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Kotetsu and Genma arrived at the club right around 9:00. Kakashi arrived shortly thereafter with no book. Kotetsu and Genma noticed right away, "No book Kakashi? Taking Sasuke's advice after all?"

Kakashi said, "Just shut up and let's go inside already. Kotetsu, I thought I'd see you here in leather chaps with the butt cheeks cut out tonight."

Kotetsu said, "Hatake I am so beating your ass."

Kakashi said, "At least I don't have to look at yours."

Genma said, "Alright boys and I use that term loosely, let's just go listen to some music. And if some women happen to look interesting, we'll just act normally."

Kakashi said, "There is no normal for you Genma."

Genma said, "Oh some dick factor showing up now Kakashi! You fuck. Why the hell were you late this time anyway?"

Kakashi said, "If you must know, I had to make a call. I'm here now. Let's go."

The three reforming members entered the club and headed to the bar to get a drink to just take it easy, listen to a local band and take a day off from desperate girl chasing.

The band began playing at 10:00. Each of the members had had a drink a piece and then ordered a second to have while they enjoyed the band for a while. Kakashi kept looking at his watch, tempting the other two members to question what he was doing. The band had started, so what was he waiting for? No matter, they were there to relax and enjoy.

Kotetsu tried to shout over the band, "HEY! I've got to go drain the lizard."

Genma shouted, "WHAT? Who's in pain from a wizard?"

Kotetsu just shook his head and pointed in the direction of the restroom, and Genma nodded. And that was the last Genma saw of Kotetsu that night. Meanwhile, Kakashi looked at his watch.

The bar got busy as more patrons came in to enjoy the music, so when Genma tried to get a third drink, he had to actually go to a second bar that was located further away from the stage. It wasn't as busy as the main bar, so he decided to go there instead. He tried to tell Kakashi his intentions, but Kakashi was looking at his watch again, so he just motioned that he was going somewhere. Kakashi just nodded and looked at the band.

Genma made his way to the second bar that was less inhabited. He sat in a chair toward the end and waited, watching the band, for a bartender to make their way over to him. He felt a tap on his arm, he turned and after a startled intake of breath, he yelled, "YOU! You're the woman at the table, from the woman's rally! Oh shit, I'm sorry, I didn't know, I'll just be leaving now."

The woman called out to him, "Will you just wait a minute? I work here, this is my regular job. I was at the rally helping people pass out fliers and stuff. Sure I believe in equal rights for women, but my God I'm not a fanatic. So just keep your pants on. What can I get you to drink?"

Genma thought, Keep my pants on – hey that's my line! He said, "Ok, I guess I'll have a draft then." The girl smiled at him and went to get him his draft. Genma sat there a minute and said to himself, she doesn't want to kill me. I just figured since we were there, and everyone else wanted to kill us, she would too. I'm glad she doesn't want me dead.

The girl came back and handed him his draft, and said, "This one's on me. They treated you guys a little rough at the rally. That was kind of mean."

"Yeah, but if you honestly want to know why we were there, we were following some dumb advice another guy we work with gave us and we,"

She interrupted him, "You were the guy with the cologne right? That was you!"

"No, I wasn't SPRAYING it; I just brought it with me so I'd smell nice for the ladies."

She said, "I got a passing whiff of that stuff that day, and please, do me a favor,"


She looked him in the eye and said, "For my sake and the sake of all women kind, don't ever wear it again. In fact, call the toxic waste people and get them to seal it in a drum and bury it." Genma laughed. He liked this girl. He took his senbon out of his mouth and put it in his wrist holder, wanting to ask this girl a few more questions about herself, while all the time, just being himself.

- - -

Kakashi looked at his watch again. He thought no use wasting any more time, might as well read for a bit. He reached in the pocked inside his jacket and took out his Icha Icha book and began reading it. He casually drank his drink, read his favorite book and listened to some pretty good music. It was a good evening for him, until he felt someone sit down next to him. He slowly looked over his book to see a very curvy athletic woman sitting next to him looking at his book. She said, "Hi. So you're my date tonight?"

