he'd admit after all he created the S-ranked forbidden Sexy Jutsu the bane of all perverts. And yes he read some porno magazines, and nuzzled his head in Hinata's and Haku's breasts when he was sleeping. But doing it with a complete stranger was completely different.

Sighing again he knew Kimimaro was trapped, Shinigami was busy with the judgment of souls, Kyuubi was sleeping -if the snoring in his head proved it-, Dragona was also resting, and Jiraiya was useless so it was up to him to get this mission done and over with. So after straightening his clothing he walked over to the bartender cleaning an empty glass. After sitting down on the bar stool he cleared his throat getting the mans attention.

"What do you want?" he asked rudley, still cleaning his glass.

"I need information." Naruto said bluntly, this being his first time actually gathering information.

"Be more specific I don't have all damn day." he grunted out.

"I want information on the Fuuma Clan." Naruto said causing the man to drop his glass.

"God dammit kid you made me drop my glass get out of here!" he yelled at the Kyuubi container.

Sighing Naruto left the stool and started asking a different person, then another, and then another. Seeing that he wasn't getting any answers he decided on a different question; more specifically the Hidden Sound Village.

So walking up to one of the waitress taking a break he decided to start with her.

"Pardon me miss I have a question for you." Naruto said sitting down next to her.

"No I won't go out with you I don't care if you pay." the woman said taking a sip of what looked like an alcoholic beverage.

"No, no, it's not that, I was was wondering do you know anything about the Sound village?" he said keeping thing civil.

"Sound? Why do you want to know about that village? It's a vile place from what I heard." she said, scowling at the mention of it.

"I was just thinking to check the place out, though I don't know where it is." he said hoping for a good answer.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I don't know more than you do. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta get back to work." she said gulping down the rest of her drink.

"Alright sorry for troubling you." he apologized, not noticing her walk over to the bartender, whisper something into his ear.

After a couple of more minutes with no success Naruto sighed, and was about to walk back to his table when a sexy woman walked up to him.

"Excuse me I heard you were looking for information on the Sound village?" the sexy woman questioned. The woman had curly blond hair and was wearing a long purple dress which showed a nice amount of her cleavage and had a slit on her side, showing off one of her sexy long legs.

"Yes I am. But who are you?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh yes, forgive my manners. My name is Eliza." she said in a sultry voice, "And I know a friend who know a lot about Sound. If you want I can introduce you to him."

"Yes sounds good lead the way." Naruto answered as they walked out together. They walked together to a spot which was just around the corner from Club Lie-Down.

"His house is at the end of this alley." Eliza said as she pointed to a rundown shack far in the back.

"Thank you." Naruto said and walked inside. He looked back slightly and saw Eliza staying behind witha smirk on her face. A minute later, several wooden planks came down behind them, blocking the way out of the alley. Trapping him like a rat.

"Well look what we have here." a man called out. Naruto looked up to see a number of bandits carrying bows and arrows. Standing on top of the alleyway arch was a large man standing around six foot four with a worn down crimson bandanna holding up his brown hair that went past his shoulder blades that almost covered his brown eyes. He was wearing a white and purple sleeveless haori with brown pants and shirt, with a zanbatou strapped to his back while being surrounded by two bandits on both sides.

"Are you sure he has money Eliza?" one bandit asked as he turned his head to see the woman right next to him on the rooftop.

"Yeah, I'm sure he has money. He wouldn't be here without it." she said with her arms crossed.

"Oh for God's sake I was lied to? Listen I got shit to do, so unless you know anything about Sound or the Fuuma Clan then I'm out of here." Naruto said beginning to turn around.

"You will never know kill him!" the bandit leader on the archway commanded.

"Yes Boss!" they all answered as they drew their arrows from their quivers and pulled back on their bows, and then let them fly. The deadly projectiles headed straight towards the prone Naruto who just stood there. As the arrows flew forwards nearing him, an explosion of black flames erupted from his body, incinerating them instantly.

"Heh, Fire Shield was a success. Now if your done I'm leaving." Naruto sighed in disappointment as he turned to leave once again

"Wait a minute. Are you a ninja?" the bandit leader suddenly asked before he could start anything.

"Maybe I am what's it to you?" the Kurashagan user replied.

"Interesting! Well you you wanted to know so we'll tell you. Even though we're thieves now, we are also the Fuuma Clan. Now that you know in return for your life and your money, we'll let you join us." He said grinning thinking he got a strong subordinate this day.

Oh how wrong he was, for Naruto was thinking of completing his mission here and now.

"Naruto, hey Naruto!" Kyuubi spoke up interrupting his containers thoughts.

'I thought you were sleeping.' Naruto responded to his tenant.

"I was now listen he is apparently the leader, that means you gotta challenge him for leadership of the clan."

'It's that easy?'

"Damn straight now mock him and challenge him."

"You guys are ninjas?" he asked before bursting into laughter, "Very funny, but seriously where are they?"

"I just told you we're the Fuuma Clan, I'm Hanzaki Fuuma, leader of the Fuuma Clan here in this town!" the man now known as Hanzaki Fuuma said, puffing out his chest in pride.

"Well then Hanzaki, I challenge you for the leadership of your clan. If I win, you and the others will work for me." the Kyuubi container said waiting for his response.

"Fine! I accept your challenge." Hanzaki said as he pulled out his large sword from his back.

"Then bring it on!" Naruto yelled at him giving him the one finger salute.

The man growled in anger and jumped off the arch as he swung his sword down at him, "Demon Ninja Blade: Zanbatou!" Hanzaki shouted at him. Naruto just stood there and waited. Just as the sword looked like it was about to strike Naruto's head, Naruto smiled as he held out his right hand, a swirling, blue sphere forming in it.

"Rasengan!" he shouted as he slammed the sphere into Hanzaki's gut. The force was so great that it made Hanzaki spin in a circle around it before flying through the planks that were blocking the exit, leaving a giant hole in them.

"You little bastard! How dare you attack our leader!" one of the bandits shouted angrily as he jumped to the ground.

"Damn you! We won't let you get away with it!" another thief growled and jumped down to the ground as well. The rest of the bandits jumped down and were about to attack to avenge their leader, when a voice called out to them.

"Wait a minute!" Hanzaki shouted as he busted through what was left of the wooden planks. He was barely standing, had the Rasengan spiral in his gut, battered, and beaten up. The group was smirking up a storm thinking their leader came back to kill the guy who humiliated him, but instead he knelt down on his hands and knees and bowed to him, shocking everyone in the alley.

"I sincerely apologize to you! I never felt such a powerful attack, would you please tell us your name?!" he requested with total submission in his voice.

"Alright, since we're going to work together I may as tell you my name. The names Naruto Namikaze that's all you need to know." Naruto said introducing himself.

When Hanzaki heard the introduction, the blood drained from his face and he became as pale as a sheet, slowly he turned his head towards his former crew, "You guys better bow down and beg for your lives. This guy is the Black Dragon of the Leaf, an A-ranked criminal published by the Tsuchikage and the Otokage themselves! You'll all be killed otherwise!" Hanzaki screamed like a frightened child as he looked at all of them. All the other bandits eyes widened in shock after hearing that and immediately bowed down to Naruto's feet and started to mumble apologies, "We all humbly apologize for our rudeness Boss Naruto. We had no idea who you were. Please forgive us! Please forgive us!" he begged and pleaded as they all continued to apologize to him.

'Kyuubi, what the hell just happened?' Naruto thought to his tenant.

"I have no clue, I honestly don't." the mighty demon foxy answered.

"I believe I can answer that." the dark ominous voice of the Shinigami rumbled through Naruto's head.

'Well what is going on? I don't even remember getting in the Bingo Book.' Naruto said to his Godly teacher.

"That's because its the latest issue that came out about a month ago. Apparently you stealing away Sasuke, and Kimimaro was the last straw for the Snake Sannin. And with you being Minato's son Earth Country still has a deep seeded hatred for him, which unfortunately has passed on to you."

'Nothing I can do about Stone Country. And Sasuke was a given when he didn't show up, but how did he know about Kimimaro? The only time he revealed himself was when we went to get my broody cousin.' Naruto asked the God of Death.

"Well that's the thing...I didn't get all the souls of The Sound Four."

'What who?' Naruto asked not liking this one bit.

"That I cannot say, I already told you too much I gotta get back to work." Shinigami said getting ready to leave.

'Wait why aren't you doing it now?' Naruto asked, curious that the God of Death would take time off work to talk to him, even if he was his sensei.

"Kid he hates paperwork just like the big-breasted Hokage of yours." Kyuubi said snickering a little.

"Shut up fox. And don't tell anyone I said anything." Shinigami before vanishing, leaving behind a laughing fox and Naruto laughing as well.

After snapping out of the trance he always goes into, Naruto looked at the remaining Fuuma members. Pretending he was deciding their fate Naruto spoke up after what seemed like hours to them, "Alright everyone, please stand. I forgive you. Now please stand up your starting to make me feel embarrassed." he said making them all breath out a sigh of relief.

"Thank you so much Boss!" Hanzaki said as the others thanked him as well.

"Alright, enough of that. Let's head to somewhere private I have questions to ask you." Naruto ordered his new subordinates.

"Actually Boss. We can talk at Club Lie-Down, you own it after all." Hanzaki said.

"Haha you own a Gentleman's Club hahaha oh my God I can't breathe!" Kyuubi laughed rolling around in his cage.

'Shut up! Hinata and Haku-chan are going to kill me when they find out!' Naruto shouted at the giant fox realizing the grave situation he was in.

