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Riki kneeled in the middle of an almost empty room, his head bowed and his hands on his knees. He was only wearing a pair of very short shorts, but since Iason entered the room he knew they wouldn't be on for much longer. The Blondie sat in a chair facing the chained mongrel and smiled the mysterious smile that made Iason look happy, angry and emotionless all in one.

"Take off your clothes slowly." A deep voice commanded. Every fiber in Riki's being told him to disobey, to say no, and to lash out at the man in front of him. But the cock ring he was wearing would cause him incredible pain if he even tried anything.

"Fuck you." Was all the mongrel could manage before straightening his legs and yanking the shorts off, throwing them across the room and sitting back down, his dark eyes glaring hard at Iason.

The Blondie laughed. "I thought we were past this, pet. Don't talk back to me. Now I want to see you touch yourself. Spread your legs more so I can see you." Riki didn't know why he complied. Some part of him liked it when he was watched like this, though maybe it was only because it was Iason. The mongrel knew that deep down he was attracted to the Blondie, but he hated that attraction.

Riki stroked himself slowly, not able to meet his master's eyes. Iason said, "Move your hand slower." And the pet made a point to move faster instead. It didn't last very long, it never did, and soon the mongrel was crying out and spilling his seed on his hand and the floor in front of him. He panted softly, unable to say or do anything. But the Blondie stood and moved closer, towering over the kneeling pet. "I like your fire, but it seems you've yet to learn obedience." His gloved hand moved softly over Riki's cheeks, and his eyes closed when he felt a finger move across his lips. Though he would never admit it, he was disappointed when the hand left and his master left the room.

It had been three years since Iason stole Riki away. The mongrel never lost his fire and spirit, yet he didn't fight Iason as much. And Iason didn't request as much from his pet. The Blondie had even started taking his pet- something absolutely forbidden in Tanagura. But he felt this pull towards the dark haired mongrel from Ceres. He was in love.

Unfortunately now the object of his affections was in the bathroom 'praying to the porcelain god' as the mongrel had so eloquently put it. Neither of them knew why he was sick, and it was very odd. He would only be sick for about an hour each day. No doctors could diagnose him, they just said it must be some odd form of flu, and Riki should be put down immediately to stop the disease from spreading. Of course Iason would never allow that to happen to his pet.

"This is all your fault." Riki spat at the Blondie as he entered the bathroom. "You put something in my food, I know you did. Or you gave me some sick STD."

Iason narrowed his eyes, but his face held no expression except for that. He was used to Riki's jabs now, for the past couple weeks he had been nothing but angry at everything, and then suddenly bursting into tears. It was getting quite annoying, in fact.

"You say that now, pet, but who will hold you and wipe away your tears when you start crying in about ten minutes?" That pissed the mongrel off even more. He grabbed the nearest thing he could- a glass of water that Iason had brought him- and threw it at the Blondie. Of course he ducked and it hit the wall behind him, shattering in a hundred pieces, but Riki didn't care.

"GET OUT, YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I FUCKING HATE YOU!" Iason backed off and left the room, the door sliding shut. But he could still hear Riki's curses for another minute until the yelling turned to retching as he threw up again.

The Blondie decided to wait in the bedroom, and watched Riki as he came out. "Feeling better?" He asked, showing little emotion in his voice.

Riki just nodded, suddenly feeling vulnerable. He didn't want to cry, but he suddenly felt as if he needed a hug. Without a word he ran into Iason and hugged him tightly. The Blondie was a little surprised at the uncharacteristic affection showed by the former Bison gang leader. Iason hesitantly put his arms around Riki and rubbed his back.

"I hate living here and I hate you and I hate everything!"

"I know, I know." Iason replied. He didn't show it, but inside he was hurt by Riki's words. He loved the mongrel, more than anything. He was breaking Jupiter's ancient laws by loving him and putting everything he had in jeopardy. But for a brief moment while Riki was sobbing silently in his arms he could pretend that they loved each other and were a happy couple.

The next day Iason took Riki to a pet hospital. The mongrel fought every step of the way, but when he suddenly felt nauseous and made Daryl pull the car over so he could throw up he agreed that maybe he should get checked out.

They arrived at the hospital and immediately a doctor rushed out, eager to be tending to the pet of the great Iason Mink. While having such power could be stressful, at times it was nice to get better service. Riki was treated with the most respect and care that a pet could be treated with, though he didn't like how he wasn't offered more than a pillow to sit on the floor at his master's feet.

