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Also, the Pein/Konan one is bad, because I wasn't there during that whole arc, and also because I was writing this while trying to watch Grey's Anatomy at the same time.

Couple: NaruIno

Prompt: ice cream

"It would figure," Ino drawled as she watched Naruto lick away happily at his scoop of sherbet ice cream, "that your obsession with orange would go as far as your ice cream."

Couple: KibaSaku

Prompt: bubble gum

"Hey Sakura, do you have any more gum?" Kiba asked, watching the girl chomp away at said object. When she shook her head no, he said, "Okay," and leaned in, giving her an open-mouthed kiss.

Sakura gaped at him, eyes opened wide, and he took the opportunity to sneak his tongue in.

He pulled away a few minutes later, smirked at her, and left. It took Sakura five minutes to realize that she no longer had gum in her mouth.

Couple: NaruSaku

Prompt: hammock

Everything about Naruto, Sakura muses sleepily, is warm. His heart, his smile, his body...

She shifts in the hammock and Naruto's arms tighten around her in response, grumbling something that sounded like 'ramen!' in his sleep. She smiles into his black shirt and closes her eyes, feeling herself slip into sleep.

The hospital can survive without her for a few hours.

Couple: SasuHina

Prompt: kill something beautiful (credit for this prompt goes to the blanket, who is epic win.)

It was no secret that Uchiha Sasuke was a beautiful boy. Everything about him drew people in. This included Hinata, because even though the majority of her heart belonged to Naruto-kun, Uchiha Sasuke grabbed your attention and held it. There was no denying it--Sasuke was beautiful.

When he returned to the village ten years later, Hinata was there, at the hospital. She saw him being dragged through by the chuunins that had been posted at the gates of the village. Even bleeding, Sharingan spinning wildly, he was beautiful. But all Hinata could see was the struggles, the road that Sasuke took to achieve his goals; she could see Naruto's broken blue eyes and that painful smile that Sakura gave that was so fake, so fake. All she could remember was hearing from the gossip-vine how many assassin missions Hatake Kakashi had accepted once the Uchiha deserted, and it made her feel so sad, to know what Sasuke had done to him teammates.

And suddenly, looking at him and knowing all of these things, he wasn't beautiful anymore.

Couple: SuiSaku

Prompt: Eco-friendly

"You're from MIST! YOU LOOK LIKE A SHARK! YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE, SHOULD DISLIKE LITTER!" Sakura points furiously at the wrapper that Suigetsu just threw on the ground, and the pale-haired male wonders if he should be offended at being called a shark, which is an ugly animal, in his opinion.

He sniffs. He is beautiful, dammit.

"Want one?" He offers the other chocolate bar to Sakura, and cannot comprehend why she screams in frustration and throws her arms in the air, stomping away from him.

Character: Shino

Prompt: bug repellent

Kiba has never seen Shino lose control, but when the normally-quiet man starts knocking the bug repellent off the shelves and yelling that THESE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM KONOHA, the brown-haired male is more afraid of his teammate than he has ever been.

Couple: NaruIno

Prompt: "I'm a fairy princess."

Naruto gritted his teeth as he stepped onto the table, facing the crowded bar. Beneath him, Ino smirked, and he swore at himself for accepting her bet--and losing it.

"Attention everyone!" He called to the crowded bar, and forty faces turned to him. Naruto cleared his throat.

"I'm a fairy princess."

Laughter echoed around the room, though Ino's--he may have been imagining this, though--was the loudest, and Naruto knew that it would be a LONG time before his sudden, ahem, confession was forgotten.

Even through the haze of alcohol running through his bloodstream, and the sake fogging his brain, Naruto knew this. He grimaced.


Couple: SasuSaku

Prompt: cupcake

Sasuke has never been one for affection. The most PDA he will allow with Sakura is for her to wrap her arms around one of his. So when she says, "Here, cupcake," and sticks a piece of meat into his mouth, her eyes are so bright with happiness that he finds he does not have the heart to yell at her for such a disgusting nickname. (He does not have the heart because she already owns it.)

Couple: ShikaIno

Prompt: bunny slippers

In the mornings, Shikamaru is incredibly lazy. He HATES getting up early for missions, and leaving the warmth of Ino's body is always hard, but he wants to kill her when, in the darkness of their room, he trips over of her bunny slippers; however, when she gives him a goodbye kiss later on, he finds he cannot muster up that same irritation.

Couple: NejiSaku

Prompt: mock

"You know, your hair is prettier than mine." Sakura mocks, a smirk playing about those pink lips, a few shades lighter than her hair. Neji twitches but does not react to the jibe. "Are you gay?" Neji turns to her, face furious, but then realizes that she is a medic-nin and that not only can she destroy the ground with her pinky finger but she can also refuse to heal him. So instead he pulls her to him and kisses her, leaving her breathless and giving her her answer. Sakura smirks against his lips. Boys were so easy to manipulate.

Couple: PeinKonan

Subject: pretty hair

Pein has never been one for beauty, but watching Konan sleep, the moonlight highlighting her raven hair, her pale face almost porcelain, he knows, then, that she is beautiful.