"Oh my ribs haha!" Naruto promptly shut off the link then and there, now wanting to hear the demon foxes laughter.

Oh well at least he could get a kick out of seeing Jiraiya's face.

Konoha at the same time

Zabuza couldn't keep himself from snickering as he eyed his surrogate daughters, both blushing from what he saw to wake them up a week ago. Both snuggling and kissing each other both moaning Naruto's name. While he wouldn't admit it the blond prankster rubbed off on him, especially when that Haruno girl was being a bitch to his other surrogate daughter living with Sasuke. So he took a picture right after they tossed the blanket off after he left to get a camera. Needless to say he took a picture causing the girls to wake up, then he burst out laughing.

"Will you please stop laughing!" Haku exclaimed to her surrogate father, still blushing up a storm.

"No can do it's just too damn hilarious." Zabuza said trying to hold in his laughs.

Whatever the two were about to say was interrupted when Sasuke broke down the door and stormed into the room panting frantically.

"Hey duck head where's the fire?" Zabuza asked the panting Uchiha.

"Oh I know he finally got laid! Our brooding Uchiha heir is finally a man, I'm so proud!" Jake said with anime styled tears going down his face, ignoring the blushing/murderous faces of Hinata and Haku.

"No he's probably here to tell us he can go on active duty again." Gouzu guessed.

"No it has to be something more important than that." Meizu said eyeing the book in his hand.

Ignoring what they said Sasuke brought his right hand in front of them.

"The new addition of the Bingo Book?" Hinata asked, wondering what was so important about it.

"The new addition huh? What's so important about it?" Gouzu asked.

"It's not like it concerns us." Meizu added.

"It's because...look." Sasuke panted opening the page showing it to them.


Name: Gouzu and Meizu

Title: The Demon Brothers

Rank: Chuunin

Class: B-rank, wanted dead

Date of Birth: June sixth

Age: twenty-five

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Brown

Height: Gouzu: Five foot eleven Meizu: Five foot ten

Bloodline: None

Weapon(s): Large metal claws laced with poison

Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves

Crimes: Helped Zabuza Momochi attempt to assassinate the Yondaime Mizukage

Missions: Gouzu: Sixty-eight D-rank, one-hundred and sixty-seven C-rank, forty-three B-rank, zero A-rank, zero S-rank Mizu: Seventy-one D-rank, one-hundred and and ninety-six C-rank, forty-five B-rank, one A-rank, zero S-rank

Notable Features: Gouzu: Wears a breath mask and a large metal claw on his left hand, and a custom hitai-ate that has a single spike bolted at its center above the village mark Miezu: Wears a breath mask and a large metal claw on his right hand, and a custom Mist hitai-ate with two spikes bolted on opposite sides of the metal band.

Bounty: Twenty-five million dollars


"Cool we gained a rank!" Gouzu cheered.

"And raised our bounty!" Meizu cheered as well high-fiveing his brother.

Smacking his head in stupidity Sasuke turned a couple pages and showed it to them again.


Name: Zabuza Momochi

Title: The Demon of the Mist

Rank: Jounin

Class: S-rank, wanted dead

Date of Birth: August fifteenth

Age: twenty-six

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: Six foot four

Bloodline: None

Weapon(s): Kubikiri Houcho

Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves

Crimes: Attempted to assassinate the Yondaime Mizukage

Missions: Four D-rank, sixty-seven C-rank, seventy-nine B-rank, twenty-nine A-rank, twelve S-rank

Notable Features: Carries a huge head cleaving sword

Special Note: Was a member of The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, has a surrogate daughter named Haku Momochi

Bounty: Fifty-five million dollars


"So my bounty increased big deal." Zabuza said bordly.

"No Goddammit!" Sasuke screamed out in frustration looking through the book frantically, until he finally found the page he was looking for before slamming it down on the table. Causing the occupants to look on in disbelief.


Name: Naruto Namikaze Uchiha

Title: The Black Dragon of the Leaf

Rank: Chuunin

Class: A-rank, wanted dead

Date of Birth: October tenth

Age: Thirteen

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond with black highlights

Height: Five foot five

Bloodline: A mutated Sharingan

Weapon(s): A pitch black katana named Inari

Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves


Stone Country: Slaughtered thirty-six of their best Chuunin and three Jounin, and helping a wanted murderer escape prosecution

Rice Country: Attempted assassination of their Otokage, and kidnapping two of their shinobi

Missions: Seven D-rank, three C-rank, two B-rank, six A-rank, zero S-rank

Notable Features: Wears a Hannya mask, three whisker marks on his cheeks unmasked

Special Note: Recruted Zabuza; The Demon of the Mist and Gouzu and Meizu; The Demon Brothers to the Leaf, son of the Yondaime Hokage; Minato Namikaze the Yellow Flash of Konoha and Kushina Uzumaki (Uchiha) The Red Death, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, has two girlfriends by the name of Hinata Hyuuga and Haku Momochi, and a adopted daughter by the name of Ami

Bounty: two-hundred and thirteen million dollars


"What-" Zabuza started out.

"The-" Meizu continued.

"Fuck?" Gouzu finished.

"How can be? No one outside the village knows about his parentage, his family, or his burden." Sasuke said brushing the hair out of his eyes.

"I think I know who gave them the information. Jake go get Ami and bring her home, Gouzu and Meizu stay here with the kids, I got a Hokage to talk to." Zabuza said angrily before storming out pissed beyond belief.

Rice Country

And what a sight it was, who knew Jiraiya would have a mental breakdown, and weep in a corner with his finger trailing the floor in circles.

But mental breakdowns aside it was time to get down to business.

"All right spill it I need to know your history of how you got like this, and where your other members are." Naruto ordered leaning back in his chair.

"In Rice Country, there were many shinobi clans, including us, the Fuuma Clan. We were carrying out our duties without a problem, until the day that man appeared." Hanzaki started to explain after taking a sip of his saki.

"Orochimaru right?" Naruto asked already knowing who it was.

"Yes Boss. When he came to this country, there were some of us, our most powerful members, who wanted to use his power to revive our clan. They noticed his evil intentions, and thought about joining forces with him. One of those people were the heir of our clan, Arashi." he replied.

"And because you guys were against it, you were forced out of the village." Naruto deadpanned, knowing that situation all too well.

"That's right. Orochimaru ordered his pawns and even some of our own clan members to do so. We were then chased out of the village and branded as traitors who were in the way of the clan's revival." Eliza confirmed his suspicions.

"So all of you represent the ones who didn't join up with Orochimaru." Kimimaro said, inwardly scowling knowing he was one of the people who did that. It was going to be a pain in the ass for them to forgive him and more for them to trust him.

"Yes and we became bandits because it was the only way to survive. It was not as if we wanted to hurt people." Hanzaki explained.

"So there are other members of the Fuma Clan working for Sound, including your leader. I guess that means we have to head towards the Sound village to finish our mission." Naruto sighed getting up.

"Do you want us to come with you Boss?" Hanzaki asked hoping that he could help in some way.

"No Hanzaki. For now, you and the others lay low. Once we come back you can help me all you like." Naruto said dragging a still sobbing Jiraiya out of the club.

"Yes sir!" they all chorused as the three left

One hour Later

After leaving the town, the three started to head towards the Sound village keeping their eyes out for Sound ninja. This was another reason this mission was considered S-ranked, because they were going deep into enemy territory. Suddenly, a person wearing a blue ski mask, light blue vest and green shorts came out of the bushes. Naruto, Kimimaro, and a immediately snapped back to reality Jiraiya got into a defensive position, but eased up when the person kneeled down and held its right shoulder which was covered in blood.

"Are you alright?" Naruto asked the person in a calm voice. The person looked up at him with brown eyes which held a hint of fear in them, "Don't worry, I'm not your enemy." he reassured the injured person.

"Heads up Naruto!" Kimimaro shouted as numerous kunai appeared at Naruto and the stranger's area. The Kyuubi container quickly scooped the person up in his arms and jumped into the air. But a tanned-skin bald man with a scar going down his right eye, wearing loose blue pants, and a dark green vest with a purple cuffed out collar along with some sort of giant cylinder strapped to his back tried to get behind Naruto to stab him with a kunai.

He prevented it however by swirling around, and punching him in the torso sending him away into the forest. Smirking he landed on his feet perfectly like he did this over a million times enacting a blush behind the persons mask.

"Hmm...you're not bad. But this does not concern you. Give her to us and we'll let you live." a voice said out of nowhere.

"The moment you tried to kill me, it concerned me." he growled angrily.

"Then you leave us no choice. Kill them all!" the voice said as kunai and shuriken came out at Naruto, Kimimaro and Jiraiya.

Jiraiya however threw four smoke bombs down shielding them in a screen of black smoke. A few thuds signaled that the deadly projectiles hit something, but when the smoke cleared it showed only three logs embedded with their kunai and shuriken.

"Looks like they escaped Kamakiri." the bald man said hanging upside down on some spider silk.

"Relax Jigumo they couldn't have gone too far." the leader of the group named Kamakiri. He was at the average height of five foot ten with dark brown graying hair, and dark brown almost gray eyes and slightly long side burns. He wore a tan slash turtleneck shirt with a red stripe going down the front of it, gray pants, and gray sandals. But the most interesting thing about this man was the giant pincer-like weapon on his right arm.

"Go find them Kagero, I planted some spiders to help guide you we can't fail." the spider-like man named Jigumo said to a partically emerged humpback figure in the earth.

