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Second Heartbeat

It all went in slow motion for Lilly. The wind, the sun, the skateboard doing a 360 in midair and her placing her feet on top and steading the board out before landing. She landed it perfectly and headed towards the other end of the half-pipe. She flew into the air once again but this time she reached down and grabbed the side of the skateboard then twisting her body around for a 360 spin. She landed it again but somewhat sloppy. She skidded to a stop and kicked the back end so that the skateboard sprang up towards her hand. She picked it up and headed towards her skateing buddy, Brandon.

"That was awesome Lils! You've been getting better," He said as she walked up. She put a hand on her hip and gave him a look.

"Are you saying that I wasn't good before?"

"Uh, no! I was just...what I meant was...I..." Lilly laughed.

"I was joking Brandon! Come on, let's go to the snack bar, I'm hungry." Brandon nodded and followed Lilly.

"What can I get you?" Asked the lady behind the counter. Both teenagers thought for a moment.

"Can I get...nachos with a Dr. Pepper?" Brandon said. The lady nodded and pressed some buttons on the cash register.

"And you?" She asked looking at Lilly.

"Umm...a slice of pepperoni pizza and a Pepsi." Again, the lady pushed buttons.

"Your total is $4.75." She said before turning to get their orders. Brandon and Lilly dug through their pockets.

"Ah Ha!" Brandon yelled as he pulled out a five. The lady came back with their things. Lilly got the food while Brandon paid and got the drinks. They walked over to thier usual table in the shade. Lilly sat on top of the table while Brandon actually sat on the part that's meant for sitting.

"Hey, look at that kid over there!" Lilly said as a boy attempted a grind on one of the many rails in the skatepark. He was on for about 3 seconds before he lost his balanced and fell to the right.

"Ouch," Brandon said as he saw the fall, "D'you think he's ok?" He asked Lilly. Lilly shrugged and took a bite out of her pizza. Three other boys went over to the kid and helped him up. He looked very disorented. The boys helped him to the table that Lilly and Brandon were at. When Lilly saw his face she realized that she knew him.

"James? James, dude, are you ok?" One of the boys asked. James held a hand to his head.

"I'll be fine in a bit, you guys go on. I'll catch up when I feel better." The first boy nodded and left with the others following him. James unclipped his helmet and laid it down on the floor next to his skateboard. He turned and noticed Lilly and Brandon looking at him. "Oh, is this your table? My bad, I'll just leave..." He said as he reached down for his skateboard.

"No, it's okay James. You can stay, we don't mind," Lilly said. He smiled at her.

"Really? Thanks Lilly." Lilly nodded to say it was no big deal. Lilly had know James since 3rd grade but he wasn't really her friend. The only time she talked to him was when they had to work together for projects in school.

"I didn't know you skated," Lilly said. James let out a little chuckle.

"I just started recently. As you can see I'm not that good yet," He shrugged and smiled at her. Lilly smiled back.

"I can help you if you'd like," She offered. His grey eyes lit up.

"Really?!" Lilly nodded. "That's awesome! Everyone here says you're the best skater in Malibu!" Lilly blushed at the complement.

"I'm sure there's better skaters out there," She said modestly. James shook his head which caused his long, light brown hair to wave around.

"Not from what other people say!" He insisted, "So what can you show me?" Lilly shrugged.

"What can you do?"

"Umm...I can do basic stuff..." James responded.

"Oook...well, let me finish my food then I see what I can show you," She said then took a HUGE bite out of the pizza.

"Thanks Lilly!" James said. Brandon laughed.

"Wow, you're really excited." James blushed.

"Yeah...I'm sorry but I don't think I know you..." James said shyly.

"That's because you don't. I'm Brandon, I go to Martin Luther King High School."

"Oh! That's why I've never seen you around school."

"Yeah," Brandon said before finishing up his food. He noticed that Lilly still had almost all her food. "You not done yet TigerLilly?" Lilly punched him playfully on the arm.

"No, Brand, I'm not."

"Maybe you shouldn't eat the rest, you could get fat!"

"As if!" Lilly scoffed.

"Hmm...you never know. Why don't you just give it to me?" Brandon said while reaching for it. Lilly grabbed his wrist before he could snatch the rest of her pizza.

"Yeah right, Brandy-man!"

"Don't call me that!" Brandon said indignatly. James watched the two argue playfully back and forth. It was almost as if...

"Umm...excuse me but, are you two going out?" Lilly and Brandon stopped at stared at James. "Uh..." Lilly let go of Brandon's wrist.

"No..." Brandon said slowly.

"Nope, we're just friends." Lilly clarified. James blushed, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, just by the way you two were acting, it kind of seemed like...well...uh..." James mumbled.

"It's ok. People think that all the time. We're just really good friends." Brandon said trying to lessen James' embarrassment.

"Oh, so are you both single?" He asked.

"Sadly, yes, I am," Brandon said while pretending to be so sad about it. James turned to Lilly.

"What about you?" Lilly hesitated for a bit. She didn't know how he'd react. She shrugged it off and decided to tell him.

"Well, actually, yeah I am going out with someone..."

"Really? Who?"

"Uhh...well, you know Miley right?" James' eyes widened a little bit.

"Oh, yeah..."

"Yeah, well, uh, I think you get it." James nodded.

"Yeah, I understand." Lilly sighed inwardly. He seemed okay with it.