Kakashi immediately felt a little self-conscious about reading a porn magazine in front of the girl he'd called from the singles add he'd swiped from the billboard before Genma could. He was just surprised she showed up at all. And she was late too. Still, she showed up, so he thought he'd better say something. "Yeah, it's me. Glad you could make it. Sorry about reading, I was just passing the time,"

"With Icha Icha?"

Kakashi turned slightly red under his mask. He said, "Yeah?"

She said, "Is that the new one? I haven't read that one yet. Where'd you get it?"

Kakashi was so shocked that he was afraid his eye might shoot right out of his head and kill the girl. He thought a gorgeous woman who reads Icha Icha! I think I'm in love! So he began to tell her how he'd gotten his latest copy as a gift from one of his former students before it was even released to the public. After they talked a while, Kakashi had to ask her, "Kunai skills. You were interested in someone with incredible stamina and kunai skills. Why kunai skills?"

His date smiled at him and said, "Well, if we hit it off together, you'll need something to cut yourself loose with." Kakashi smiled inside and decided he probably was in love. Tonight had been a good evening, and now it was an incredible evening.

- - -

During all the fracas of going to "drain the lizard" Kotetsu waded through seas of people trying to get to the restroom. He'd almost reached the restroom, but in the process, he ran into a small woman and practically knocked her flying. He helped steady her saying, "I am so sorry! I'm just being a klutzy ox today. I'm usually not this careless, please accept my aplo," and he stopped just like that. He said, "You. You're the cleaning lady that was at my house, well mine and my roommate's house the other day. Oh, shit. I almost knocked you over today and I made you uncomfortable the other day. I apologize, oh man, just please don't have me arrested!"

The girl started to giggle at his sincere attempts to apologize. Kotetsu just looked at her and she said to him, "It's ok, it's ok. Really! I'm not hurt, and the other day, I was pretty pissed at you, but that was days ago. But come on, really, calling a cleaning service to lure a girl to your "love shack?" I've heard it all now." The girl laughed a little more.

Kotetsu decided to just come out and tell the truth about it. He said, "I know it was dumb, but at the time it seemed like something good to try. I have been completely dateless for five months now so my two loser friends and I went around seeking advice from other guys, or shall I say, "Idiots" we worked with. Long story short, calling the cleaning service was one we came up with. Again, I apologize. Is there any way I can apologize enough?"

Again the girl started to laugh. She said, "You're fine. I accept your apology." She paused for a moment and looked him in the face – his absolutely sincere face – and she said, "You can make it up to me if you buy me a drink."

Kotetsu said, "I'd love to, but the whole reason I was body checking people was because I was headed to the restroom and I haven't made it there yet. If you'll wait here for me, I'll be right back, and I'd love to buy you that drink."

The girl looked at him and said, "Ok, you go ahead and I'll wait right here."

Kotetsu said, "Alright, I'll be right back." He went to the restroom, only almost knocking over two more people, did his business, the whole time praying the girl would still be there when he got back, washed up and went back out. And to his absolute surprise, there she was, leaning against a wall waiting for him. He went to the bar with her and got her that apology drink.

The rest of the night, the three recovering members of the losers club talked and acted like themselves with three very nice young women. They behaved like gentlemen, except Genma; because the girl he was talking to was every bit as naughty as he was he came to find out. Kakashi's date was trying to get him to lend her his copy of Icha Icha, but they compromised and said that if they had a second date, that he would "read her some." As for Kotetsu, he danced all night with the girl who cleaned his bathroom.

By the end of the night, the three recovering members left the club, phone numbers in hand, and promises of dates in the future with women that they actually acted like themselves around. The dry spell was officially ended, and they would take no more advice from anyone but themselves, or maybe Sasuke.


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