"Understood I'll contact you two when I found them." the last figure known as Kagero said sinking into the ground.

While the three attackers were talking Naruto and the others held themselves up in an abandoned temple.

"Looks like we lost them for now." Kimimaro sighed in relief as he looked through the windows.

"Well I'm not complaining for a little rest. Anyways are you alright?" Naruto asked as he turned his attention to the stranger. The stranger lowered her head and blushed in embarrassment through her mask, before she grabbed her shoulder in pain.

"Shit! Guys we need to leave I'll contact our other teammate." not giving them time to question him Naruto pushed them through doors.

"Naruto what the hell is going on?" Jiraiya asked his student.

"She's hurt and very scared, plus she's a girl. There now she has to get that wound tended to or else it'll get infected." Naruto said.

"But she's not going to let us do anything." Kimimaro said.

"Yea us but not my other me." Naruto smirked before putting his hands into a hand seal, "Sexy Jutsu!" he whispered as he was enveloped in a cloud of smoke, and there stood in his place was the sexy blond Naruto without his usual whisker marks wearing what Anko wore when he first saw her.

The result was the two men falling unconscious with blood coming out of their noses.

"Heh, I still got it." the alter-ego everyone liked to dub Naruko said in her sexy female voice.

After his little victory Naruko walked in seeing the stranger cringing in pain, clearing her throat the girl turned her attention over to Naruto's alter-ego. Smiling softly she reached into her pouch and pulled out some healing ointment that Hinata made for missions that involved any type of medical attention.

"Don't worry dear I'm the healer of the group. Now I need you to remove your vest so I can heal the wound." the girl hesitated covering herself in fear. Smiling again to calm her down Naruko said, "There's no need to be shy. We're both girls here." nodding the girl turned her back to him and took her mask and vest off to show a bloody cut on her right shoulder.

Naruko took the cap off the small jar and put some on his right hand, "All right this might sting a little but it'll help." Naruko said before spreading in on the wound making her cry out in pain. After rubbing it into and around the wound. When she finished she took out some medical gauze and wrapped it around her shoulder and chest area, she couldn't help but blush feeling her bare breasts with her hands. While he/she didn't really know too much about cup sizes but after spending time around Jiraiya he somewhat knew how to tell their sizes. Hinata and Haku's were definitely C-cup while Tsunade's were definitely F-cups and Sakura's were undoubtedly an A-cup -he had to was his eyes out after that prank-. This girl was at least a B-cup if she could guess correctly.

"There we go you'll heal up nicely. Please get dressed the men will be waiting outside." Naruko said getting up.

"Wait your not going to be there?" the girl asked almost afraid.

Naruko only smiled her forms sexy smile, "I'm afraid not dear my part of this mission is over, but if you need anything ask the blond one named Naruto." she said before walking out.

Once she got out she transformed back into his male self before nudging Kimimaro awake, and kicking Jiraiya to wake him up. "All right she's coming out in a minute of two, please be friendly or you'll scare her off." he told them. Not long after they stood up and wiped their noses clean the doors opened up. (I am sorry if that was confusing, but he turns into a she so well I'll say her, she, and Naruko in that form if I ever use her again)

There stood the stranger finally unmasked. She was beautiful, her long beautiful orange hair was held up in a small ponytail with the rest hanging down to the small of her back, which complimented her cute face. Her brown eyes sparkled innocently as she looked at them.

"My name is Sasame Fuuma. Thank you for saving me." the girl now revealed as Sasame said in a soft voice before bowing to the three -but mainly Naruto- with a blush on her cheeks.

"No problem I just did what was right." Naruto said scratching the back of his head, but then something hit him like one of Tsunade's punches, "Wait your part of the Fuuma Clan?" Naruto asked out of inwerdly smiling getting another clan member.

"You know about them?" Sasame asked totally surprised.

"Yeah, we met Hanzaki." Naruto replied, hoping she would be overjoyed.

"Those traitors who left the clan!" she said angrily, totally surprising the three.

'It's just like Hanzaki said.' Kimimaro thought to himself.

"Yea them, listen we came to find them, all of you and take you to safety." Naruto explained to her. "But first can you please tell us how this all happened?"

Her eyes softening Sasame told him how it all happened, "It began when Rice Country's Feudal Lord Ryoshu wanted to increase his supply of provisions and land, and a war had just begun near Waterfall Country. As you've noticed, Rice Field Country is very small and shinobi are limited. It was a hopeless war and it was obvious that we were going to lose. I...lost most of my family, including my parents. And in the aftermath, the ones who survived abandoned their country while others lost their dignity and became thieves." The orange haired girl said.

"I'm sorry that happened." Naruto said, wondering if she had it worse off than him.

"That's alright, that was a long time ago." Sasame said giving him a small smile. Taking another deep breath, she moved on with her tale. "Despite what the war did to us, we believed that we would revive. So we hid in the shadows and continued to survive. At that time, the one who appeared before us was a person who said he was trying to expand the country." she said.

"Orochimaru?" Kimimaro said.

Samame looked up at him her eyes widening.

"He told you he was collecting all of the jutsu in the world and he was interested in your clan's abilities. And that if you worked hard, and proved your loyalty you would be able to serve under him. Arashi, your cousin if I'm not mistaking, who was your clan's hope for revival, was the first to volunteer. He went as the Representative of your clan along with many others. For many years you waited for a message from him, but no word came. And then you heard about the rumors about him doing strange experiments with members of your clan when the remaining ones who joined him mysteriously disappeared. That was when you decided to find him yourself." the bone user said stunning her.

"H-how?" she started to ask.

Kimimaro just closed his eyes and undid his headband revealing his clan markings to her, making her reel back in surprise.

"Because I was there when he took your cousin." he said closing his eyes, and received the predicted slap to his face.

After the orange-haired girl slapped him she broke out into sobs. Naruto in response wrapped her in a hug as she cried into his coat.

Jiraiya only shook his head wondering why this mission just got so complicated. Amidst the teenage angst a spider dropped on his shoulder, his eyes widening he looked up and saw what looked like over ten thousand spiders on the ceiling.

"Enough with the crying we have to get out of here!" he shouted at the three and then bolted out and saw the entire place was was covered in thick spider thread.

"Hehehehahaha Ninja Art: Wind Spiders!" Jigumo said, his voice echoing around the area using a ventriloquist jutsu. "My darling children have spun webs of purest silk that lead me right to you. All of you together will carry our secrets into the darkness!"

The four ninja then felt the temple moving, almost swaying. Then a ominous voice spoke to them.

"One is born, and another lives. One dies, and another wilts. A Kagero's life is as brief as a day. Ninja Art: Ant Lion Jutsu!" the voice shouted as the ground around the temple began to collapse and turn into a large pit. Jiraiya, Kimimaro, and Sasame jump immediately jumped away, while Naruto jumped into the pit.

"What the hell?" Jiraiya asked himself, fearing the worst for the son of his student.

Kimimaro just looked on emotionless while Sasame's eyes were brimming with tears.

This allowed the other two to ambush them.

Then a large figure shot out of the ground. The person who launched the jutsu shakily got to his feet. The man was a hunchback with buckteeth, chestnut brown hair, and eyes. Standing at five foot even, he was wearing a red and blue cape that ended at the middle of his back and tan pants.

Naruto quickly followed suit emerging from the hole, dirty, but fine.

"How the hell did you do that?" Kagero asked, completely freaked out that happened.

"I just dived in and took you out." Naruto shrugged.

"What are you suicidal!?" Kagero yelled out thinking he was completely insane.

"I've been called that but I'm not." the darkness flame user said cracking his knuckles, "Now lets get started."

Meanwhile Kamakiri and Jigumo were having an all out battle with Jiraiya and the others. While the perverted hermit battled the spider user Kimimaro was having his own problems with the pincer-wielding Fuuma member.

"Sasame stay back!" Kimimaro ordered as Kamakiri got ready to fight him.

Before Sasame could respond Kamakiri brought his pincer weapon into a downwards slash causing Kimimaro to shove her away then jump away. The Fuuma member then proceeded to lunge forward and using the complicated mechanism on his weapon, he opened the weapon up and quickly closed it on Kimimaro's head. The last Kaguya quickly brought himself to his knees leaving only a few strands of hair to get clipped off. Thinking quickly Kimimaro lunged at Kamakiri headbutting him in the stomach driving the air out of his lungs. Using this to his advantage Kimimaro brought himself in front of Sasame panting, clearly not used to fighting again so soon.

"I knew I recognized you Kimimaro Kaguya." Kamakiri coughed out once he got his breathing under control again.

"I'm afraid your right." Kimimaro said, knowing that it was no use hiding anything he focused on his hands. And extended the bones in his forearms, bringing them through his hands with a small spurt of blood.

"I knew it Kimimaro Kaguya the strongest and former leader of The Sound Five is a traitor. Lord Orochimaru is not pleased at all." Kamakiri said, completely disgusted that his fellow shinobi betrayed them.

"Orochimaru betrayed me." Kimimaro said.

"That's a lie our lord would never betray his followers!" Kamakiri yelled in denial, and charged at the blasphemer.

Kimimaro only sighed before batting away the wild thrusts from the pissed off Fuuma member. He kept trying to reason with the deranged man saying the snake bastard abandoned him to die, and that he was saved by the person who was like family to him. Of course Kamakiri denied all of it, which resulted in a kick to the face from the bone user, who was quickly losing his patience with him.