"It's because you are just a pet, at my feet is where you are supposed to sit." Iason explained when Riki grumbled about it. Luckily they didn't wait there long until the doctor came to take blood samples and do a quick x-ray. Then they had to wait another half hour before the same doctor rushed in with the results.

"Sir Mink, may I talk to you alone for a moment, please?" The doctor nervously glanced at Riki, then back up to the Blondie.

Iason simply stood and left Riki glaring at the both of them, though a punishing look from his master made him soften his gaze. He hated how his health was to be discussed without him. It's not like Iason cared or anything!

The two elite went into a small office; the Blondie couldn't help but to wrinkle his nose at the clutter everywhere. Luckily the doctor didn't notice as he was looking down at his paper. "I have quite an interesting diagnosis" The doctor started. "I must admit that I've never seen anything like it in all my years as a profe-"

Iason cut him off. "Get to the point, I have a very busy schedule."

"Um... yes, forgive me. Your pet... understand that we checked and double checked to be very sure that this was indee-" Another glare from the Blondie. "Sorry again. Your pet is pregnant. About five weeks along from what we can tell. We don't know how, but he was born with both male and female internal sex organs, though on the outside you only see the male ones. Apparently a deformity made this uterus and..." Iason couldn't listen to the rest of what the doctor was saying. Riki was... pregnant? But that's completely impossible! He tried to wrap his mind around the fact that his pet- no, his lover- could be with child. Then an even bigger shock hit him. He was the father!

"Now there are several methods we can use for removal of the fetus. The first would be a surgery where we remove the fetus, and in this case possibly the entire uterus. The second is an injection that will cause a premature-"

:No! The child will be born!" Iason said, suddenly angry that the doctor would even mention aborting HIS child. Then he calmed, remembering that he wouldn\rquote t know that he was the father. "I mean, I would like to have my pet give birth. Thank you for your time, but I have other things to attend to now." With that the Blondie left the cluttered office and went out into the waiting room.

Riki looked up expectantly, waiting for Iason to tell him what was wrong. "So?" He asked, standing. "What's wrong? You poisoned me, didn't you? Damnit, tell me!" But his master was being silent, lost in his own thoughts as he grabbed the mongrel's leash and pulled him to the doors. Riki fought and cursed at him all the way to the car. "DAMNIT, why won't you say what's wrong? You bastard, it's my health you HAVE to tell me! What the hell is wrong with you, you fucking Blondie jerk? TELL ME!"

Of course Iason didn't say a word. Riki quieted after a few minutes and pouted in the backseat of the car, grumbling angrily every once in a while on their way home. It seemed to take forever to reach the tower, and the pet was feeling nauseous again. He managed to get to a garbage can in the garage just in time.

He didn't take too long because of the bout earlier that morning. But when he turned around Iason had an odd smile on his face. "Happy that I'm dying, you prick?" He muttered as he walked by, which made Iason's smile disappear.

The ride up the elevator was awkward. Iason would occasionally smile down at Riki, which made him feel uncomfortable. The ride went quickly, though, and they reached the penthouse soon enough. As soon as they walked in the door, Iason grabbed Riki and hugged him tightly, kissing him passionately.

When he pulled back, Riki said, "Oh shit, I am dying, aren't I?"

Iason laughed. Not the cold laugh that one usually heard, but a real happy laugh. "Of course not, pet. It's better. Much better! You're not dying, you're pregnant!"

He thought that the mongrel knew about his deformity, about his ability to become pregnant. But of course there were no hospitals in Ceres, and certainly nobody to inform him. So instead of smiling and becoming excited like Iason had imagined, he pushed the Blondie away and stalked towards the pet room. "You asshole. You can come up with something better than that."

Iason moved forward and caught the mongrel by the wrist, holding him back. Then he pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket, a picture that the doctor had given him to prove that it wasn't a lie. "Here." He said, unfolding it and pointing at the small blob the doctor showed him. "This is an ultrasound, when they touched your stomach and watched the computer monitor, this is what they were looking at. That's your baby. Our baby."

Riki knew what the paper was. He's seen it before when a friend of his from Ceres became pregnant. There were a few places with stolen equipment that could handle births, otherwise the population in the slums would be nonexistent by now. He shook his head vigorously. "Lies... you've got to be lying. There's no way... I don't want your child!" He put his hand to his mouth to stifle a sob and dropped the picture to the ground. Then he took off running towards his own room, wanting to be alone.

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