"Yes, it's true. Our little Lilly-Bear is bisexual and promised to young Miss Miley Stewart."

"Brandon!" Lilly exclaimed.

"What? I'm not lying! At least I didn't tell him what you told me, about the time you and Miley-" Lilly dove towards him and covered his mouth with her hands.

"NO! He does NOT need to know about that!" Lilly shouted causeing a lot of skaters to stare. Brandon moved his head so he could speak again.

"You see James, Lilly told me that one day her and Miley were-" Lilly covered his mouth again.

"Brandon! Seriously, you need to stop!"

"Mmmfff! Phhhmmmft!" Lilly took her hands off.

"What?" She asked tilting her head to the side.

"I said, 'Get your dirty hands off me!'" Brandon repeated.

"Hey! My hands aren't dirty!" Lilly cried. Brandon crossed his arms over his chest.

"Uh-huh, says the girl that was doing Bert Slides all over the floor." Lilly rolled her eyes and shook her head but didn't say anything.

"DUDE! You know how to do a Bert Slide!?" James exclaimed.


"That is so awesome!" He yelled.

"Woah, tone it down a bit James."

"Oh, sorry," He said with an embarrassed chuckle. Lilly suddenly let out a surprised cry then started giggling. Brandon and James stared at her. She reached behind to her back pocket and pulled out a pink Razor phone that was vibrating like crazy. The boys rolled their eyes.


"Hey what cha' doin?" It was Miley.

"Nothing. I'm at the skate park right now...eating."

"I swear, every time I call you you're eating"

"Shut up! That's not true!"

"Uh, yeah, it is. Anyways, you wanna come over later? No one's gonna be home and I'm gonna be super bored."

"Aww, poor Miley. Sorry but I can't, my mom told me to get home at 3:15."

"Lilly, you do know that it's 3:50 right?"

"Oh shit! Sorry, gotta go! Love ya'"

"Love you too. Bye."

"Bye." With that she hung up. "Sorry guys but I was supposed to be home 25 minutes ago!" She said while putting on her helmet and grabbing her skateboard. "See ya'!" She yelled as she took off.

"BYE!" Both boys called. They looked at each other.


"...So..." Awkward!


Lilly went as fast as she could, dodging around people and such things in her way. She couldn't believe she forgot to check the time! That wasn't good, especially since the skatepark was about 15 minutes away from her house. She skidded to a stop infront of her house and jogged up the driveway with board in hand. She opened the door, grateful that it wasn't locked. Now, if she could sneak up to her room and pretend she was there all along...

"Hold it right there Lillian!" Lilly closed her eyes, busted! She sighed and slowly turned around to face her mom.

"Hey Mom..." She said meekly. Her mom had her arms crossed.

"Why are you late? Do you remember that you had a dentist appointment at 3:30? It's already 4 'o clock and you're late." Her mom said. Lilly mentally slapped herself for forgetting.

"I'm sorry Mom but I didn't check the time and then James came and we started talking and he wanted me to show him some..." Her mom held up a hand to cut her off.

"Enough, I don't want to hear it. Just drop your stuff off upstairs and we'll see if we're not too late for the appointment, though I doubt it." Lilly sighed.

"Ok." She took her board and helmet upstairs then hurried back down and into the car.

"Honestly, Lilly, you've got to learn to be more responsible. Dr. Smith has other appointments, he can't be waiting around for you all day and another thing..." Her mom ranted on and on but Lilly tuned her out. Soon, they pulled up to the dentists office and got out of the black Honda. "You better hope they have time for you." Her mom muttered under her breath. What if they don't? What'll you do about it? Lilly thought to herself. Lilly opened the door for her mom then walked in behind her.

"Hello Miss. How can I help you?" The receptionist asked.

"Yes, I want to know if Dr. Smith time to see my daughter right now. She had an appointment at 3:30 but as you can see it's past that time." Lilly's mom said. The receptionist typed something in to the computer in front of her. She shook her head.

"I'm sorry but he's booked today. It's usually like that on Sundays." Lilly's mom gave her a look.

"When the nearest appointment after 3:30?" She said turning back to the receptionist.

"Um...the 15th, next Friday," She replied. That was in a week! Lilly's mom sighed.

"Ok, that's good enough, I suppose."

"Ok, what's your daughter's name?"

"Lilly Truscott," Lilly answered. The receptionist typed the information in.

"Ok, all set. Next Friday at 4:00 PM." She said looking up at Lilly's mom. A quick thanks later they were walking outside again.

"Jesus, Lilly! Can't you ever be on time for anything?" Lilly's mom said as they drove away in the car.

"I'm not always late!" Lilly defended herself.

"Yeah, just late for the important things but when it comes to Miley to can't leave soon enough."

"Don't drag Miley into this! She didn't do anything!"

"Whatever." Lilly glared at her mom before turning to look out the window. Before, Lilly and her mom used to be really close but ever since the day she had come out their relationship had suffered. Her mom still hadn't come to terms with the fact that Lilly was going out with Miley but they had reached a silent agreement. No one mentions anything about her relationship with Miley and no one gets hurt...emotionally. It was kind of hard for Lilly to have to pretend as though she wasn't more than friends with Miley but she could deal.

"I'm going upstairs," Lilly said as they reached home and her mother unlocked the front door. She went to her room and closed the door behind her. Gosh, she's becoming a real bitch She thought to herself. Lilly busied herself by playing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within on her Playstation 2 for most of the day.

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