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Guy opened his eyes and yawned, stretching to help himself wake up for the day. He rolled over on his side and looked at his twin brother, still sleeping on the bed on the other side of the room. Daryl wasn't in yet, so they didn't really need to be awake. Otherwise he'd probably get Rion up himself. Since he didn't feel like doing anything quite yet. He let his eyes move over to the desk. There was a picture of their parents there. A Blondie had sent it to them; apparently a picture was a hard thing to come by.
Their mother, Riki was dressed as a pet and leaning against their father, Iason. Their wrists were chained together, and though Riki's hair was tousled and he had a slight bruise on his cheek, he still looked happy. Eyes closed in contentment, Iason looking down at his face almost lovingly. The Blondie's hand was on the mongrel's stomach, and then Riki's hand on top of that. Both had the slightest smile. Obviously neither of them knew that someone was taking the picture.
Daryl said that their parents had died doing something great for the planet. And sure enough, both boys had grown up never knowing of Jupiter or her laws. They went to school, and since Rion had blonde hair, he was able to get into a private school to test his learning abilities. He had the chance to be in line to rule the planet. Guy could get into a school like that just as easily, but he preferred to use his intellect for less legal means.
Though neither could remember much of their mother and even less of their father, they still thought about them both every day. Stories that Daryl told, and even Kaeri were enough to remind them of the little they knew.
Guy felt his mattress dip and turned over to see Rion now climbing into his bed. The boy grinned and pulled his still sleeping twin closer, used to his odd sleep walking habits now. They only had each other, really, and neither would have it any other way.
A few minutes later, Daryl entered. "Kaeri has breakfast ready, you're both expected to be there in ten minutes." Guy nodded and gently shook his twin.
"Mmmph… does he always have to be so polite?" The blonde boy complained.
"He was trained that way, don't fault him." Guy grinned and leaned down to gently kiss his brother's cheek. "Come on, I'm hungry." He got up and went to throw some clothes on for the day.
"You're always hungry." Was Rion's grumbled reply as he followed suit. Ten minutes later both boys were seated at the table in the dining room, thanking Daryl as food was set in front of them.
The television was on, and the leaders of the world were giving a speech on what to do with the slums. The representatives from Ceres were arguing with those from Tanagura about whether or not mongrels should be counted as citizens and given help from the government. Only a few of the elite wouldn't agree to it. Finally the head ruler, Raoul Am, stood and gave his verdict. He said that mongrels would be citizens, making this day a historical one.
Rion and Guy believed Daryl when he said that their father was best friends with Raoul. It was too… cool to deny. Although it seemed rather coincidental that the main slum representative, Katze, was their father's furniture before Daryl. They'd never really believe that.
Soon it was time to go to school. Guy would head off to the public school with Kaeri's son (much to Daryl's disappointment) and Rion would go off to the elite academy. Hopefully they would both go off to do great things. Of course with their parentage, there was no way that they couldn't become great.

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