Pain, death, family

I hear her voice, she speaks to me.

She is the one who was there for me.

I killed her.

I hear his voice, he taunts me.

He's always been there, haunting me.

He's trying to kill me.

I know my son, but things had come to an end.

He hates me, or does he?

It was my fault, but he doesn't hate me or his brother.

I hear the voices deep and hoarse.

I see horrific images, nothing humanly possible.

Or was it?

They are watching.

I'm here to kill, and for redemption.

sickness, hatred, violence

I can't control it.

The black flames are consuming me.

My rage is flaring.

I'm turning!


I'm ripping them all to shreds.

Felling them all violently.

They're anguished screams mean nothing!

The fervor burns me.

It's all too sickening!


The doctor follows me everywhere I go.

He's observing me, tells me things.

I may curse that man.

If here ever was one.

What do you want!

Um, I'm very sorry if this is bad. The storyline in Ties that bind is amazing. Quite formidable. This is just a try. Maybe I'll write a parody next time. It'll be about Killjoy and how annoying he is along with some malefactors who never shut the hell up! Okay, thank you for reading!