"Shut your damn mouth! He is a damn snake that would let you die right in front of him, and not lift a finger to help!" Kimimaro screamed at him lifting his arms up and shooting the boned out of his hands impaling him through the shoulder blades. Ignoring his cries of pain the former subordinate of Orochimaru stalked over to him.

"All right listen up because I'm only going to say this once." Kimimaro said bringing Kamakiri face-to-face with him, "Orochimaru is a no good backstabber who would kill you just for asking something minor. Trust me I know for a fact."

"That's not true!" Kamakiri interrupted, but Kimimaro punched him in the face shutting him up.

"I wasn't done talking, and you better not do it again." Kimimaro said cracking his knuckles, "If you saw what he did to his test subjects you would go insane, now I frankly don't give a shit what you say. Where your going you'll see a different side of the Orochimaru you thought you came to know." with that said he punched the pined man again knocking him unconscious.

No sooner after he did that Jiraiya appeared next to him with an unconscious Jigumo on his shoulder.

"Tough fight?" the old hermit asked.

"Nothing I couldn't handle." Kimimaro replied taking out his inhaler.

"Yea well tie them up with ninja wire. I'll call you when everything is clear." Jiraiya said before jumping away leaving a confused Kimimaro and Sasame, at least until an explosion told them what happened.

Meanwhile Kagero was slowly getting himself to his feet. He clearly underestimated this kids strength, never before had he felt such power.

"This is getting boring why don't you fight me with your full power." Naruto sighed bordly, wishing he could fight a better opponent.

"As you wish." Kagero said getting Naruto's attention. Then his body began to strangely change. His body became a brownish color, as if it was a cocoon shell, and then suddenly breaks apart. A minutelater, a blue light comes bursting out of the 'shell', which changed into a rainbow like color. It was at that point that a slightly pale, but beautiful woman with green hair, misty blue eyes and wearing a white sundress came out of the cocoon with rainbow colored dragonfly wings on her back. The man, who was truly a young woman in disguise gazed at her opponent.

"Wow that was awesome." Naruto said totally awed at the sight.

"Thank you." Kagero said her light voice coming out of her mouth.

"I was just being honest. But why would you work for a bastard snake like Orochimaru?" he asked seriously.

"Lord Orochimaru promised the Fuuma Clan a place where the sun if we served him." the young woman answered.

"He's tricking you you know that right!?" Naruto said with a frown, clearly not happy hearing about his false promises.

"Even so, for that goal, and in the name of our clan, I will use this once in a lifetime technique." she said as she flew higher into the air and began to make unusual hand seals. Naruto started making some hand seals of his own.

"Kagero's Secret Art: Ephemeral!" she whispered as her wings spread out and became pure and powerful chakra, raining down on Naruto at high speeds. The powerful chakra came upon him, creating a large cloud of smoke. A minute later, her rainbow wings return to normal, but with holes in them.

But as the smoke cleared, she gasped and her eyes widen in pure astonishment to see muscle tissue inside a giant crater where she hit him.

"What the hell?" Naruto asked himself before looking back seeing Jiraiya behind him, holding his himself in concentration. "Ero-sennin what the hell?" he asked his perverted sensei.

"You idiot whatever you were going to do would not have worked." Jiraiya grunted, "That was a powerful attack even with Kyuubi's healing powers you would have died!" he continued before he dropped the jutsu making the shield disappear. There they looked up seeing Kagero quickly losing her strength.

"Why? Why would you do that for him?" Naruto asked the dying woman.

"I...I trusted him. Despite what he did to me, the experiments he did on me...I believed...that the clan would once again...shine like the sun. Despite my feelings and what I've done...I trusted that-" Kagero said as tears of sorrow fell out of her eyes. Her wings disappeared and she fell towards the ground and would have hit the cold hard ground if Naruto didn't catch her.

He felt the beating of her heart, and knew she was dying, "You don't deserve to die here, Ninja Art: Feigning Sleep Jutsu." Naruto muttered as he put her in a deep sleep to prevent her from dying at a rapid rate.

"Jiraiya is there anyway to help her? Don't you have some fancy jutsu to send her to Tsunade?" he asked not wanting her to die in such a state.

"I got just the thing, Kimimaro it's safe to come out now!" Jiraiya yelled resulting in the last Kaguya, and orange-haired Fuuma member to walk out of the woods, dragging their prisoners. Before Naruto could question him Jiraiya went through several hand seals. "Summoning Jutsu!" he said slamming his hand onto the ground.

One small cloud of smoke later a small toad wearing a red scarf and goggles appeared, "All right Kosuke I need you to take these three to Konoha and tell Tsunade to heal all three, use the Tears of Rebirth of the woman, and put them under Anbu guard." Jiraiya ordered the toad.

"Got it Ero-sennin!" the toad saluted.

"Don't call me that!" Jiraiya yelled at him.

"Naruto told me to tell that to every other toad so don't blame me blame him."Kosuke replied. He then proceeded to hop over to the two bound shinobi, and to the total disgust of the three younger members he opened his mouth wide like a snake before his tongue shot out, and proceeded to swallow them whole. Ignoring their freak out he proceeded to do the same to Kagero before disappearing in a small cloud of smoke.

"What the hell was that?" Sasame asked the Toad Sannin, completely freaked out seeing that.

"That was a special jutsu that could telaport you to anyplace you desired. All you have to do is get swallowed by the toad and you'll be there in a matter of minutes." Jiraiya said before dusting his hands off, "Now those three were Fuuma members, are there any others that we should watch out for?" he asked expecting an answer.

"Well there are at least four others, Arashi, Kotohime, Bakuto and Ahiko Fuuma. But it's been so long I don't know their skills anymore I'm sorry." Sasame said to the Toad hermit.

Nodding knowing that information was better than none, he ordered the three to follow him towards the entrance of the sound village. While he didn't know exactly where it was he had a good hunch to where it was.

The Sound Village an hour later

"Ero-sennin how did you know know this was the entrance?" Naruto asked, impressed for once.

"I just knew right after those two giant trees." Jiraiya said sighing knowing how he knew, because if you looked sky it looked like a giant...well watch Family Guy and you would know.

"I'll guide us through the place." Kimimaro said walking in with the others following him, as they got in there the darkness was overwhelming.

"Kimimaro you forgot to mention that this place was very dark." Naruto dead-panned to his friend.

"Wait for it." Kimimaro said, not even a second later a hallway of candle lights flickered into existence. "I believe this would be the part where I said I told you so."

"Fuck you Kimimaro." was Naruto's response.

"I believe Hinata and Haku would kill me for that, besides Kin does that for me anyways." the last Kaguya said leaving behind three stunned members.

"I cannot believe he said that." Naruto said.

"Neither can I. Why wasn't I informed that they were intimate!?" Jiraiya asked before dodging a barrage of bone shrapnel.

"So wait you..." Sasame's virgin mind was fried from the information.

"All will be explained later Sasame but right now we got a mission to do." Naruto said pulling the two along trying to catch up to his friend.

A few minutes later they found Kimimaro in front of three entrances, twitching angerly.

"You'll guide us through the place?" Naruto said with sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Hey I've been gone for over half a year things change." Kimimaro replied starting to wonder if he was trying to get fucked over by a higher power.

"Well there is no need to worry I'll take the right passage, Naruto and Sasame will take the middle, while you take the left one." Jiraiya said heading off to his part.

"You heard our superior." Kimimaro shrugged before walking off to his designated area.

"Yea, yea, yea, I know the drill." Naruto said before Sasame and himself went down the middle tunnel.

Konoha at the same time

Zabuza finally finished what Sasuke told him and showed her the Bingo Book as proof to Tsunade. Little to say the Slug Sannin was pissed beyond belief.

"But how is that possible? I know he's hated but I would never imagine that this would happen." Tsunade sighed feeling another migraine coming on.

"Believe it Tsunade, I believe those council fucks are behind this. But who exactly I can't go around killing those who are actually innocent." The Demon of the Mist said clutching his giant legendary blade.

"Zabuza there will be no killing unless I permit it. And without sufficient proof we can't do anything at the moment." Tsunade said discouraging him.

"They put my daughters and granddaughter in the fucking Bingo Book! That is the lowest of the low, targeting a persons loved ones is the worst possible crime a shinobi can think of."

"Zabuza I know your mad-"

"Mad? Oh I'm not mad I'm fucking furious! As I strolled down here I heard what a lot of your precious shinobi and civilians said. "His whores will die.","That little slut child will be hanged", "About damn time the demon got what was coming to him", that took every ounce of reasonable ability I had not to do what I did during my academy exams." Zabuza interrupted the Hokage.

"Are you done venting?" she asked.

The Demon of the Mist let out a sigh, "Yea I'm done, but, can you at least tell me who to watch out for on the council? I am responsible to those kids after all." he said, as he looked at her straight in the eyes.

"The Aburame, Nara, Akamichi, and surprisingly Yamanaka are on our side. The Inuzuka are neutral, but the Hyuuga, elders, and civilian council are out to get him. That's all I can say without you getting too involved." the grand-daughter and grand-niece of the Shodiame and Nidame Hokage's informed him.

Anything he was about to retort with was interrupted with a toad landing on her desk.

"Hey are you Tsunade?" Kosuke asked.

"Yea what is it you want?" she asked while Zabuza looked on with suspicion.

"There is a woman dying and two guys that need healing and placed under the Anbu Black Ops." the messenger toad said.

"Well what are you waiting for where are they?" Tsunade demanded.

In response Kosuke turned towards Zabuza and upchucked the three Fuuma members, all three slamming right into The Demon of the Mist, sending him to the ground.

