Disclaimer: I live in New Jersey, I'm a female, and the world will end if I can actually draw a straight line without a ruler, never mind an anime character. Oh yeah, and I'm not rich. Definately not rich. The conclusion? I'm not Masashi Kishimoto.

Sasuke and Sakura were walking home, and the silence stretched between them. It was normal, since they were both tired from the vigorous training they had just endured. There was almost nobody around, since it was dinner time, and that suited the two just fine. There were just a couple of people walking around, and one of them walked towards them. It was a male, with spiky brown hair and mischevious grey eyes. He sidled up to Sasuke, hands brushing the front of the Uchiha's pants.

"Hi there handsome, my name's Akira," he purred in Sasuke's ear, nibbling on it a little. Sakura took one look at Sasuke's horrified face and started to laugh, slowly sinking to the ground and laughing hysterically. "I can show you a good time if you want," Akira said, pulling back and winking at the terrified Uchiha.

"Air..."Sakura gasped weakly, curling into a little ball and clutching at her sides, still laughing at Sasuke's pain.

"NO! I'm taken!" Sasuke almost howled in panic. "Sakura, sweetheart, LET'S GO." Sakura suddenly found herself scooped up into strong arms as Sasuke all but ran away. Sakura looked back at Akira, standing there grinning.

"Thank you," she mouthed to the straight man. His grin grew brighter.

"You're welcome." He mouthed back, and Sakura snuggled into Sasuke's arms.

Plan: Freakout Sasuke was a success.

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