Alone In the crowd seeing people pass by

They can look and maybe see me, but they don't even try

I can be around some, who think they've figured me out

But in truth they don't have a clue what I'm about

They're were only a few who knew what I desire

And now they're gone, and look at me with hate and ire

I just want to be left alone, away from they're eyes

Eyes that I'm soon to come to hate in turn and despise

Right now I wish I hadn't broken my childhood vow

To only worry about myself instead of the ones I do now

Once again I must learn to be strong around my foes

And keep things like emotion behind the worries and woes

For they are the reason I grew soft over time

So I'll banish them once again at the drop of a dime

I say farewell to the hassle some would call a friend

And say hello to the beginning of my emotions end.