"Before I forget use the Tears of Rebirth of the woman, they could be the only way of saving her." Kosuke said before disappearing a small cloud of smoke.

Bringing her hand onto the intercom Tsunade ordered Shizune to alert the hospital staff for immediate medical treatment, and to get her ass over there pronto. Looking at the downed Fuuma members she knew it was going to be a long day.

"Will somebody be so kind, and get these fuckers off me!" Zabuza yelled underneath the bodies, ruining the serious moment.

With Jiraiya

The old perverted sage wandered through the right side of the village if you could call it that. So far he was not impressed, he saw only a few rooms and they were empty, nothing else.

"Orochimaru I'm not impressed at this so-called village of yours." Jiraiya muttered to himself looking at another empty room. He was about to go back to the entrance and follow either Naruto or Kimimaro when he heard some beautiful music, knowing from experience that was from a koto player he grinned and walked towards the music.

When he arrived he saw a beautiful raven-haired woman in a beautiful red kimono playing her instrument. "Come on in." she beckoned him, her voice sounding like a beautiful melody, drawing him in further.

"I don't get many visitors, but please have some saki." she beckoned him, providing him a saucer and bottle.

Thanking her Jiraiya took a gulp of his drink, "So why would a beautiful woman like yourself be down here all alone." he asked.

"It's because my lord demanded that I guard this tunnel." she said still playing her instrument, "With my life." she added springing up and swiping at him with the koto tips on her fingers. Jiraiya immeadentlyreacted moving away fast enough to only get nicked by them, he was about to retaliate before he fell on his knee paralyzed. Smirking sadistically the woman focused chakra to her hair and wrapped in around his wrists and neck.

"I told you I'm to guard this tunnel with my life, I hope you enjoy your trip to hell with me!" she then made a freaky hissing sound with her face turning all demonic-like, and then a giant five ton slab of stone fell on them.

With Kimimaro

The last Kaguya member finished looking through another room here. He sighed in sadness seeing that it was his old room when he was the leader of The Sound Five.

"Ahh the memories I had here." he sighed sadly, while they were pleasurable memories of him and Kin, they were also the memory of him and Tayuya. Before he met Kin, Tayuya was his first friend here, and imagine his surprise when he found out that the two were friends after her left for an S-rank mission that lasted for year. But all that a side, and while the the two didn't show it they also had a deep friendship that was pending on love. "Tayuya...if I wasn't beaten by Naruto I would have asked you if you wouldn't mind me having you too." he sighed again knowing it was too late.

Shaking his head mentally he went to what would have been Sakon and Ukon's room, now this was a person he didn't miss, and had the pleasure of killing. But like all the other rooms, this one was empty too. "He must have moved again, that bastard snake was always a paranoid one."

That was when he came to the last room Tayuya's, he knew he shouldn't go in there, but the need to see over powered any other sense of judgment. When he opened it he found himself in a barren landscape full of skeletons, looking around frantically he tried yo move but he found himself on his knees and his wrists, and shoulders shackled.

"No way this is Tayuya's jutsu." he said.

"Damn fucking right it is you traitorous prick!" Tayuya's voice echoed around the genjutsu plain.

"Tayuya release me this instant I need to talk to you!" Kimimaro demanded.

"Like hell I will Lord Orochimaru promised me-"

"Orochimaru will just throw you away just like he did me!" Kimimaro interrupted her, "I know he abandoned me to die in the forest of death seeing I didn't make it out."

"It's called the forest of death for a reason dumbshit." her voice echoed out.

"I'm fucking Jounin level Tayuya, I would not die that easily and you know that!" Kimimaro stated the obvious and she knew it.

There was a deafening silence that followed afterwards, going for the final blow Kimimaro spoke out one last time that would make it or break it for him. "After the mission in the forest, I was going to ask you to be with me." he said, "I talked it over with Kin, and she said that as long as it was you. I was over joyed to hear her say that, but then I was beaten, and here we are."

A minute of silence followed after he said that, thinking he was finished he waited for the killing blow. But instead he felt something wrap around his stomach, and felt two soft mounds on his back.

"Do you really mean that?" she asked her voice crackling.

"I swear it on my bones." he answered, an old clan oath that resulted in ritual suicide if broken.

After saying that he felt the genjutsu dispel around him, to reveal himself in her old bedroom with her on his back. Smiling he put his hands on hers showing he wasn't going anywhere soon.

"Can we leave this accursed place?" Tayuya asked.

"Yea, let's leave." Kimimaro replied bringing his arms under her legs, and hefted her onto his back. Putting her arms around his neck, Tayuya cried tears of joy as they walked out out of that room for the last and final time.

With Naruto and Sasame

"So Naruto I have to ask why are you here?" Sasame asked after walking with him for the last ten minutes.

"We came here for the Fuuma Clan to take you back to the village." Naruto replied.

"You came to take us back to The Village Hidden in the Leaves?" she asked completely bewildered.

"You got it we were assigned to bring as many back as possible." he said trudging along looking out for any traps.

"Why exactly?"

"Sasame I'm not going to lie, it was Kimimaro, the guy you slapped, who told us about you." he said getting a surprised look from her, "And my clan is in need of new members, because there are only a handful left."

"So that means." she said putting the pieces together.

"Yea as bonehead mentioned I'm the last of two clans, well minus three other members for one. Anyways that's why I have two girlfriends, and we need some help to get the clans back to their former glory."

"What are they like?" Sasame asked bashfully.

"They are sweet, but you'll have the opportunity to meet them after we bring you back." Naruto said, before stopping her and stepping on a stone that looked suspicious. And as a result a dozen clicking noises sounded off and dozens of arrows flew out inconspicuous holes in the wall.

"This will take a while." he sweat-dropped, "So in the meantime got anything else you want to ask?"

"Yes, what is Konoha like?" she asked imagining what it was like, which was a joyous paradise from what she heard from travelers.

"For me hell." Naruto dead-panned. Seeing her confused and shocked look he continued, "Sasame, we will be seeing each other often, so I rather you hear this from me than some bastard villager. I'm not going to beat around the bush, Sasame, I'm the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi The Nine Tailed Fox." he said waiting for a horrified scream from her.

"So your a container of a powerful demon? That is why people hate you?" Sasame asked inciting a shocked, and stupefied look from him.

"Yea that's pretty much it." he said.

"Well if you ask me those villagers are idiots, while I don't know you very well. I know your not the demon fox, your a sweet and kind man in my opinion." she said bringing a small tinge of pink on his cheeks.

"Thank you Sasame it's nice hearing that for once." Naruto said as the last arrow shot out, and banging against the wall. "Come on lets go find that cousin of yours."

After continuing on for a few more minutes they came to a dead end.

"Looks like this was a wasted effort." Sasame sighed sadly.

"I don't think so." Naruto said bringing out his right hand creating a Rasengan, smiling he slammed it into the wall breaking it down revealing what looked like a study.

"What the hell is this place?" he asked seeing all the bizarre stuff.

"Well I don't like it one bit." Sasame said, "We should leave this place gives me the creeps."

"Hold up there might be something useful in here come on." Naruto ushered the orange-haired girl in with him.

Looking at the room they saw it was like a study room.

On the left side of the room she saw a oak desk that had a couple scrolls on along with a some writing utensils on it, along with something else that was shadowed in the darkness.

On the right side of the room there was a crimson red chair with a small table next to it, on the table was what looked like a skull inside a jar. Along with some shelves that held various body parts, and organs.

And finally the last wall had a bunch of book shelves with hundreds of scrolls on it, and a oak chest in the corner.

Frowning at the sick objects in the room Naruto walked in anyways not liking the feeling of pure evil in it, "Sasame go near the book case and take a look at the scrolls ok?" he asked the orange-haired girl.

Nodding she went to check the scrolls while Naruto went to the chair, only to reel back in horror seeing a severed hand near on the table. Forcing down his lunch he took a second look at it and saw that it had a ring on it.

"Wait a second Itachi and that shark-face guy had rings like that, you don't think?" Naruto said to himself.

"I'm surprised as you kit this thing is a requirement in the Akatsuki, I wonder why Oro-teme left it?" Kyuubi said to his container.

Meanwhile in another one of Orochimaru's bases

"Is that the last of them Kabuto?" Orochimaru asked his right-hand man as the last box of scrolls was brought in by a Sound ninja.

"Yes I believe it's all of them." Kabuto confirmed.

"Good I gotta get back to work." the Snake Sannin said shifting through a few boxes, only to stop a few minutes later and look extremely pissed off.

"Where is it?" he hissed out.

"Where is what my lord?" Kabuto asked.

"Where is my personal box!?" he screamed at his subordinate.

"I-I don't know my lord it was supposed to be packed by the new guy named Fuji." Kabuto explained never seeing Orochimaru this mad before.

"FUJI!" Orochimaru screamed at the ninja Kabuto mentioned.

"Yes my lord?" Fuji answered walking through the doorway.

"Tell me you you packed my personal belongings, and forgot to bring it into this room?" the Snake Sannin said, quickly losing his patience.

"I'm sorry my lord but we ran out of scrolls so we left your stuff there, I hope your not too mad." Fuji said hoping that his master wasn't too mad.

"Oh, I'm not mad." Orochimaru said, not even a minute later Fuji was a bloody smear on the wall.

"My lord I'm sure everything will be there when we get back." Kabuto said trying to calm the Snake Sannin down, and then calling for the clean up crew.

"You better hope so Kabuto, your life my as well depend on it." Orochimaru growled angrily.

Back with Naruto

Shrugging the Kyuubi container took the ring off the finger and examined it thoroughly. It was pretty simple, a simple golden band with a red gem, and the black kanji symbol for Sky in the middle of the jem. Not really knowing what to do he just took the ring off the decaying hand, and put it on his left pinkie finger.

"Find anything Sasame?" Naruto asked his orange-haired companion, he turned around and saw that she was as pale as a ghost. "Sasame are you ok?" he asked.

"Little boy porn, all of it, Orochimaru is a sick man." she said shivering.

"Oh you poor girl." Naruto said pulling her into a hug, he could only imagined the mental scarring she got today.

Using his other bloodline he created a shadow clone and had him look into the chest. It then rummaged through it taking out a black cloak with red clouds on it along with a few scrolls. He shook his head, as if telling the clone to put them on top of the chest, and he would look at them later. Nodding, the clone put them on the chest and dispersed. After a minute or two he let her go and checked the scrolls out, and saw they were full of forbidden jutsu. Very useful ones that took up a lot of chakra, smirking he quickly wrapped them in the Ataksuki cloak, and sealed them into an extra sealing scroll for situations like this.

"Naruto what's this?" Sasame called out alerting him, he quickly walked over and saw the scroll on the desk. He growled angrily at it seeing designs for the Cursed Seals the Snake Sannin put on his friends.

"It's nothing you need to concern yourself with." Naruto said taking it into his right hand, and using his fire affinity he burned it, and tossed it onto the chair, where it quickly caught fire. Without a word he took Sasame by her hand, and created another Rasengan in his right hand. He then proceeded to slam it into the the bookshelf, destroying the little boy porn and leading into another passage way.

The two walked out of the quickly burning room, not looking back as the flames consumed the left hand of Orochimaru.

Leaving the burning room behind Naruto and Sasame found themselves in a tunnel with a dark entrance. This room had a horrible feeling, almost as bad as Orochimaru's study. Pushing past the feeling Naruto pushed forward, the door opened and out walked a form Naruto did not recognize. It was the form of a young man standing at five foot ten with grey hair, wearing baggy grey cargo pants and open-toed shinobi styled sandals, and a white t-shirt with a green wife-beater along with brown arm guards walked out.

"Well done getting this far Sasame." the young man said as he lifted his head, revealing his kind gray eyes.

"Arashi!" Sasame said joyfully as she started to run towards them. But he raised his right arm to stop her.

"I'm sorry but I'm not the Arashi you used to know." he said stopping her short few inches from him.

"What do you mean Arashi? I don't understand. How are you not the Arashi I used to know?" Sasame asked.

Arashi let out a dark laugh, "It's very simple. I am no longer Arashi." he replied as his shirt fell of and his upper body began to change into a monsterous thing. His body turned into a dark brown color with light brown veins protruding out of him. His torso expanded and contracted until he was around six foot four in height, but the most gruesome sight was two faces protruding out of his left and right shoulder respectfully. On his left looked to be a man in his early thirties with inky black hair, and on the right was a bald man in his fifties with a scar across his forehead. And last but not least his eyes turned milky-white.

"What in the name of Shinigami." Naruto said as he reeled back in.

"The bodies of Bakuto and Ahiko Fuuma have been collected within me. Thanks to Lord Orochimaru, I have been reborn to become as the strongest ninja." Arashi said in an otherworldly voice as he let out an evil laugh.

"A-Arashi?" Sasame sobbed out as she backed away from the monstrosity that was her cousin.

"Sasame stay back!" Naruto said, "He's no longer the Arashi you knew!" he said unsheathing Inari.

"No your wrong this has to be a mistake!" Sasame screamed in denial.

"Shut up! The old Arashi is already dead! What you see before you is lumps of flesh brought to life; courtesy of the Casualty Puppet Jutsu!" He told her as he started to grow larger and larger and laugh manically, making Sasame scream in horror.

"Now you know why I feel sick to my stomach whenever I think of that snake fuck." a voice sounded out making everyone turn to shirtless Kimimaro walking up to them.

"About damn time you showed up, get lost?" Naruto asked smirking.

"Actually I had something better to do, and get around that fire Naruto." Kimimaro said in a accusing voice, before reaching to his left shoulder as a bone popped out of it. Grabbing it he tore it out and as quickly as he pulled it out, the bone was replaced a few seconds later. "Dance of the Camellia." he whispered.

Smirking evilly Arashi lunged lunged forward commanding Ahiko to attack. His right shoulder stretched forward grotesquely, however it was too slow allowing the two to jump out of the way. Ahiko slammed his fist into the ground creating a crater where they once stood, using the momentum Ahiko launched Arashi to where he was. Arashi then launched Ahiko towards where Naruto was. Our Kurashagan user jumped from pillar to pillar before Ahiko opened his mouth and shot a giant steam of spiders web at him. It wrapped it around his left foot and before long he was wrapped up in a caccoon.

Hitting the floor Arashi ordered Bakuto to finish him. Bakuto's face growled, and a part of him sprouted the same pincer weapon Kamakiri had out of his arm. He then proceeded to cut Naruto in half, or would have if Kimimaro didn't get in the way by blocking the pincer weapon with his bone sword. For once he thanked God that he was born with this bloodline, he sprouted a bone from the back of his heel, and in one sweet swipe he cut the cocoon. Naruto used the small tear to his advantage and tore himself free.

"What would you do without me?" Kimimaro said as they jumped away.

"I had it covered, but thank you anyways." Naruto said. "Man he's a monster."

"I hear you." Kimimaro said taking a look at his bone sword, to see the it was almost cut all the was through.

"I'm gonna get some reinforcements." Naruto said creating over a dozen shadow clones, and ordered them to attack. Unfortunately the clones were slaughtered not even a minute into the fight, Arashi finished the last clone off by thrusting Bakuto's weapon through it. Right at the prone Sasame, eyes widening Naruto reacted first by forcing chakra into his feet he sprung right in front of the proned Fuuma girl. The weapon pierced his back going right through his coat, and Chuunin flak-vest making her eyes widen in horror.

"Naruto." she whispered horrified at what she did to make him do this.

"This pain is nothing Sasame-chan." Naruto whispered out as the blade was removed from between his shoulders.

Kimimaro was there a second later, trying to stop the bleeding. "Don't even bother the fox will heal me up in no time." Naruto said standing up straight, before turning towards the monstrous Arashi.

"I'll destroy you! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted creating five clones, and then ordered them to charge at him. They did without question attacking in acrobatic moves, punching, and kicking with the real one joining the frey.

"Don't worry Sasame Naruto's tough as nails." Kimimaro said.

"Yea, while I don't know much about the blond brat, but from what Kimimaro-kun said he's strong." a feminine voice said, causing Sasame turn around. There stood a woman about her height, give or take an inch. She had fiery red hair that went to her shoulder blades, and brown eyes. She was wearing a simple hospital gown that showed off her figure, and in her right hand was a simple metal flute that looked like it was just recently repaired.

The barrage of punching, kicking, and occasional cutting. Everyone thought Naruto was going to take Arashi down, that was until the Fuuma leader roared in defiance and ordered Bakuto to slaughter them. Bakuto groaned in agreement and his pincer weapon retracted into his arm, and then burst out striking a cloned dispersing it. He then threw his arm back and released te weapon, it hit two other clones and came back like a boomerang. That was then the fight drastically changed as Arashi started decimating the rest of the clones, right after the last clone dispersed in a cloud of smoke he kicked the last Namikaze away from him.

"Bakuto! Ahiko! Give me your chakra!" Arashi ordered, as soon as the order was given, light blue chakra surrounded him as he put his hands in a pyramid-like seal. "Fuuma Ninja Art: Spell of Mandala!" he shouted as he threw a pyramid chakra cage at Naruto falling in midair and captured him.

Naruto tumbled on the ground a few times before he came to a stop, "What the hell is this!?" he demanded.

His call came unanswered as Arashi whispered, "It's over!" as he closed the pyramid-like seal and the the darkness flame user screamed in pain as the box began to constrict and crush him.

"Naruto!" Kimimaro yelled as he ran over to his captured friend, and started striking the prison with his bone sword. Only for it to break in half after the third strike.

"Try all you like this is the Fuuma Clans most powerful technique, once I'm done your friend will be as small a a grain of sand!" Arashi laughed as he constricted it a little more, making Naruto holler as he banged his hands hard against the cage, trying to break free. He tried using chakra, or tried to summon his darkness flame powers, only for him to get zapped by electricity going through it, breaking his concentration.

All seemed hopeless, Naruto was trapped, Kimimaro just lost his bone sword due to the damage it sustained earlier, Tayuya tried desperately to play her flute, but was too weak after spending most of her chakra on Kimimaro. But then the unexpected happened Sasame came snapped out of her funk and rushed him from the side.

"Arashi please stop!" Sasame screamed as she continued to run while holding a kunai in her hand. Taking a small leap she stabbed at Ahiko, making the head scream and melt away from Arashi's horrific flesh.

"Sasame how dare you!" Arashi shouted in anger as he turned to her.

"Arashi please wake up! Please go back to the way you were!" she shouted as tears fell from her eyes.

"You stupid bitch!" Arashi roared as he grabbed her by her collar and tossed her away, "I told you Arashi is dead!" he screamed as Bakuto aimed his pincer weapon at her which was aimed at her heart.

Naruto saw this, and gritted his teeth through the pain and managed to created one shadow clone. He ordered it to save her, the clone took off not even a second after he was ordered. Sasame screamed waiting for death, but no pain came as Naruto's clone jumped and moved her out of the way, just in the nick of time.

"You idiot. Do you think that you'll save him by throwing your life away? Is that what the real Arashi would want?!" the clone asked, knowing this is what the real Naruto would say.

"Naruto I...I just wanted to-" She stammered, before breaking out into tears.

"I know what you wanted to do." the clone gave her a small smile. As the last bit of flesh from his right shoulder, Arashi suddenly gasped and his milky-white eyes changed back to his normal gray ones.

"Arashi?" the orange-haired girl said as she looked into his eyes.

"Sasame, I'm sorry. I wanted power so that the light would shine on the Fuuma Clan once again. So I allowed Lord Orochimaru to do a number of experiments on me until I became...this." Arashi said regrettably in his normal voice.

"That doesn't matter now. It's okay now. Let's go home together." Sasame said with a smile to her cousin.

But he shook his head, "I told you Sasame. Like those two said, I'm a monster now." he told her.

"That's not true! Your still the same Arashi deep down." she shouted, hoping beyond hope that he was still the same Arashi she remembered.

Arashi grabbed his head and started to groan in pain, "It hurts so much. Please...kill me...before I-" Arashi never got a chance to finish, as his eyes changed back to their milky-white color.

"You will all die here!" he growled as his voice returned to the evil monstrous one. He raised Bakuto and struck Naruto's clone dispersing it, he was about to raise his weapon to strike down his cousin when Kimimaro arrived there a few seconds extending the bones from his ribcage blocking it. While he was busy occupying Arashi he raised his hand and shot his fingertip out of his index finger, hitting Arashi's hands forcing him to disrupt the jutsu.

Naruto saw this and focused everything he had, and pushed the pyramid open. It didn't explode, but it created a shock wave knocking Kimimaro and Sasame away from each other. Then it exploded. As the explosion ripped through the stone tials and decimated the pillars, Kimimaro forced the rest of his usable chakra into his feet and sprinted towards Tayuya. The bone user grabbed her and got behind the nearest pillar.

Arashi took the blunt of the explosion tearing Bakuto's head off his shoulder turning him back to normal. He turned and saw Sasame only a foot away from him, he wrapped his arms around her and took the attack head on, as pieces of stone pierced his back.

As the two were flying through the air the two cousins, spoke to each other normally for the first time in so many years...well if flying through the air via explosion was normal for you.

"I'm sorry Sasame. I caused you so much pain and sorrow. Please forgive me." Arashi apologized to his cousin.

"No Arashi, you're the one who's faced the most pain. What can I do for you? What should I do for you?" she asked holding onto him tightly.

"You don't have to do anything for me. You've already saved me. Because of you, and your new friends, I was able to return to become my old self again." he told her while giving her a small smile.

As the explosion ended a panting Naruto stood in the middle of it.

"For the love of God Naruto did you have to blow the damn place up?" Kimimaro shouted, emerging from his hiding spot, with Tayuya next to him.

"You were the one who shot him in the hands, I just finished the job." Naruto smirked, shakily walking out of the crater,

But then the room started rumbling and a giant boulder fell from the ceiling, as it descended Naruto was about to form a Rasengan to destroy it when a giant toad with two giant katana's strapped inside his giant cloth sash landed on it.

"Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked seeing his perverted teacher on the giant toad.

"Sorry for the delay, I had some problems of my own." Jiraiya said indicating the prone girl laying right next to him.

"Well I'm glad you came we need to get out of here." Kimimaro said jumping up onto the toad with Tayuya in his arms.

"Come on Naruto we need to get out of here!" Jiraiya ordered his apprentice.

"Wait we got to wait for-"

"No need I'm here." Arashi's voice sounded out alerting the four people in the vicinity. Without a word he tossed the semi-conscious Sasame into Jiraiya's arms.

"Arashi, this place is going to collapse come on!" Naruto said.

"I'm afraid I can't." Arashi said said walking out of the smoke, the cursed faces gone from his body.

"What? Why? We need you to come back with us." Naruto said waking Sasame up.

"Orochimaru gave us a mission, this is one that I cannot deny, no matter what I can do." he said, his voice sounding dead tired.

"Arashi, please come back with us! The clan needs you! I need yo-" Sasame girl pleaded. But a gust of wind cleared the floor for a few seconds to show the lumps of flesh that were once Ahiko and Bakuto Fuuma, clawing at his legs trying to reattach themselves to him again. That stopped anything else she was going to say.

"I'm already a puppet Sasame. But at least I can die as myself." Arashi said as he turned to Naruto, "Naruto will you please take my life before it's too late?" he asked, not really surprising any of them as the place started to collapse.

Naruto nodded back to the young man, and made a move to put his Hannya mask on.

"No, please I want to see the face of the one who saved me." Arashi protested making our hero stop dead in his tracks.

Never to refuse ones dying wish Naruto closed his eyes, and opened them later revealing the diamond shaped Mangekyou Kurashagan, "Ameratsu!" he whispered his voice dead of all emotion, as he closed his left eye, and then black flames shot straight towards him

"Goodbye Sasame and have a good life...with him." Arashi said as he gave his cousin one last smile, and looked at her with his kind grey eyes before being engulfed in the dark flames. The lumps of cursed flesh let out a blood curdling scream until nothing remained of the gray-haired man who gave up everything for the glory of his clan.

Deactivating his doujutsu Naruto jumped onto the toad, they escaped through the hole Jiraiya made earlier when he summoned his demolisher toad, and busted through the ceiling. As the base collapsed it took everything that Orochimaru's evil mind created, never to be used again.

Two weeks later

It took a week of work for Jiraiya to draw and design the seals for Club Lie-Down, and another week to actually put the seals on and around the club. Why was he doing this? Well after they escaped Orochimaru's base they arrived at Club Lie-Down, and informed Hanzaki and the rest of the group that they managed to rescue most of their members. There was a grieving period for their fallen leader, but a few days later Naruto asked if they were ready to depart. That's where they hit a snag, for years the Fuuma Clan made a living off adult entertainment, and couldn't bear leaving the club they built their lives on in this Godforsaken country. So after some arguing and a couple of bare breasts later, Jiraiya agreed to use all his sealing skills to bring the entire building and everything attatched to it back to Konoha with them. He sent a messenger toad to inform Tsunade that they were going to be back in approximately two weeks, and then sent him to inform Sasuke to dust off the old Uchiha police uniforms, and to see if there was an empty space for a big building.

When the toad came back with the question why from Sasauke, Jiraiya informed him that Naruto became the new leader of the Fuuma Clan, and is now the proud owner of a Gentleman's Club. The toad came back an hour later shivering in fright informing them Hinata, Haku, and Kin were pissed beyond belief and were waiting for a good explanation when they got back.

So two weeks and two scared teens later they were all ready to leave.

After inspecting the area one last time Jiraiya nodded seeing everything was perfect. Then going through several hand seals he announced his technique, "Massive Transportation Jutsu!" he whispered, and then they all disappeared in a giant explosion of smoke.

Uchiha Compound

"Come on what's taking them so long?" Sasuke sighed impatiently.

"Don't get your girlfriend's panties in a bunch, they should be here with the strip club any minute." Jake said grinning, before getting kicked in the nuts by an angry Kitesu.

"Why?" he gasped out in pain, holding his prized jewels.

"Lady Hokage gave us girls special permission to kick you in the nuts when you act like a giant pervert." Kitesu said grinning happily, leaving the rest of the men to cover their special area.

"That goes double for Jiraiya." Hinata added, making the men pray for the soon to be castrated pervert.

"I just pray Naruto will be okay, I mean he owns a strip club after all." Gouzu whispered to his brother.

"Yea how the hell will that work out?" Meizu added.

"Either he will be the luckiest son of a bitch in the world, or he will end up whipped like a coach horse." Zabuza said getting between them.

"Either way he better be damn grateful, we had to clear out three houses, and dig a giant fucking hole nearly thirty feet deep." Sasuke muttered reaching into his Chuunin flak-vest, bringing out a box of pocky. While he hated his brother, he could not bring himself to hate his favorite snack. Causing Kietsu to sigh, wondering not for the first time if he was still a few kunai's short of a set.

They waited for a couple of more minutes before a giant building appeared in the designated spot. And out walked a drunk looking Naruto and Kimimaro.

"Dammit Ero-sennin you could have warned us that would happen." Naruto gasped out before covering his mouth.

"This was my first time attempting something like this. So don't rag on me." Jiraiya said stumbling out before falling on his side.

"If I wasn't so dizzy and naucious I would pin you to the wall!" Kimimaro retorted.

"Shut up I'm really not in the mood." Jiraiya grumbled, muttering something incoherent.

That was then three female voices cleared their throats, making the two younger men look up at their respected girlfriends.

"All right I know what it looks like, but we have an explanation." Kimimaro said, trying his damn best to stay calm under their gaze.

"You better Kiminaro or you will be sleeping on the couch for a very long time." Kin said crossing her arms over her bust.

"Oh we do, that is why Naruto will explain it." he said putting the blame over to his whisker-face friend.

"Why you son of a bitch." he whispered loud enough for him to hear him.

"That couch is lumpy you know that, it fucked up my back the last time it happened." he whispered back.

"Well Naruto we're waiting." Hinata said her voice calm and he face smiling, it just scared the hell out of him, out of all of them actually.

Taking a deep breath he answered them, "Tsunade said to bring them back by whatever means necessary. Now before you yell at me, I'll explain, am I the owner of the clan and the owner of this club? Yes I am, but I did not know that Hanzaki even owned the club now I'm stuck with it. And after doing a few other things I'll have to write down later, they refused to leave without their club, even when I ordered. So we had Ero-sennin make a bunch of complicated moving seals for two weeks, and now we are here." he sad doing his best to explain, due to still being very dizzy.

"Why don't you bring the clan out here, so we can compromise." Zabuza said for once being the negotiator.

"All right. Hey guys if you can stand up please come out here!" Naruto yelled, slowly one by one members of the clan came out. Now there were various reactions seeing them, but most of them just thought they looked like a bunch of thugs, not a ninja clan.

"All right, the former leader come forward now!" Zabuza demanded.

Not even a second after he said that, the zanbatou wielding Hanzaki walked forward.

"So you owned the club huh?" Zabuza asked.

"Yes, but now the Boss does." Hanzaki answered.

"Not anymore your the leader now." The Demon of the Mist said.

"I'm afraid not, I follow Naruto now. And I will not be the leader because you said so." the ex-Fuuma leader replied.

"You will or I will cut you down!" Zabuza threatened him, bringing his hand on his legendary blade.

"Demon of the Mist or not, nobody threatens me!" Hanzaki yelled at him, bringing his own hand to his giant blade.

With the two growling at each other, they were about to unsheathe their giant blades. But then their hair caught on fire causing them to scream, and run around like chickens with their heads cut off. At least until they buried their heads into a giant dirt pile.

"Now that you dirt eating morons are done bickering like women, I have an idea." Naruto said walking forwards, the two pulled their heads out of the dirt pile, revealing their damaged hair, and spitting out said dirt.

"I'm the boss and I'll keep that title, but for the sake of my safety I'll sign over co-ownership with Hanzaki." he said to the two, but mainly everyone there, "Because lets face it Hanzaki has been doing this for years, he knows the inner workings of the club. I'll only come by if it is absolutely necessary, or if Hanzaki is out sick, because lets face it. Hanzaki you look intimidating and are strong enough to wield a zanbatou, but you're Genin level at most."

That stunned everyone into silence seeing the logic, and this is Naruto the guy who usually goes with his gut, not his brain. "That and Haku and Hinata will kill me if I go in there, even if I do own it." he said, completely ruining his smart moment.

"If you say so boss." Hanaki said, bowing to him.

"Good now that I'm back-"

"Don't worry kid I'll take you to the Hokage for your mission report." Zabuza said grabbing him by the shoulder, and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

"So what do we do now?" Kietsu asked.

"Meet the rest of the clan of course." Hanzaki said pointing towards the club.

"The rest? I thought this was all of you?" Gouzu asked.

"No the other two should-"

"Where is that fucking pervert!? When I get my hands on him I'll rip his balls off, shove them up his nose, and then tear his dick off and shove it up hs ass!" a loud voice shouted out making Jiraiya's eyes widen, and run off like the devil was on his heels. Not even a second later our favorite red-headed foul mouth former bodyguard of Orochimaru stomped out, wearing a red lowcut t-shirt, and black tight fitting jeans.

"Tayuya!" Kin shouted out in surprise.

"Kin!" Tayuya greeted with a smile, as the two hugged each other.

"How are you still alive? I heard that you died." she asked as she looked at her friend.

"I don't know, I remember fighting against that sand bitch and shadow prick, getting crushed by trees, and the next thing I know, I'm in the one of the snake fags infermary rooms gettng healed for a broken spine." Tayuya said to her good friend, leaving out a few things like trying to kill their lover.

"Well it's all over Tayuya. Once you get you settled in, we're going to go shopping." Kin said giggling, causing Kimimaro to sigh, already feeling his wallet getting lighter.

Meanwhile Hinata and Haku were looking over a very nervous Sasame. The two singled her out because of the famous woman's sense of intuition, that and she was the youngest out of all the Fuuma members.

"So who are you exactly?" Hinata asked, curious about this girl.

"I am Sasame Fuuma." she introduced herself, giving them a small bow.

"And from what I can tell, you know our Naruto-kun." Haku said, examining her from head to toe.

Sasame couldn't help but blush knowing they were right, "Yes, he saved my life several times during the mission, I owe him much."

"And what did he tell you exactly? And please don't lie, whatever you say will be between us three." Hinata said, her eyes boring into hers.

"Everything." Sasame said, "He told me about his childhood, his goals and dreams, and you two." she told them.

"What did he say?" Haku asked, getting anxious to hear the answer.

"He said the you two were his angels, his life blood, you mean everything to him." she said, causing them the blush and giggle, "He also told me about his sweet little girl, and his burden...actually he told all of us this stuff." seeing them reaching for their respective holsters she quickly added, "But we don't care, he saved us all, and our loyalty lies with him and those he trusts."

Looking at each other Haku and Hinata nodded, "Come on Sasame we got a lot to discuss." the two said taking her to their house.

The poor girl did not have any idea what was in store for her.

Hokage Tower

Tsunade sighed in relief as she finished up a lot of paperwork. She had no idea the previous Hokage's dealt with this evil force, but there was nothing she could do about it. She was stuck with this job until she died, or Naruto took over, whichever came first.

Messaging her temples she reached into her desk and pulled out the Hokage Orb. Viewing into it she saw the building known as Club Lie-Down appear in the Uchiha Compound. That brought a tick to her forehead, but she knew she brought it on herself saying by any means necessary to them.

After witnessing them talking for a minute, she saw Zabuza grab Naruto's shoulder, and disappear in a cloud of smoke. Quickly shoving the orb into her desk she pretended to be surprised when they appeared in her office.

"God will you two please use my door, you almost gave me a heart attack!" she exclaimed, putting her hand over her chest.

"Nice try Baa-chan, but I know you were using he special orb the Sandaime used." Naruto said crossing his arms.

"I don't know what you mean." the Godamie Hokage said, trying to deny it.

"Don't lie I saw the old man using it to peep on the girls in the hot springs." he said looking at her sternly.

Tsunade only had the decency to sweat-drop, and swear to "talk" to her sensei in the afterlife.

"Anyways I need to know the conditions of the three Fuuma members that were brought here." Naruto said, needing to know their conditions, psyscally and mentally. After all he can't have unstable clan members under his watch.

"They have recovered nicely. Jigumo only had a light Rasengan wound on his stomach, and Kamakiri only had puncture wounds and a broken jaw hat were healed up by the Tears of Rebirth. But they are being treated by the Yamanaka Clan, to remove Orochimaru's brainwashing influence n ther minds. They will need some time before they ready to do anything." Tsunade said informing him.

"What about the woman, how is she?" he demanded.

"I did my best on her, but the jutsu did a lot of damage. She will be able to continue her kunochi duties in time, but she won't live past her fortieth birthday. I'm sorry, but not even I could completely heal her, even with the Tears o Rebirth." she said.

"I guess it's better than her dying in that forsaken country." Naruto said, knowing it was better than nothing.

"Now Naruto I need to tell you something." Tsunade said to the young Namikaze.

One minute later the entire village froze to a massve amount of killing intent, and a demonic scream of "WHAT!?" that froze them in their tracks, a cold shiver going down their spines.

Pvt. Liquor: Wait, wait, wait hold up! (everyone stopes)

Pvt. VFSNAKE: What's up Liquor?

Pvt. Liquor: We're moving, I'm talking, we have been updated after a fucking year!

Lt. RasenganFin: Oh my God you are right!

Lt. Doom: It's a miracle!

Everyone: Yes we weren't forgotten! (breaks out the booze, Resident Evil creatures included)

Amageddon: Yea about that, I've been thinking.

Pvt. Liquor: I bet those words were great before authors and women got ahold of them.

Armageddon: (smacks him upside the head) As I was saying, I'm starting this story over.

Everyone: WHAT!?

Bluestone: How dare you! I haven't even been iniciated into the ranks yet!

DusandDan: Dammit you haven't updated in over a year and you dorp a bombshell like this? This is worse than the Peanuts Reunion.

Pvt. Killjoy: You already lost all your fans! And you pull this shit on us?

Pvt. Shadowninja/Shadowtrayster/DemonShifter/Fox: No fair! We haven't even moved up in rank, this is bullshit!

Armageddon: SHUT THE FUCK UP! (demonic fangs sprout out my mouth and black flames of hell shoots up around me)

Everyone: (shuts up in fear)

Armageddon: (everything resides) Good, now let me explain. I have been writing my other stories because I had writers block for this story, I mean I'm the only one who was done something like this that I know of. So after going through this story I learned that it SUCKS!

Everyone: WHAT!? (starts arguing)

Armageddon: Shut up! (everyone does) Now listen I'm gonna fix it up, add more detail, fix a hell lot of spelling errors, and add more depth to it, not like some other story where he gets things handed to him on a silver platter, and people say ok when they need time to think about it. Trust me it pisses me right the fuck off, okay this, ok that, okay, okay, okay, SHUT THE FUCK UP! (breathes in deeply) Plus some things just don't make any damn sense anymore in this story anymore, so I'm gonna make some major changes. Which ones, I don't know yet, but I will make this story good again. I swear to God! (does a serious pose)

Everyone: (nods seeing it make sense) We understand.

Armageddon: (turns to the fans) Everyone I promise this story will get back on it's feet in no time, just bear with me. And for this chapter I know there are a few things missing in here, but I saw the Fuuma arc like two years ago and Youtube didn't help me at all. So I made some shit up Armageddon out.